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  1. Yeeaahhhh that's gonna happen! Why do you think I live out here in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota? Finding a job in Missoula(that's pays a decent wage) is like, well I can't think of a good analogy right now. Usually when something is next to impossible I say it's like trying to find a job in Missoula, so I'm not sure how to reverse it.
  2. Yeah, that's about the size of it! Let me know when you get up here and I'll give you all the data on the state-wide situation for Cons, etc.
  3. Looked him up on the Black Lightning website, and he is in Sioux Falls (250-300 miles acrossed...nothing). Ah well, forging new ground I guess. 3 Gaming stores in the entire state? That could be very good (might give me something to do - I had often thought of throwing my life savings away in the Comic/Game store business) or bad (those little pewter figures are from the DEVIL! ). Ah well. OK, ok I'm here! Sheesh, a guy takes a couple weeks off and gets 20 e-mails telling him to get his butt in gear cause someone needs info! Hey Joe, so you are moving to Rapid City, eh? Sorry to hear that, I mean, hey welcome to South Dakota! Seriously though, I'm not overly familiar with the Rapid City gaming scene, but I have some friends who are. I'll see what I can findout for you. As for games, there is Storyteller for sure, and I think there's also a hobby shop downtown called Who's Hobbies. it's tru that there aren't many gaming stores in the state, only 4 that I know of, actually. My wife is from Rapid and her folks still live there, so I get over quite frequently. I'll see what info I can dig up and get it to you. You can e-mail me and I'll get the info to you.
  4. Here's an idea. Put Divine Favor on Mejeda. Basically it turns her into a two DT Sgt. and makes her much more effective.
  5. What made it extreme? Did the ball have spikes? No, but they did add a BIG ball in the second queater and a dead man walking in the 4th.
  6. The only reason I can see to move a totem is to protect it from defilement. The advent of Cavalry will make totem desecration much more prevelant, I believe.
  7. OK I just spent an hour watching Extreme Dodgeball. This is sad, really sad. It was like a train wreck. i couldn't look away!!!! I even TIVO'd it! I haven't felt my IQ drop like this since Springer went off the air, but I loved it!
  8. I fyou want another way to do a glow, try this. Paint the eyeball forst with Fireglow. next, use a color like MSP Marigold Yellow, which is an orangish yellow, and paint a single stripe horizontally through the pupil. This flat color with the metallic on the sides should look like a glow. Then put a maroon pupil in the center. Note that I have never tried this myself, just a theory that came to me while reading this thread. I might try this though.
  9. Now I'm jealous. Yep. Real men play hockey. Real pyshos play goalie!
  10. I used to have four 3" fresnels that I used in my home light lab when I was still desigining. Often are the times I have lamented getting rid of them. That's a lot of light, preFunk. You might try throwing a little diffusion in them, especially if those are PARs, as they tend to be warmer than hallogens. Of course, that was 7 years ago, who knows how much theater technology has changed since then. I'm jealous dude, that's lots of light!
  11. Ahhh it was beautiful, even if I didn't get to watch the Avs. I got to see the Sabres playand it was surreal. Thomas Vanek, a rookie with the Sabres this year, used to play juniors here in Sioux Falls, so I had the priviledge of watching this kid develop into the player he is today. I say kid because when he first came to Sioux Falls he was this skinny 15 year old Austrian who barely spoke english. For 3 years we watched him grow, physically, mentally and as a hockey player. He dominated this league his final year, before going to U of M to help them win a championship. Watching him for the sabres was like watching him play 3 years ago. He skated around almost at will, kept he puck moving and was twisitng defenders into knots, but I noticed something else. In the USHL he was a pure goal scorer, amazing hands, awesome speed, and could put the puck in the net from anywhere. He still has that rocket shot, but he's also learned to be a playmaker. He didn't score last night but he made some of the prettiest passes I've seen in a long time. Watching him and Briere (sp?) was like watching Mario and Jaromir back in the day. They're gonna be good this year. Still it was kind of wierd watching someone you know playing professional hockey. I used to think Vanek was egotistical and full of himself, becasue he always seemed aloof. Somehow, I wound up at a BBQ with him after his second year and talked to him for like 3 hours. His reservedness was all due to the language barrier, not ego, and I found that he was one of the nicest kids I have ever met comign through this program. To watch someone come to a new country, not speaking the language as a young teenager and to work hard and make it all the way is incredible. That's what hockey is all about and what makes it so special. Very few hockey players just fall into the NHL, they all have to work and grind it out to make it. Personally I think they are underpaid.
  12. I taught a painting class last weekend and I had four new painters trying to layer. They all had the same problem, either their paint was too thick or too thin. When I mixed their paint for them, they were able to achieve a decent fade. The moral of the story is that layering is all about paint consistency and patience. It just takes time and practice. After playing with consistencies, you'll find the right one. Also if you are finging your highlights get splotchy, it could be that you aren't letting your layers dry enough between layers. I've foudn that if I give each layer time to dry before applying another, I don't lift up the previous layer. Also you can achieve opaqueness faster.
  13. Wow dude, that pick doesn't do the figure justice at all! I tell ya what that was one heck of a contest, and I have it on good authority from one of the judges (who judges each year) that the decision in this category was the toughest they have ever had at this con. It was crazy. preFunk showed me the fig when they got there, and I was like oh that's nice, because it was well done, if simplistic and I didn't know what kind of paitning level he was at. He sets up and helps run the paint and take and I come back three hours later and saw the Malek again. I was surprised and then he told me what he'd shown me earlier was just base colors, no shading! Then the lightbulb went on. Awesome fig and I loved the green skintone. Again though, the pics simply do not do this figure justice.
  14. Awesome dude! Nothing flashy, just a kick but modular maze. Looks easy to build to! I just spent an hour and a half setting up a Dwarven Forge dungeon for Nuke Con and that was with a diagram! This thing could be set up and ready to play in minutes. I'm using a similar concept for some other terrain boards I'm doing, except I'm going 2'X2'. The local hardwar store sells precut 2X2 sheets of 1/4" OCB. not as smooth as masonite, but lighter and cheaper. And no cutting needed!!! This is great man, any thoughts about adding some enhancements like doors, stairs etc.?
  15. Yep, everything on that table is ArmorCast This was a combination of three of our sets and included: 4 Refinery Sets 4 Can Tank Sets 2 small tank sets 2 large Tank Sets 2 Overhead Pipe Sets 6 or 8 individual pieces. Sadly they stopped making terrain, last I heard. It's too bad too because they made some incredible stuff. I guess Ebay is the best bet now.
  16. Yeah, they're a kit from ArmorCast. It comes with the tops and bases and you use a soda can for the actual tank. Oh yeah, and that's Turtle in the Frozen lake photo. He and I spent many moons putting that lake together. Eventually there's a whole R&D Center that will live in the center.
  17. Actually yes. Neil took some pictures of my cavs dismounting the Herc for posterity. I'll see if he has them ready yet. I know he got home really late last night. Great pics Spartan!
  18. A wash probably won't settle in the cracks on a gloss coat either, it'll just run right off. I've had horrible effects with washes on gloss coats. Even with a wash you need to have some surface tension to the model, otherwise it will be completely uncntrollable.
  19. You're right Chrome. Missiles are great for finishing off a wounded CAV, yet not so good if you try to sit and snipe at range. The additionof the Hunter Warhead however makes the big missile boats more effective in that capacity. Personally I thought the +2 ECM was perfect. I've tested it with +1 and then +2 at the Con, and +2 was definitely more balanced, IMO. You know Spartan, we never got to play a single game the whole weekend! And yeah, everyone did go crazy with upgrades. I'll admit guilt in that respect, but with the point totals I couldn't afford another CAV. I upgraded every model for half the price of another model. That right there makes me thing upgrades might be under priced. At least some of them.
  20. As much as I would LOVE to order from Reaper and knowing about thier great customer service.. I am an avid supporter of my FLGS. They are one of the best game stores I have ever been to. Bar none they are able to replace any mini for the most part if there is a part missing or a problem with the cast on that particular one. If they have it in stock they will replace it gratis.. and then send it themselves to take care of it. Not to mention they order a TON of Reaper product.. so if it is out by reaper I KNOW they will have it almost as soon as it is out! :) Being I am there once a week at least I am hard pressed to order something I know I can get there :) You should always support your FLGS first, and I know Reaper feels the same way. That's why their online store isn't discounted from retail price, to encourage people to buy locally. If you don't support your store, they will go away.
  21. Hey, we don't mess around! My goal is to be there setting up the dungeon by about 3 pm.
  22. OK, Maybe Broken was an overstatement, but dang it after the ripping I took to that section of Naginatas, Linked is on my list of things I DON'T like to see on my opponent's datacards. Seeing that Linked costs are being recalculated actually sets my mind at ease. I have no ptoblem with it, I just think it's too cheap.
  23. Ah shucks, no hecklers at the painting seminar! Cross Lord Bassen off too. He told me he can't make it a few weeks ago. I must say though this is a great turn out! We might have to improvise a final round for the Warlord tournament!
  24. And smaller depth trys for vehicles!!!
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