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  1. You know, I'm really torn. Most of my CAVs will fit in them if they are on their backs, but I sure like standing them up. I would love to see a 1.5 inch and a 3 inch tray. Perfect for those tall cavs or those extraa tall Warlord models. The 1.5's for vehicles. I have to say though, if anyoneis in the market for some used Army Transport cases I got two to sell! I'm definitely making the switch to the S2P cases.
  2. Yep, it's official. Ivy Crown Archers are broken in Melee Combat! I swear Thane, one day we're going to let you live that down. I mean eventually we'll all die of old age! PS And of course, ti would have to be me that it happens to, wouldn't it?
  3. Yep, it's official. Ivy Crown Archers are broken in Melee Combat!
  4. I use oregano and it works fairly well. That said, I'd love to get my hands on some of this stuff.
  5. Linked = Good Hunter = Good Linked + Hunter = Broken!!! OK, maybe not, but add those two together and you get one hellacious machine! It would HAVE to be expensive to balance out and I can only see a Super having it. I ahve found Linked to be an extremely powerful SA.
  6. Yep, that was always the benefit of missile attack, though they were never as effective as your main guns. My own testing has yielded much the same results. I have not tried this with higher ECM scores yet, but I know we will be doing so at Nuke-Con. Should be interesting to say the least.
  7. It's too bad that the crossbowmen became adepts, but I've learned to make it work. Don't discount them, they are knight killers, plain and simple. Also what's with the lack of love for Ashy-poo? Ashkrypt is da man! Horrid and Vile? Bring it on, I dare you to charge me! Especially with Life Transfer hanging around now.
  8. Blah blah blah, the sun even sines on a archer's butt some days. You know, I'm still stinging from that. Ymrilix all gussied up with every possible item I coould pu ton him, a sucessful teleport and three dead archers. And what do you roll? 2 - 10's for defensive strikes! I could have cried! It really sucked after he got mercied and I spent the rest of the game trying to kill my own cuisenart. I'm still stinging from that...
  9. Well that was the general idea. Seriously, this isn't something you'll see me doing every convention. Since Matt is coming up as a Guest of Honor though, we wanted to do something special. And believe me, the thought of passing off the tournament to one of the other Black Lighting guys to run so I can play for keeps has crossed my mind, but no I have to unselfish. Thanks for all the comments folks, I appreciate them. Even with the time crunch I was under, these minis were an absolute joy to paint. I guess parting with them is a little easier becasue I have no qualms about painting these figures again. The detail on them is awesome, but it's not so over crowded as to be tedious. A few of you mentioned the variations int he fur. When I started looking at wolf photos I noticed a wide variety of coloration, even amongst members of the same pack, and that no two were a like and rarely all one color. So I tried to make them all unique. There are two that look the same in the picture, but they are actually very different. The coloration is subtle because they are the same base color scheme, but one is primarily dark, the other primarily light. The back photos show this more prominently. If you've never painted these figs, do it. They are a blast to work on because you can do so much with them without killing yourself. As a side note, each Rager has between 20-24 different MSP's used on each one. Most of the furs used 6 different colors in layers and blends. The armor is layered metalics: Shadowed Steel Base, Blue Liner wash/glaze, Layers of Shadowed Steel, Honed Steel, Polished Silver, studes done Ancient Bronze with New Gold Highlights. The armor is what I used to make them all look like a unit.
  10. As promised, I posted pics of the lupines for First Place. The bad news is that whoever wins em is also gonna have to kill me before they can take em home. I'm gonna cry when they leave. The First Place Minis
  11. I just moved em to my site. Try again. These are the Ragers... And Finally, one big happy family... All this can be yours, if you can win the tournament, knock me over the head, and run fast enough so I don't catch you and take them back!
  12. I promised all those going to Nukecon a sneak peek at the minis I painted for tournament prizes. The winner of the Warlord tournament at the Con takes ll six of these babies home with em. Believe me, I'm parting with them with a great gnashing of teeth, and the winner may have to pry them from my fingers. This is the Lupine Lord... This is the Lupine Shaman...
  13. The Lupines will all be completed tonight. Hopefully I'll have them based and photos up tomorrow.
  14. I'm totally changing my force for the upcoming tournament. I was gonna run 2 Revenants, a Butcher and a Murder. Instead, Ithink I need to bust out the old Specters! Good gravy, I'm diggin the new missile mechanic. I thougth it was great on paper, but it's even better on the field. There in lies the problem: at current ECMs it's too powerful. I think raising everyone's ECM is a smart way to go, personally. Be it 1 or 2, I don't knwo because I havent tested it. Even so, if the object is for Missiles to be weaker than regular DA's, right now they are about the same in effectiveness, I think. I will say this, the "Support CAV" role has been effectively defined by this set up. Big kudos to Matt, Pat and the rest of the team on this point in particular.
  15. OK, So howcome the Naginata didn't lose one? (I know I'm obsessed). As for linked, I think it depends ont he model. At close range when you only need a 3 or 4 to hit, I'd say the reroll hits about 80% of the time. At longer ranges, I'd say 50/50. There's no question though that it's effective. Very!
  16. Two things: 1.) Why'd the Banshee lose a Damage Track? 2.) I still think the Naginata is too cheap. At our tournament last week The BL running the event took a force of 4 naginatas with a couple upgrades, which still came out to about 250 points less than the rest of us. He decimated every opponent. The closest player to beating him was me. I ran a Revenant, a Butcher and a Murder (hitman). We killed each other on the final turn. I managed to take him out, but it cost me my whole force, and realistically, I had the better terrain to use. Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the coolest looking tanks inthe game being the toughest, I just think they are underpriced for what you get. I don't know, thisis just gut reaction though. I'll have to see them in action. I think the biggest asset to the Nagis is Linked! I've found this to be a powerful ability.
  17. Peyton Manning QB Corey Dillon RB Lamont Jordan RB Isaac Bruce WR Javon Walker WR Steve Smith WR Dallas Clark TE Adam Vinateiri K Falcons DEF
  18. It seems to me that the change has a few basic ramifications: 1.) You could Fire your MIssiles AND Repair. 2.) They would not count as attacks against a Run and Gun. 3.) You could fire Missiles and make an Indirect attack. Now, All of these could be changed with simple rules additions, and very well may be, but these are the only things I could see as reasons for a change. I like 1 & 2, but not really 3. I guess I would say if the CAV had a Wizzo, making both a missile attack and an Indirect attack would be plausible. I'llplay with this a bit more, but I see some real positives with this change.
  19. I'm putting mine standing ont he base in from of the fig. My understanding is that these aren't shields, they are pavises(sp?). They are portable seige walls that they duck behind and fire out of, mobile but free standing. I hope to have mine done tonight, I'll post some pics.
  20. You guys in Texas have all the fun.
  21. I both blacklined and highlighted my camo. Though it may not be as realistic, it looks better because you get the camo effect and can still see the details of the model itself.
  22. I know you were going to look into the wording of these two abilities, because it it wasn't clear. I just posted it per our talk at Gen Con.
  23. I think the primary reason is that Reaper would have to get a bigger booth space to do it effectively. When you calculate the added sales vs. the added cost of extra booth space, it just doesn't make financial sense. In the space they had this year there is NO way you could run demo tables there. Having done these booth demos in the past, I cna tell you it DOES get congested. Too many people want to buy stuff, and I hate it when I'm inthe way of someone wiht a credit card in their hand. Still I'm of two minds on this one. I really enjoyed doing booth demos myself. As busy as we were in the mini hall though, I don't think Reaper lost any sales from people not gettign demos.
  24. I've been too busy playing wiht my Onyx Chevaliers to worry about downloading my pics! I'll do that tonight.
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