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  1. In general I have also found the correlation between great hobby stores and terrible websites. The only exception I have found is Miniature Market which has a good website and decent hobby shop. Websites tend to be expensive if not developing in house - especially if you are going to integrate with your inventory management and logistics. The people who have the skills to do such things (website development with logistics/inventory interfacing) have high demand skillsets that command solid compensation - outside of the range of most hobby shops.
  2. I had . . . Griffon x1 Familiars x1 We Be Goblins x2 Deep Dwellers x1 Kaladrax Reborn x1 C'thulhu x1 Hydra x1 Nethyrmaul x1 Jabberwock x1 Frost Wyrm x1 Forces of Nature x1 Fire Giant Warriors x1 Spider Centaurs x1 Red Dragon x1 Clockwork Dragon x1 Mythos Monsters x1 Undead Giant x1 Deathsleet x1 Demons x1 There Be Dragons x1 Mind your Manors x1 Orcapocalypse x1 Frost Giants x1 Ebonwrath x1 Fire Giants x1 vampire x2 And received my confirmation yesterday. Pretty stoked - my guess is that you will be getting yours soon. Too bad I got a nightmare job of working 14 hours a day since the time I ordered. Who'd have thought I had more free time in Afghanistan than I would once I came back to the US! Oh well. I shall stick them in a box under my bed!
  3. Man, I used to think FRPGames had expensive shipping - but as you mentioned their discounts are pretty good, they have much better inventory management than the Warstore and a wider selection than MiniatureMarket. I live on Long Island (about an hour and half from the Warstore) and FRPGames shipments are typically here over a week before theWarstore.
  4. I have a couple of issues with your list. #1 Keep in mind in Pf encounters are built for 4 characters of X level Included in the formula is X amount of gold of gear both magic and mundane around 7th level it's about 15.5k gold worth of gear while deviating from this formula is fine just keep in mind if you go for a ultra low magic game you Have to adjust the power curve of the game or your players will get pounded into the ground when they are meant to have a easy victory. Say a party of level 7 characters vs 3 cr 6 critters should be a good fight Ie a cr 8 encounter but in a low magic game that could very well be a total party wipe. Last Thursday my group of 5 level 9 characters fought 2 cr 9's and they ended up with two dead pc's because they didn't have a way to deal consistent damage to incorporeal creatures aside from a barbarian with a +2 axe an small alchemist with a +1 spear and a couple of wands of magic missiles that was a Long fight. and that was with the standard magic loadout, more or less magic Greatly changes the dynamic of the combat system. #2 a skull key that opens any lock is Majorly overpowered , why do we need a rogue when i have a magic key that opens any lock? also a basket of infinite food, instead of a pc buying a ring of substance the entire party gets the same benefit. #3 I have been shoehorned by a dm who hand picked my gear and as a player/dm this sort of thing can Really piss your players off I suggest cation with this route, a lot of favortisum can show it's head this way even if you don't mean to, in the game I was thinking of the male players got one or two small items like a +1 shield and +1 chainmail one of the female players gets a +1 set of full plate and wings and flight speed of 60 while the other gets a magic sword that gave her dr 5 and and something else silly even if you don't do something stupid like the example above you can still run into issues by handing out gear. Long story short Thing twice before limiting player choice, it's not all about power gamers. # 4I'm with you on the loot, my players spend a lot of time moving loot around and getting it appraised, but don't skimp on the coinage. Based off of your comments it sounds like you are using a lot of . . . Premade adventures Premade monsters I never do those things. To me the huge advantage of tabletop RPGs is that you can do a ton more unique things than video games - part of creating a unique and exploratory feel require a DM to create on such a large and daunting scale that every fight, encounter, NPC, and enemy is something unique, memorable, and exhilarating. For #1, it seems like you could just slightly monster or encounter levels to work better for a low magic world. For #2, why would giving these items to players be overpowered? You're a DM, the world exists how you conceptualize it. So what if I give my party a Skull Key or a Basket of Plenty. It's overpowered if I make run quests with mundane locks everywhere. But why would I do that? I know the party has a Skull key - I can tailor my adventure to require different barriers than "this door is locked." What is more likely to happen is that my players start to think outside of "dat enemy, punch enemy" because they have these non-traditional items. The party might try to use stealth rather than brute force to infiltrate a building - just because the key gives them a chance to get by lock now. etc. #3 - Sounds like your DM sucked. All I can say about that. If a DM can't handle reading players; eyeballing their stats, and then giving them the chance to secure the equipment they would most likely want - well that person has no business DMing. #4 - Seems we have the same ideas here - If your player base loves derping around with gold buying stuff in stores, then give them gold. I personally hate doing that, because we should be playing a video game instead at that stage; but again it really depends on your player group. - Also excellent points pocketcthulhu . . . sounds like our players and styles are vastly different but all good points to bring up as the OP could have a group like yours and less like mine.
  5. It is common in warehousing to have what the call "off site storage." You set up a pick line with all your pickable SKUs and simply pull "off site stock" to that location when necessary.
  6. Best part about the microwave dinner lifestyle. You can splurge on strippers and coke bi-weekly. Also gives you more time to paint. Lastly - no one has pics of this stuff in action?
  7. Completely off topic but I never though of putting it this way when you haven't found something via search. Genius! Also, does anyone have any pics of this stuff in action.
  8. This is awesome. Mini is top notch, and well done wings are awesome. How did you make the base?
  9. Color scheme on the shield is dope. I would dull coat or matte varnish the beard. Your WIP skin look fantastic. However it comes out awfully shiny when the mini is done.
  10. Awesome job on . . . The eyes! Fantastic. The purple robe. Man, purple is such a great color - lots of range make it a joy to paint and it gives models so much depth. The right hand sword of the second mini. I just cannot get over how well that came out for some reason.
  11. Fantastic job on the hair man! I would consider doing a bright bronze or gold rather than the yellow hilt and armor accents though. I feel the yellow distracts too much from your excellent job on the hair for some reason.
  12. I dig that red and white color scheme man. They probably pop even up to three feet aware. Great color selection.
  13. A Song of Blades and Heroes is pretty cool but I feel better for younger or completely new wargamers. I would try any of the more popular systems (Warmachine, Hordes, Warhammer, and 40k) to start on.
  14. I digging the base - I like how you made them off-color. In my opinion the base is the single most important part of any painted mini.
  15. Manufacturer: Games-Workshop System: Warhammer 40k Model: Space Marine Scout Scale: 28mm Heroic Continuing to grind down the backlog as we get ready for Bones in June!
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