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  1. Sure, GW Rakarth Flesh (it's a base so high pigment and great coverage) then just heavy drybrush bone and white with a wash of brown (initial wash then picked out areas of shadow). When the wash is dry light drybrush white. I also use 2 grades of basing sand one from GW and one from a railway supplier which always looks a bit better for bigger bases IMO. Hope that helps!
  2. Lots of fun doing this, Tabletop Paintjob as it will probably live in my son's room. Prep was a pain but a lot easier to handle when painting than the metal one I did a few years back.
  3. Fantastic job on the big green fella!! Really like the colour choices!
  4. Painted for the wyrd contest recently, hope you like them.
  5. Like those a lot, really cool high contrast paintjobs.
  6. Grey primer, basecoat scorched brown, then add bone to highlight, I think I used some ogryn flesh wash and a touch of badab black wash and then re-highlighted a little. I'd probably make the base a little lighter next time TBH.
  7. Ditched the shrine as I wasn't keen Great fun, more please!
  8. Will go nicely with this lot I think.
  9. Building it was a challenge, all that effort and I left a mould line in his mouth Do you like the bananas?
  10. Glad you like them Anne, used a dullcote for both but on the glossy bits I just used a humbrol gloss on the tentacles and eyes. The darklining on the dragon was thinned GW washes, particularly Leviathan purple for contrast and to tie in the purple on the spines. Bases weren't anything special TBH, I buy them from Fenris Games as they are such good quality, then it's just hobby sand/PVA and a drybrush...plus the odd splash of tamiya clear red for blood and green for cthulhu goo.
  11. Thanks for the welcome and comments, I was very tempted to paint him ice blue... Can't go wrong with a big reaper beasty, here's another one from me:
  12. Had a lot of fun painting this big fella! http://coolminiornot.com/254071
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