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  1. Dukkor enters the cave as well with sword and shield ready. He is keeping his eyes peeled for any movement.
  2. Gathering his pack with sword and shield ready, Dukkor grunts "I'll be lettin' em know they 'ave no backup" and quietly heads to the cave entrance. When he gets in whisper range he advises "Ye may want to take a quick look and 'ead back. The group isn't followin'." Dukkor will find a shadowy spot by the cave entrance to keep watch until everyone is ready to head back to the group.
  3. Dukkor will help move the supplies to a more secluded location.
  4. "I agree, lets be findin' some cover."
  5. Dukkor shrugs, "We could go in now or go in later. As long as we go in. I'd be willin' to take a peep down that hole"
  6. Dukkor laughs heartily at Gwynned's words and clasps his shoulder. "Ah, I see we have the same plan of attack! This will be some fun!" He smiles and starts gathering his things together.
  7. Dukkor assists where he can on setting up camp and offers to take the first watch.
  8. Dukkor yawns and stretches out. "Good...made it to another day. Let us find this cave." He dons his pack and keeps his sword and shield at the ready as he prepares himself for another day of travel.
  9. Dukkor settles in by the fire, "Ah..I've been called many a thing in me time...fisherman not being one of them. I think I'll stay by the fire." Sitting down, Dukkor keeps his shield and sword close at hand.
  10. Cleaning the blood off his sword, Dukkor looks up at Ibhram and asks "What is this madness you speak of?"
  11. Dukkor eyes any traveler heading west with caution, ready for the worst he continues to keep his place at the head of the group.
  12. I'll take front right. I have my shield & sword at the ready as well.
  13. Dukkor shrugs his shoulders, unsheathes his sword and readies his shield. "Well, let's not keep them waiting."
  14. Stepping over from the bar, no tankard in sight this morning, Dukkor walks over to the group. He looks fully prepared for the journey with his sword, shield and loaded backpack. "Kobolds eh? I'll be lookin' forward to puncturen' them. Can't stand the buggers."
  15. Feeling drawn back, Dukkor saunters back from the bar and pulls up a chair to the table. "I be Dukkor, well met!"
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