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  1. "There was an arrow ready to fire and no archer as far as I can see. I guess this is a trap, as these creatures are fond of"
  2. Gwynned makes a silent sign to stop, the whispers "trap ahead!"
  3. "I apply too!", suggest Gwyned.
  4. "I was dreaming. Dreaming during a fight is great, you know" Awaken by his friend, Gwynned release his arrow on the kobold too.
  5. Gwynned launch an arrow to the fisrt moving thing. Then he watch what it could have been.
  6. Gwynned follows, his bow ready to fire at anything moving larger than a hungry squirrel.
  7. As only answer, Gwynned drinks a long glassful of wine. "Im' ready now!"
  8. "I'm ready to take part the sneakers commando. I just need to drink wine before. There are things I shoudn't do without the excuse of being drunk."
  9. "We, elves, favor the 'bite and run' tactic. We enter the cave, kill the wards, move back and keep quietly, for a few weeks. Then, we do it again. And again. They' cant' replace their wards quickly enough, the last one will withdraw before we kill them, in less than one year. Perhaps two, if they're tough or lucky", suggest Gwynned.
  10. The elf puts his armor in his back, explaining: "I'm Gwynned the magician today, as the spirits told me. So, I don't need this. I agree to scout first and prepare our plan. Then, when the plan is ready, to forget it and run into the danger. Preparing a plan and never follow it is a tradition that must be stricly enforced and respected".
  11. Today, I'm still Valley the warrior. The spirits spoke to me during my sleep and said me: "Valley you'll be, as your quest needs you to be a strong warrior. I fear this is the sign of other attacks, like these mad wolves we met." The elf scartches himself and add: "Mosquitoes also visited me tonight. They didn't said nothing to me, but they sting. This is a sign this forest is wet." He takes his bag, tomawak and bow, ready to walk for another day.
  12. "Fishing?! Why not? I'm your elf!" answer Valley.
  13. "Beware, I heard that some rages could turn you to an Elf", suggest Valley with an ironic smile. "Now, we must rest there and meditate about what we done. Killing has a sense. And if you don't think it make sense, wolves don't attack like this. They've been sent on us! That's another point we muts medidate about." With a nodn, he finish: "Wine helps to meditate".
  14. Valley, who is warrior today, watches the bird all around with a close attention, walking on a good step next to the party.
  15. "Ohhh, are you an adept of the 10-feet pole? I'm happy to travel with a Fellow of the Old Tradition, Turleus!", says Valley the Elf Warrior, while getting out the inn with his bag. He has no horse, no donkey, and good old boots to walk.
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