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  1. You probably didn't see my message, but I'm not playing anymore. Slick has gone -poof-. Good luck and have fun.
  2. Wow. I finally get notifications back running to see this? All that above and you call me an elf? I'm out. Between my general lack of enthusiasm in gaming and you haranguing the DM where you could just simply do a gentle reminder and flow with the game, I just have lost all interest.
  3. OK then, fast forwarding we go. Slick's in for a full share of treasure, he'll agree to scout doors and possible trap areas, he'll help negotiate with anyone that needs negotiating with and he'll agree to burgle for an extra half share should such burgling be dangerous work.
  4. No, just on memebase way too much.
  5. Slick is Forever Alone, in the middle of thievery... (and waiting...)
  6. OK, not sure if that means I add the modifier or subtract, since I'm wanting to roll below my Int? Int of 10. Rolled a 7 (which either way, add or subtract, I'm below the Int. (If my roll doesn't result in anything else, I will remove 3 of the medium sized ones and one small one, tidy everything up, listen at the door (my roll is a 2 - 3:6 to hear sounds) and if everything sounds good, I will open it, wipe off the knob inside, make sure the lock is engaged and pull the door shut, wipe off the knob outside and saunter my way back to the bar.)
  7. Hahaha! That's great! Can I come back as a zombie with pillbugs spilling out my orifices and go play with the Dwarf?
  8. All I ask is that my death be as gruesome, painful and nasty as possible. :D
  9. I will remove one face card, the Jack of Spades, leaving the rest of the deck undisturbed. I will open the bag cautiously, keeping hand over mouth and nose. I'm assuming there are gems inside.
  10. Do the cards look like ordinary cards? I'll look at the tied up pouch within the sack - does it look like it's just a sack or anything unusual about it? If it looks normal enough, with no obvious traps, I'll hold my nose and mouth to prevent breathing and slowly poke on one side to see if I hear clinking.
  11. Waiting on your reply. Last post was the contents of the backpack. OK, updated. :) Reaper is not getting me the updates on when people post like it used to.
  12. I will, using one of my daggers, lift one of the rolled up parchments with the blade end slid into the tube, lift it up and see what words I can make out. BTW, BEFORE I do all that, I want to 1) open the window so that I can easily get out and 2) relock the door. THEN I'll go back to investigating the parchment.
  13. Meanwhile, the thief remains frozen in time and space in the Inn room...
  14. I'll take a quick look inside the pack without touching a single thing, then I'll return to that chest and lock. "not sure" ... in that I'm not sure if it's trapped?
  15. Does the chest bear any markings that indicate it belongs to whats-his-face or is this something the Inn provides? I'll look over the chest/lock for obvious traps and the same around the room. I make sure to walk along the edges of the room. I'll take a quick look (without touching) at the pack to see if it looks interesting.
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