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  1. Thanks Wren I did not even see the Bones forum went straight to painting. I'll try a couple un primed, but my decades in painting feels squeamish about it (laughing)
  2. When I got my bones vampire kickstarter box, I immediatly picked out all of my pirates and primed them I use Krylon white primer from a hardware store. Has served me for years and seemed to do just fine. Used Krylon flat black on some undead with no issues. A few days ago I grabbed a few more bones and sprayed them and now they are really sticky. Acrylic paint goes over it and dries without being gooey but painting them is a mess as the primer comes off on my hands. Why did the first batch work fine and the second (And 2 subsequent tests) get all gooey? I have had a similar problem before with models with rubber like wheelsgetting tacky after using gloss coat. Also Some of my bones seem to be a harder plastic much like Pathfinder and D&D minis while others are flexible and vinyl like, so spears and swords never can be straight. Are there mixes of plastic types used? Les
  3. I agree with optivisor but I willw arn do NOT bother wasting money on cheaper look alikes, often sold at import tool stores or discount places. The lenses are plastic and make it look as though your figures are being seen through a fun house mirror Tons of distortion adn easy to scratch. MY optivisor has served me for 3 years with no issues!
  4. I use Krylon Gloss clear coat that I get at ACE hardware. Once that dries I hit it with a coat of Testors Dulcote. (Hobby Lobby sells that and if you get an online cupon you get it for 40% off!) I have also ahd good luck just using a brush on dulcote when I want some aprts to remain shiny(Like armor)
  5. So I originally had the vampire level. Somehow while browsing I got bumped up to Liche level, which was 10 dollars more so I assumed it was Vampire plus. Now it looks like I will be getting metal sophies instead of the 200 super cool bones figures. Will there be any adjustment phase when the manager comes out? By the time I saw the emails saying what Liche level was and was not my card had already been charged!
  6. I signed up for the Vampire level but somehow ended up getting bumped to Liche which only gets me the sophie models which I did NOT want! When I got the notice saying I had the liche with Sophie models I thought it was an extra bonus. I am hoping there might be a way to switch and get the Vampire with an extra ten for like cthulhu or something. I should not play with kickstarter late at night!
  7. I have a huge bag of Proof of Purchase tabs I was hoping to get T shirts for my whole gaming group, but now I cannot find the place to redeem them. What are these ReaperBucks you speak of and how may I obtain some? What are they good for? Les
  8. I think Shrek would use the second one as a pin up girl! Nice work!
  9. Mammy is here. With her staff of voodoo dolls, shrunken heads and a wand that would make Orcus a bit jealous she seems to be saying "Come gives Mama a kiss! Note the demon skull tramp stamp. She also has a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder (Sorry Desna!)
  10. After being almost eviscerated by an Ogre Hook weilded by a half ogre, I am none too keen to face the real thing. Our characters are all Sandpoint yokels, and when we fought the half ogres we role played that we thought THESE were ogres and were not sure why everyone was so frightened. I am sure we'll have some fun once we get to the fort and see a real ogre.....
  11. It would be cool if they had a way to post ideas and have people vote on the ones they'd like to see.
  12. The other day I bought one of the "Legendary Encounters" pre-painted plastic spiders because it was cheaper to do that and repaint it than to buy the pewter one! I am now looking at doing the same thing for several of the miniatures in that line because again, cheaper than the metal, less likely to break or chip on the table top, and very good quality for my level of need. I was wishing Reaper would sell some of the plastics in bulk for consumers to paint. If they did not have to be painted and did not require single blister packs, how much would they go for? Maybe a box (Or heck a BAG! Just a plastic bag with a carboard header stapled to it to keep it shut and a hole punched to hang it on a peg board!)) of 20 orcs- Multiple poses? A goblin bag? Kobold horde? Definitely undead. I'd love to get 20 of the skeletal bowmen to stand beside some of my udnead armies! And how about Nova Corp soldiers??! I ahve done about 35 of therse for a local customer over the past 2 months! So many game systems could use such generic troopers. Heck I have been tempted to use them as Storm Troopers for my WH40K Imperial Guard!!! A set of 18 troopers, 6 of three poses and the two officer type figures could sell for 30-40 bucks and be a great deal. MAKE ME PLASTIC!!!!!
  13. Over the past year I have received Hook Mountain ogres for Xmas and Birthday presents, My friends know I love detailed figures but sadly I have been using the pre-painted D&D plastic figures for ogres because they are less likely to get broken or paint chipped! Then we started playing Rise of the Rune lords and now are heading to Hook Mountain so I figured I should get these bad boys ready The number one thing is that I swear as I was painting these I could hear faint strains of banjo music. I am sure these boys have a still somewhere! Still finishing the female shaman. Look out for true trailer park chic there!
  14. almost forgot this one. Another familiar gone bad......
  15. I recently took a break in our Tuesday night "Guys Game" (The geek equivalent to poker night) and one of the players took over and began to runt he first Pathfinder series set in Sandpoint. I of course took this as an excuse to run get all the minis from the first book! My character is Apello the Summoner his favorite things to summon Riding dogs (Properly beefed up with spell focus Summoning feat)
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