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  1. Sorry for the confusion, the stonework is all done with an exacto knife and a pen.
  2. Actually it's a lot simpler than that one posted, though I've definitely considered making something more specific to doing tiles. The texture roller I made is just a cheap wooden rolling pin that my wife had originally used an epoxy glue on to attach some decorative glass based gravel (from the dollar store) to as a birthday present for me. Unfortunately, the glue wasn't strong enough to hold the pieces in place, and the gravel was too sharp, cutting the foam much more and not providing a smooth transition between breaks in the surface. So I mixed up some magic sculp (a two part modeling epoxy, much cheaper than green stuff or other variants but not as fine) and applied that over the surface of the pin, allowing some of the sharper edges to come through but not nearly as much. Once that set it was rock hard, and is very secure to the rolling pin. This pic is just the rolling pin, it's a standard kitchen sized pin, made of wood. And a close up of the texture... And a quick sample piece of foam for you folks... Ten seconds later with just a couple of rolls... Once painted I think it's a pretty effective tool. It's crazy fast compared to my other methods of texturing the surface, including pressing rock into the surface or rolling a wadded up ball of tin foil around. Let me know if you've got any questions, or even ways to make the process simpler! :)
  3. If you're interested in specifics feel free to shoot me a PM, but I don't want to violate the forum terms of service by promoting the boards here. Honestly I don't really know what this board would sell for, and I don't have enough material to make a new master for the play surface or cast another set at the moment anyway. When I do finish the bases I'll definitely post them here as well, but it may be a couple of weeks before I have them put together.
  4. Wow, thanks for all the comments! Here's a close up shot of the play surface. I have a rolling pin that's got gravel and epoxy sculpting compound on it so that I can quickly texture large surfaces. Other than that, the process is pretty straight forward carving with an exacto knife and tracing those lines with a pen, and pushing in random stones to create height variation on the surface. Hopefully this image shows the surface texture more clearly...
  5. So I'd posted a couple weeks ago some in progress shots of a chess board I was working on. I've been pretty busy but I finally got around to getting this to a state where sharing more photos makes sense. The pieces aren't anything I've created, I just made the board. When I created my first mold for the play surface, I ended up breaking the mold. My first time using resin with a polyurethane mold and it just didn't go over well. Lesson learned, the sides were molded in silicon and worked very well, so I'll be carving up a new master for the top surface soon and will mold that in silicon when I can afford to get some more. I sculpted the masters out of foam core with the paper peeled off and sealed them for casting with an acrylic sealer. I'm planning on creating some custom bases for use with 28-32mm miniatures, as I've got two sets of the Vampire level pledge coming my way in March I thought it'd be a fun way to use some of the minis I'll be receiving. I've also got plans to create some custom checkers, just for fun. Anyway, enjoy the pics, feel free to ask questions. Here's the only WIP shot I have uploaded... And some of the finished board... The board lifts off of the base, which has storage for the chess pieces inside...
  6. Gene, I'm floored that you'd be inspired by a piece of mine. If you do a new boxed set of mouslings, maybe pirates versus ninjas? I'd definitely have to pick that up. The mouslings are definitely a fantastic addition to Reaper's line up. :)
  7. Greetings! Some time ago I posted a WIP of this project, and got some great feedback. Now that it's finished I thought I'd share some more photos. This piece is being donated to an art auction to support the Children's Trust Fund of Oregon. Each year, Funkin donates several of their styrene pumpkins, which go to artists who create pieces that then get auctioned off. All of the proceeds support the CTFO, and you can read more about the work they do and see pictures of past events at their website. http://www.ctfo.org This year, I knew I wanted to do something a bit different, so I started early and put my love of miniatures and gaming to work. When I saw Reaper's Mousling Adventurers boxed set, I knew fell in love immediately, and knew I had to use them somehow. I came up with the concept of turning the pumpkin into a pirate ship for the mouslings, and the piece grew from there. My only regret is that I won't have the mouslings anymore, but I know they're going to support a great cause, and I'm really happy with how the final piece came together. Now for the pictures! First, the mouslings that populate this particular adventure... I think it's safe to say I'm hardly a Golden Demon painter, but I do enjoy painting minis, and these were fun to paint. I think they'd be considered "tabletop quality", and for my purposes, I think they came out well. And a couple of overviews of the finished piece... Here's one of my favorite shots, I call it the "high drama" angle.... Some close ups of the ship and crew... And a couple of shots of the tentacles and the smaller boat they're grappling... I'm happy to field any questions about the piece, and of course please feel free to comment. If you see any glaring errors, I still have a little bit of time to make corrections before the auction. Hope you all enjoy! Thanks Reaper for making such a great set of miniatures to populate this scene! I'm already eyeing the mousling tavern set, and I may have to pick up a copy of the original set just for myself. After all, I'm sure my daughters will one day want to game with daddy, and I can't think of a cuter set of heroes to get them started with. I may be ahead of myself, as my oldest isn't quite two yet. :)
  8. Thanks all for the comments. I like the idea of crates or barrels, maybe even a smaller boat in the water to add a bit more interest to the base without risking ruination by resizing it. Nice shipwreck in progress linked there, I'll definitely add some additional details to the boat itself, and I like the Mickey jolly roger, but I don't know if I'll go for that, as it could be copyright infringement. I used bone for the mast because I wanted to try to use something relatively similar in scale to the pumpkin, and because it's a Halloween season display piece, so it seemed to make sense to add to the "spookiness" of the piece. I do plan on adding a crow's nest, too. I just haven't figured out how I'm attaching that. Once I make some more progress on this beast I'll post more pics. I'm out of town for the next week so no progress will be made for a little bit, but I appreciate the feedback and look forward to continuing my work on this. :)
  9. Greetings folks! I haven't posted here too much, but have been a longtime fan of Reaper products. I've recently begun painting minis again, though I'm honestly a bit more of a terrain guy. I couldn't resist picking up a box of Mousling adventurers when they were released, however, as I thought they'd be perfect for a project I'm working on. Every October my wife and I participate in a charity auction for the Children's Trust Fund of Oregon. We're given a funkin (a styrene pumpkin) to turn into a work of art or display piece that is then auctioned off to local businesses to be displayed in building lobbies to raise awareness of the CTFO's work in the Portland area. This year I created a hot air balloon pumpkin, but have decided to step up my game with a more ambitious project, a pumpkin pirate ship! So the mouslings, I thought, would be the ideal crew. While they're not going to win me any awards for their paint job, I'm pretty pleased with how they came out. I only paint to a gaming standard anyhow, as I said previously, terrain is more my thing. What I'm really looking for, is some advice on how to finish my diorama. More details following some pics... The mouslings in all their furry glory. Now for the fun part...the pumpkin pirate ship... The only real picture I took of my WIP stages. I carved the top sections of the pumpkin off and inserted some foam core that I peeled the skin off of to create the decking, walls, and doors... The base is made of hardware cloth with plaster cloth over that, with vinyl spackle to create some surface texture, and great stuff expanding foam to create the foam at the top and to fill in some gaps around the edges. I'm pretty pleased with the overall shape, as I've never tried something like this before I wasn't sure exactly how to create a fun wave shape, and I deliberately attempted an exaggerated wave for the overall scene. Looking at it though, I wish I'd created the base a bit smaller, maybe 18" square instead of the current 24" square. Does anyone know of an easy way to cut through wood, hardware cloth, plaster cloth and foam without ruining the remaining structure? Trimming six inches off the side and back could really help the framing of this piece. My other thought is to create a wooden backdrop and continue the wave motif to the top of the backdrop, and paint an ocean / sky scene behind the diorama. The water is far from being finished, the front (underneath the wave) has had just a couple of washes applied so far, and the back has only been based blue. I'll be doing a lot more washes (or glazes, really) to increase the color dynamics, and will finish with some high gloss acrylic medium to make the water pop. I'll be touching up the pumpkin where I retextured the carved areas and got a bit messy with the plaster, and I'll repaint the entire body of the pumpkin with some shaded oranges. I definitely need to work on the deck, paint the mast, and finish creating a sail. I had created a test sail out of dried leaves that I'd glued together, but when it dried it curled the wrong way, so if I were to use it, the surface with the more apparent gluing would face forward, which I'd hoped to avoid. I may also try making a cheese cloth sail, appropriate for mouslings I believe. Anyhow. At this point I'd love to hear feedback, comments and suggestions for improvement are always appreciated. I've been having a blast with this piece, and am looking forward to next year's auction.
  10. Greetings everyone, some great entries so far! I know this isn't the most technically adept entry, but I thought I'd take advantage of the contest to repaint an old favorite of mine. This mini used to represent my gnomish bard in the long running Cauldron campaign I played in a couple of years ago. Gnome bards have always been a favorite for me, and I thought it would be a fitting send off for him to blast him with ice and snow, giving him the same cold shoulder that Wizards gave to both gnomes AND bards with their release of 4th Edition. So, hope you can enjoy this amateur attempt. The base is just sculpted polystyrene, and everything's painted with acrylics.
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