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  1. The drawing is very good but I think he needs pants. Donald Duck can pull it off but the weasel looks naked! If no pants then maybe legs that are not so....human.
  2. For the curtains and sheets you could try some silky fabric dipped in watered down white glue. Kinda like paper mache. shape it while its wet and let dry. Never tried it myself but it might work. I think things look closer to black and white in moonlight. Colors dont really show up to much. So if you had a second light source you may want to up the color in the illuminated areas. Love the idea and cant wait to see how it turns out.
  3. This site helped me paint black. Check it out maybe it will help you. painting black
  4. Well here is my attemp at a lighting effect. Not very convincing but you get the idea. I also added some yellow drybrushing to the grass so it wasnt soo green as someone suggested. I didnt have any other colors of flock. here is another close up on the fire pit. Thanks for all the suggestions. I just need to practice.
  5. The lighting idea is great now to see if I can pull it off.
  6. Awsome! I love the arrow and the bowstring. This is a great looking figure and paint job. Nice work. The camo outfit reminds me of the lost boys on the movie Hook.
  7. This is my attempt at basing. I thought I would try it out on a CD instead of a mini base just to get the hang of it. Over all I am happy with it. I made the rocks, boulders, and log out of sculpey. I am more happy with the sculting than the paint. the rocks just dont look right to me. Anyways here it is. Here is a close up on the fire. I was trying for glowing embers.
  8. Yes very nice. I really like that you added an arrow those fletching must be tiny. The bowstring is a bit big maybe you could use a piece of floss or a wire. Here is link on how to make rope maybe you could just one or two wires to make a bow string. Making rope
  9. Someone once posted a link to this site and it helped me out with painting black.
  10. Amazing after only a couple days of practice with your Wacom pen. I have been messing around with mine on and off for years. I am inspired to take it up again now. Here is the dwarf I was working on a while ago. Dwarf
  11. Very cool effect with the wax. could make a cool lava flow also. I saw a guy who use to make some really cool looking candles by pouring melted way into a bowl full of ice. Its was the round kind of ice with the holes in them. Maybe you could try something like that.
  12. Very cute kids so far. Here is my little girl that is still in the oven. She will be done in early December. : )
  13. Here is a sketch I did of a beholder. I was trying to make it a little more boney other than a round PacMan looking face. I came up with the brainy-instestine eye stalks to make it more disgusting.
  14. Here is a pretty good artical on Painting Black
  15. this is a tutorial on making rope but if you just used one or two strands of wire it would be perfect. More durable than hair also. Rope Tutorial
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