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  1. I'm most interested in the ghostly barge and tree of despair (I might even want multiples of the tree!). The skeletal monsters and 2 large dinos are also something I want to get. I might get some of the other options, but it will be highly dependent on what I can afford and if I want to grab multiples of the things I'm more interested in. The core set is not that interesting to me, at least 75% of it. There is so much content in it that I may grab it anyway. The bog skeletons, cat folk, and female efreeti/djinni are all interesting from the fan favorites. I kinda wish I could pick and ch
  2. I was a little disappointed in the crypt from Bones Kickstarter #3, because of the difference in the plastic used to make it. It seems rather fragile and more like something plastic you might get from Games Workshop (ew!). Are any of the new models going to use that same plastic? Mainly I'm concerned about the Stygian Barge. I understand that certain items must be made of this material to keep it from weighing down the rest of the model, but I don't really think it's necessary for the larger pieces. I love the big heavy rock terrain that's made of bonesium! Hopefully we'll get a barge like
  3. I'm hopeful that there will be extra translucent options this time. I guess there's no chance of getting the two large dino options as translucents? It would be really cool though! Others that would be interested in translucent, would be the tree (imagine a ghostly tree!) and the 2 rulers of hell. Even the skeletal monsters would be fun as translucents. :D Guess I'll have to wait and see, and hope!
  4. If you do not back this project through Kickstarter before it ends, you are considered a Late Backer and WILL pay a higher price.We did this with every one of our previous three Kickstarters. The only way to get these bargain prices is to back this project through Kickstarter. Oh, I'm already registered as a backer. I guess it keeps you in the system. https://ks.reapermini.com/bones3/ I added a $15 option. That should cover it. :D
  5. Through email? That doesn't sound right.I know we let people join the project after the Kickstarter Ends through our Pledge Manager AFTER we convert it over. It will be several weeks before that occurs. I don't know what email you are using, try [email protected] Maybe I should have said through Paypal, as Kickstarter doesn't support it (unless that has changed). Okay, I guess I'll just be patient and wait until it ends. I guess I just worry about needing to get my foot in the door to avoid a price increase like with Bones 1. I got the same deal with Bones 2, but I don't rememb
  6. Are you still going to allow people to join up via paypal through email? I tried to email Reaper Projects but no response yet. Do I need to send an email to Kit or Ed instead?
  7. A sleek design would be nice (unlike the bulky one by Partha). And after reading your post I think the name really should be Sally. :) Oh well if they don't call it Sally I can always call it that myself. xD
  8. There are many reasons a monster can reappear for your players to fight, and it can be the very same one each time! 1. Escape (the monster flees or your players do, either way). 2. It's a demon slowly gaining strength enough to attack the players in an attempt to stop them. It dissipates each time they defeat it, but when it reappears later it is stronger and more prepared! 3. Illusion or nightmare. You can stage a fight that the players can't possibly win. They all die.. and then one of them wakes up to realize it was all a bad nightmare. A vision of the future perhaps. Or forget all t
  9. Probably about the same time everyone else does... I was under the impression that there's already a manager for KS members? I thought that was why all the "you need to finalize your pledge by December 31st" stuff. Hopefully if the pledge manager is delayed (somehow) until December 30th we'll have more than a day to react. xD
  10. For those of us who requested to join up via email request (will be paying via paypal), do you know when we will get a link to the pledge manager?
  11. I believe 5 out of 6 of the dragon slayer girls (girl with foot on severed dragon's head) have been bent over one way or the other. Another big issue I noticed is the tomb raider wannabes are all now matrix girls (or wall-running ninjas). I need to test soon and see if I can fix these problems myself with the boil, bend, & freeze technique. The Matrix girls I might leave as-is. Could make for interesting diorama pieces. xP
  12. Just finished the last box and no other errors, so I won't bother with it. As for mangled minis, the familiars might be bad but I haven't really scrutinized them yet. At least the hard part's over with. Time to pick out what I like and sell the rest. :) Edit: Or practice painting on them first... I haven't decided yet. xD
  13. I know, rather slow of me but after going through 4 boxes I needed to take a long break... which happened to be a month. xD Just finished going through the 5th box yesterday and found that I'm missing the Andre Durand mini. Did have a double of the western girl though. Should have the 6th box finished tomorrow. Should I tell Reaper about the error? Not really into the sci fi stuff so I could just let it go.
  14. Still no email reply from Ed about pledging via paypal after the end of the 2nd KS. Maybe that isn't an option this time? Maybe I need to email someone else? Or message them here on the forums?
  15. I already sent Ed an email requesting to be added to the list for the Reaper Pledge Manager again, but just in case.. you guys are having this option again for those who can only pay via paypal, right?
  16. Not happy with the models. I was going to try and paint the giants up as ogres or something like that, but they're just so... blocky and clumpy. I'm trying Kaladrax on eBay again. If he doesn't go this time then I may try the trade thread. I'm wary of trading though, and I'm not even sure what I'd want to trade for since I have 6 of everything (except for the big options, and why would I need more than one of any of those?). I've considered painting Kaladrax up first and then trying to get $100 but I don't want to use up all my paint. He's a big one and that would take a LOT of white pain
  17. I guess I regret all the bulbous options, like the giants ($30) and forces of nature (another $15). I'm also not very happy with Kaladrax.
  18. I've went through 2/6 vampire boxes and so far there have been no errors, despite the 1% error rate we were told to expect. I'm starting to think Reaper might have decided to make sure all the later orders were 100% correct to cut down on having to send out replacements. I do hate that so many are bent. And it's not a big issue but I also have a skeleton who's missing the top half of his spear tip. The most disappointing was almost all of the pathfinder goblins from one vampire set were bent. I know that many people claim these bent issues are fixable, but that takes time and I've al
  19. Really? The 200+ minis from the vampire sets are actually quite small. Hardly enough to roll in. x] You would need at least 100 vampire boxes. Then you'd have a decent quantity for rolling in. :D
  20. Chinese manufacturers are notorious for inconsistency with resins, so it's no surprise that they wouldn't always mix the same amounts of each chemical when making the bones minis as well. I believe there will be better quality bones minis as time goes on since Reaper will be making the future bones minis themselves.
  21. I think the unbagging was the hardest part. At least a majority of them open up pretty easy (just pull, dump, move on). Usually the smaller ones.
  22. Yeah, it was somewhat difficult to match some of them up. It helps to match the rest of the minis first and then concentrate on the concept ones that aren't easily recognizable (mainly those 2 elves and 2 serpent folk).
  23. I'm very impressed by the way. All options and 1 vampire set and so far no errors at all! I did get an extra shoulder plate for the Frost Worm. 5 more vamp sets to check though. xP One of them will probably have about 10 errors. xD The fire elemental is even better in person. The pictures do not do it justice. That piece just makes the little kid inside you go, "Oh wow what a great toy!".
  24. Alrighty. Thanks. Now I don't have to edit my listing. :) I really wanted to keep him but decided that he's just too big. I even thought about cutting down the tail length, but decided that's a lot of work, and $50 sounds good too. Keeping the girl though. x]
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