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  1. Outstanding, especially the armor!
  2. Amazong work, the armor has a great petina look to it.
  3. I just got this mini myself, yours is a great inspiration to start mine. Love the cloak, great job!
  4. These are the next two models on my paint table, thanks for the inspiration!
  5. Outstanding color and the converted / sculpted bits are fantastic.
  6. Cool, I am actually pretty jazzed for this.
  7. You've been busy! Looks better and better each time, keep it up.
  8. Just got this mini a few weeks ago, yours looks great! I need to get off my #@$% and get mine done!
  9. Nice work, great to see some Infinity!
  10. Well done! Yeah a little more contrast could be helpful but overall really, really nice! I think I have this mini in my collection...time to bust her out and paint! Thanks for the motivation :)
  11. Incredible work! This gives me the inspiration to keep painting and to improve. Thanks for sharing!
  12. The 105 is an excellent air brush. I have one and could not be happier....dual action, easy to use and made in America. It really is one of the go to brushes, especially for a beginner (which I am assuming you are but my apologies if not) and at that price it's a good deal. Also, beginner does not mean low quality or that you will outgrow it, etc...I mean that it works great, is easy to clean / assemble / disassemble and the tip is a great size for fine detail but is not as easy to clog as the smaller tip brush. On top of that Badger is a great company to deal with on the off chance
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