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  1. Bill

    Oakhearth warden 14581

    Thanks. I think I'm going to need to do a glaze to bring back some of the red tint, it has too much yellow on the scale, but overall I am happy with it. I just noticed last night that the cloak clasp is another oak leaf, so I need to decide if I'm going to paint it in color or metal.
  2. Bill

    Oakhearth warden 14581

    And the armor is about as done as I'm going to get it. Hopefully it all comes together and works in the end. If anyone is watching, thanks!
  3. Ok, so there I was, looking at a picture of a mini I'm painting when inspiration hit. I'm going to skip the long explanation of my thought process, would it be a valid and possibly time saving idea when painting a hand on a staff or spear to block the hand colors, use a fairly heavy wash or an ink to go around the hand, giving a wide line, then paint up to the line when doing the weapon? I typically paint the hand, then paint the weapon, then use an ink or a wash to create a break between them, but that sometimes requires touchup on one side or the other as I get the line too wide or uneven.
  4. Bill

    Oakhearth warden 14581

    I don't know how many people are watching this, but this was the next step. I shade coated the cloak, then used black wash on each scale to deepen the color. Then I completely messed up the leaf on the breastplate by trying to put leaf veins on it, and it's now being redone.
  5. Bill

    Oakhearth warden 14581

    Well here's my first 2 stages of test. I used the Red hair triad, plus some sun yellow for the final highlight
  6. So I've got this guy: https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/14581 I have a this strong urge to paint his armor in fall oak leaf colors. Has anyone tried this successfully?
  7. Ok, first off, I have to say, one of the most frustrating things about painting minis is you get to a point where you think “Not bad at all” then you take a picture and it looks like something a kindergartner troweled finger paint on and then rolled it in the sandbox. So I was trying the hair technique that I found in this Reaper Toolbox (Thanks Rhonda) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cZss1JHN2Y I thought I had it ok, then I looked at the pictures. So only look at it from about 5 feet away and squint a bit, and it will look better. Anyway I like the idea of the method, I'm not sure I have the execution down yet.
  8. Bill

    77068 - Wood Elf wizard - again

    Thank you. I used to do detail like that regularly, but after taking a break from painting for about 10 years, I was just too rusty to do it. It's starting to come back a bit.
  9. I'm not really sure if he's done or not, but I definitely learned a lot from the layer up booklet, and then practiced gems on the staff. I think it looks decent, not great, but I'm happy with some of the fine detail I added. It's gratifying that even after painting for years I am still improving.
  10. This is using the blue-grey triad and a little bit of silver on the edge of the scale. As of right now I like the result, but it will probably take me a year to paint it all.
  11. Bill

    77022 WIP

    She's coming along. I feel like she needs some more details but I am still waiting for inspiration. I have some new Runic glow I might use on the swords.
  12. Bill

    77022 WIP

    Fairly happy with the layering on the cloak, of course it looks way too harsh in the camera, but that's what I get for using a phone. I'll call this about 60% done.
  13. Thanks for the help. I hope I don't make a complete hash of it. :-)
  14. Hey everyone, I am about to take on a new challenge, painting one largish dragon, and one huge dragon (Argent). Now I've been painting for decades, but I have never really set out to do a really good paint job on a dragon. The couple times I've done it before, it's been "prime base color, wash, drybrush, get it on the table", wargaming quality. Should I forget the brushes entirely and just airbrush it? What size brushes work best for something this size? I typically use from 2 down to a 10/0, but I have bigger. Wet palette required? What are your best tips for tackling something that's an order of magnitude bigger than what I'm used to?
  15. A couple of quick pictures. Not the greatest, but I'm going to have my sister who is a pro help me out once it gets done. Redid the hair as the colors were all muddied and muddled. Did the fire and the dragonette. I am considering doing a border on the robe as it's kind of plain.