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  1. I think she turned out great, I always like how your stuff comes out, like your color choices always!
  2. Hi, just go on ebay and get some dark sun figures from ral partha. They are pretty easy to find, and cheap. The entire line, are at least most of it, is sculpted by Sandra Garrity. I got the entire range and paid no more than 150.00 for the whole range. You can see them at www.dndlead.com just go to the Ral Partha Link and then the Dark Sun link.
  3. One other thing on this problem, I have had much better luck with getting rid of chalkiness by not thnning with flow improver but only using water, nothing else mixed in, just water and found the paints to look much nicer. For lining or putting small highlights on things like eyes, I do thin with flow improver, but for other things just water.
  4. Thinning with a mix of water and Pledge Future FInish Floor polish reduces chalkiness, thought it does make the paint look a bit more plasticy. Thinning with matte medium helps as well. I mostly just have this problem with the fair skin colors for some reason.
  5. By far the best primer is Tamiya FIne Surface Primer. It costs a lot per can, but it coats so well you need a lot less. It gives an amazingly smooth surface and fills much better than any other primer I have used. It is so much better than anything else i have used, the first time I used it I could not believe how great it was! During winters I use reapers brush on primer as it gets to cold to spray prime outside and it is too fumey to do inside. Hope that helps a bit...
  6. Nice Job Anne, especially on the back of Marda's shank armour, not to mention the base looks really interesting as well. And it is easy to see the dwarf battling amongst flames, fire and all hell breaking out.
  7. HI, i have about 50 chainmail spares to get rid off, but not that one, sorry. Ebay is the only place, but you may have to be patient. It took me about 2 years to collect the entire chainmail collection. Most I got in about 6 months, but there were a few that were very hard to find. Often there are lots of chainmail minis on ebay and so you may find it in a lot. ALso check the ebay stores, not just the regular listings. good luck,
  8. Well I guess next time I will just have to understand thier OSL vision, but since I don't even try OSL I never imagined the red that way. My girls are both hypercreative, gets exhausting sometimes, let me tell you! My son wonders around in his own world and never things to do something like paint, but when we point it out to him, he enjoys it - makes it real easy to raise him as long as he is fed... But the girls, they are constantly nagging to make this or that or making a mess with some art project - if I can just survive until they get a bit older I figure they can be selling minis on ebay when they are 12 for 10-15 per minis, which would be a ton for 12 year old and then they can start buying thier own clothes and stuff!!! So it will all be worth it. On a more serious note, I do hope that your kids, bogoz, can get into it. Maybe they have a favorite thing and that will inspire them to paint. My youngest daughter loves reindeers, she has been nagging me to get her a deer mini for 2 years so she can paint it, so maybe if he has a favorite animal or something that would make him want to paint it. Sometimes, especially with boys and men, they will do something artistic, which is more right brained, to satisfy a desire for something that is created in the left brain.
  9. Hi Everyone, over the past 2 years I have let me kids paint the spare lead free minis that I had that I did not want. I would put them outside on the picnic table with some of that cheap childrens acrylic paint and let them at it. In about 20 minutes they would paint about 20 miniatures. They looked horrible with that acrylic paint since it looks like chalk when it dries, not to mention they would never remember to clean thier brush before changing colors and so eventually the minis went from rainbow looking to grey. After a few weeks, I would sneak them away and spend an hour stripping them and then they would start all over. Now that they turned 7 I figured it was time for them to stop wasting paint and my time stripping minis so I bought some pro paints for them and let them paint next to me while I was painting, making sure they only used 1 color at a time and cleaned thieres brush between colors and they did pretty good, better than my first minis probably when I was 10. So here they are. The pearl white one is by my sophie loving daughter, the two tone one is by her younger by a minute twin sister. They did think to put highlights on the eyes which they knew about from one of thier toy dinosaurs or something, though when I told them to use white for the highlights they just wouldn't, one settled for silver highlights - I guess they did not get the idea that highlights need to be white. It was all I could do to talk the younger one out of using metallic red for a highlight. Needless to say, during all this, my brush control was not at its best so I am not posting the mini I was working on at the time...
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments, though I did miss my breakfast the other day after checking out the hot and hairy sophies. With luck I will have time to take some pics today of the twin's first minis and post them.
  11. I Don't think my sophie loving daughter will sit for a picture next to that.
  12. Yep, they just finished painting thier first mini. Not a reaper, but they used propaints. I will post them soon. And I think someone needs to post a picture of Bryan so that we can give him a thumbs up or thumbs down for the sophie costume...
  13. Hi Everyone, last year my older twin daughter, who is now 7 became quite a sophie fan after discovering my Reaper Catalog. Since then she has asked all kinds of questions about sophie (like where she lives and if we can go visit and is she REAL) and has been nagging me to turn in my Swag points to get her some free sophie attire and take her on a trip to Hell for a visit with Sophie. The other day while I was painting some figs, she sat down next to me and drew out this sophie. I was pretty proud of it so I thought it would be fun to post it here.
  14. Hi, Does anyone know if any of the new Pro Paints have some of the same colors as the MSP line? I would imagine that walnut brown in pro paints is the same color as the MSP walnut brown, but maybe not exaclty? Just wondering if there is a published list of color equivalencies between these two lines. I thought I read something somewhere, but searched the forums and did not find anything. thanks in advance for any info or leads, Ernst
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