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  1. The nose is different texture from the fur, and presumably a bit moist - so I would put a sharper white highlight running across it.
  2. Snarky, and/or licentious. ;)
  3. The expression on Lem's face is priceless.
  4. That is gorgeous. I have one of those that I've held off on painting because it's a little intimidating to pick the color scheme. This is very inspirational... hmm...
  5. Chuck Norris slams revolving doors. #OMGfacts
  6. I really need to get some Tactical Bacon.
  7. I think it pretty much goes with the job description... trousers would interfere, see...
  8. Congrats! I think you have many happy days ahead of you.
  9. I agree with everyone else that this is a drool-worthy paint job. ...Aaaannnd it also means I just discovered this new manufacturer (how did I not know about them?) and ordered $50+ worth of minis. I don't know whether to thank you or blame you. Cheers!
  10. The cloak will be a good opportunity for you to practice highlighting and shading. That alone will give it depth. The other thing you can do is to freehand paint a border in a contrasting color on the hem. This isn't too hard to do but will help to break up the color field and add interest. EDIT: Upon reconsideration, I'm not sure that a goblin ranger would really have a fancy-shmancy cloak with a border (unless he looted it off an unfortunate adventurer sometime previously). You could, however, play with making the hem look dirty, tattered, and faded. That would also be interesting and would also be more in character for a goblin.
  11. HBO has officially greenlighted "Game of Thrones" ... http://artsbeat.blog...ame-of-thrones/ ... and here's a still from the very first scene, when the ill-fated Ser Waymar Royce is wandering through the northern forests ... http://pics.livejournal.com/grrm/pic/0008zczp/ SQUEEEE!!!!
  12. The purple is so rich, I really love it. I hope you post another group shot of the Ladies' Club all together, now that they're finished.
  13. I love the lime green you used on the corset, it really pops. I agree with the darklining, maybe even just applied carefully as a bit of wash to the recessed areas.
  14. Mercius, It's the Reaper Proof of Purchase program. You save the proofs of purchase from your blister packs and redeem them for cool Reaper stuff: http://www.reapermini.com/ProofofPurchaseProgram
  15. YES!!! We have a winner. Interesting - it's not the l.e. sorceress, but the mini that the sorceress was based off of, which is the Lannister lady-in-waiting from Darksword's George R.R. Martin line. Funny how memory works... Kang, PM me your address and I'll send you your swag points. Thank you!!! *hops off delightedly to putz around with the power palette* (I haz an alliterashun!)
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