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  1. Those wings... The skin tones are very nicely done and her eyes are great. There are a couple spots which appear a tad abrupt (maybe a photo/lighting artifact?) though overall smooth and subtle! Wonderful painting!
  2. I love the animal print! The hand poking out of his pouch is great. Gray is the perfect color there. Well done!
  3. Wonderful painting! I like how you treated the highlights on her hair. I particularly like the base.
  4. After wrapping up a band of gnolls that I need for tonight's gaming session, I almost started a new figure. Ebonwrath raised her head, looked me in the eye, and said nothing. So I dutifully cleaned my palette, washed my brushes, and got back to work. I'm declaring her done. I created a show off thread with pics.
  5. I present Ebonwrath of the Sky Isles. The sun shines on her beauty as she surveys the land she rules in her majestic beneficence. In an effort to just get painting, I took on the challenge of painting Ebonwrath based on random rolls of the dice. As often is the case, the dice were indifferent to my urgings and pleas for mercy. I ended up with a limited palette of Cloudy Gray, Lemon Yellow, and Orange Brown. After seeing what luck had in store for me, I decided to take the 3 star challenge and add in Pure White and Pure Black. I ended up not using the white, instead rel
  6. Thanks for the encouragement! Today's progress: the initial blending on the top of the wings. Since the wings are such a large surface, I ended up painting fairly rapidly, working wet-on-wet with medium paint dilution and lots of mixing both on my wet palette and on the model. Colors involved were cloudy gray, cloudy gray mixed with various amounts of pure black, lemon yellow, and lemon yellow mixed perhaps 50/50 with cloudy gray. I remembered to take a picture halfway through to help illustrate where the blends started and ended. Some of the orange just peeks through.
  7. I'm painting (very) slow these days. Hopefully when it warms up outside my painting area will also be warmer. Using pure black and pure white to help work the values, I started blending the cloudy gray into the lemon yellow. The highest yellow is pure lemon yellow at this point, while the deepest shadows are cloudy grey with quite a bit of pure black. I may go darker, especially between the scales.
  8. I'm loving this, Pingo! I have a few tiny Golden fluid acrylic bottles I've been meaning to play with. Seeing them in action is a wonderful prompt to just do it.
  9. There is paint on my dragon! I decided to sketch in the basic colors to help me later on in the process. So far only the core three of cloudy gray, lemon yellow, and orange brown are there. I'll primarily be using the black and white to change values, especially with the large expanses of gray.
  10. I like the composition! Her skin color works very well with the color of the water. I also like the echo of the water colors on her skirt. Nicely done.
  11. About five or six years ago I received the Knight Models 75mm Boromir as a Christmas gift. I started to assemble the pieces and became intimidated by what I needed to do to 1) finish assembly and 2) actually paint him. Last year I finally worked up the nerve to start painting, got some base colors and his face started, then again lost my nerve and drive. A couple of months ago I at last took Boromir off my shelf-of-unlimited-opportunity and started working. I finally finished him. Front view: Back view: Three-quarter view:
  12. I love my wet palette and use it almost exclusively for this reason (and that I can keep my paint going over multiple days). The wet palette has allowed me to mix colors differently and more spontaneously, vary my paint consistency, and keep better track of which colors I'm using for a given figure.
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