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  1. Since Gustav has a slightly higher base speed than that at which the party is moving, he will scout slightly ahead looking for signs of others in the area to lessen the chance of surprise. After three hours of travel, Gustav will begin looking for a place to camp for the night. Hopefully he can find a rock outcrop or other area where dredgers will be unable to tunnel.
  2. Gustav rolls 19 for fortitude check (no modifiers). Ii the party continues, his constitution check is 9 +4 = 13. "Shall we push on until dusk then camp for the night?" OOC: I don't recall Gustav activating the environmental protection on his armor but if he did so during the night patrol, the power would be near depletion. He has a spare battery., but I don't know if that could be used to replenish the power on armor.
  3. Gustav has 30 speed. (Sorry for the delay but did not realize I need to reply since others posted slower speed).
  4. Gustav hastens toward the bridge with the rest of the party. Once across the river, he will examine the ground looking for tracks or other signs that anyone, especially any party of evacuees, has passed through the area recently. Survival check 19+7-2=24
  5. Gustav is waiting for the party to decide to head toward the Fort Galant or Reos City. He leans toward Reos City in hopes of catching up with one of the groups of evacuees to get a little NPC interaction but I realize the module may push us to the Fort and another fight.
  6. "It looks like the defensive line is collapsing faster than anyone expected. After we make it across the river should we continue to Fort Gallant or head toward Reos City to get closer to the evacuees so we can provide them some protection?" Gustav scans the surrounding area looking for any useful equipment or any sign of enemy movement. Perception check 2+7-2 (shaken)=7 OOC: are we near the end of the duration of the shaken condition?
  7. My only concern with the proposed plan is it would require a Forced March which carries a risk of nonlethal damage and fatigue. I think Doc's movement rate is only 25 feet so it would take over 9 hours to go 24 miles and we have already walked at least an hour to reach our current position. Of course, the terrain and dust cloud may affect how long it will take. However, I assume we could heal the nonlethal damage with healing potions and the fatigued condition isn't a very big handicap. So while I would prefer keeping an eye out for a place to rest along the way, I am OK with
  8. "I have no serious injuries but need a short rest to recover my breath. Having a dredger latch on to me was not an enjoyable experience." Gustav will rest for 10 minutes and use a resolve point to restore his stamina points.
  9. Right! Game can wait until you are feeling better so you can enjoy it.
  10. @haldircould you recheck the damage on the dredger attached to Gustav. I think Gustav previously did 3 then Ratticus and Pip did 7 and Gustav did 2 this turn for a total of 12.
  11. Gustav yells at the attached dredger (#3) in Shirren: "Let go of me, Gnat Brain, or I will have to hurt you!" Gustav continues to flail at the dredger with his tactical baton. But, it seems an attached creature is easy to hit but the angle makes it difficult to do any damage. Trick attack 18+14-2=30 Regular attack 19+3-2=20 Trick attack damage = 1 Attack damage = 1
  12. A shaken Gustav flails at the creature attached to him with his tactical baton but his blows have little effect. Trick attack 11+14-2=23 Attack 16+3-2=17 Trick attack damage 1 Attack damage 2
  13. Thanks! I missed or forgot that was in the original post.
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