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  1. I quickly looked to see what I had in the closet and was amazed at how many "I will get to that someday" figures I have accumulated over the years. I certainly will have plenty to exchange for whatever I take from the box to "get to someday".
  2. I haven't used the contrast paint, but the posts reminded me of the Frost Blue/ steel wash approach sometimes used to speed paint large numbers of armored figures. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85158-frost-blue-and-steel-wash/&tab=comments#comment-180306
  3. Sounds interesting, will be my first time Location - Middle Tennessee No international While I have enough stuff, it's probably not a good idea to have a first timer be a box starter. So I will pass on being a box starter unless someone with more experience wants to advise me on what I should put in it.
  4. Actually, I emailed [email protected] immediately after receiving the kit. They responded with a terse email saying they substituted the figure because the correct figure was out of stock and "sorry for the inconvenience". Neither the box nor the online description of the kit say figures may be substituted. Nothing in the FAQ about substitutions either. I posted on the forum because I wanted to know if others had problems with substitutions before I consider ordering some of the other kits. Reaper already made it clear they won't do anything about the problem and I am hesitant to order a kit without some confidence that the contents will likely be as described rather than a cheaper substitute. No, the substitute was not similar. Reaper substituted one mummy from the three piece group (77144) for Oswald (77141). So the substitute is not very useful for the paint along and none of the paints in the kit seem suitable for a mummy.
  5. I recently purchased a Miniature Monday kit and one of the figures was different than what was shown in the box. When I contacted help at Reaper, they responded that they had substituted a figure because they were out of stock of the figure shown on the box. While I can understand the need to substitute a figure for the one that was out of stock, I am a bit disappointed by lack of notice of possible substitution and that Reaper substituted a figure with retail price slightly less than the price of the figure it replaced. I am unable to find Reaper's substitution policy on the web site. Anyone know what it is? Anyone else experienced getting a substitute with a lower price that the figure it replaces?
  6. I am lucky enough to live in an area where slate is common. Small pieces of slate are flat enough to make great based with no real effort.
  7. I am hoping Piazo convinces Reaper to put decent labels on the Pathfinder paint sets. I really like Reaper paint but hate the way the printing on the labels disappears quickly when the bottles are handled. I have too many nameless paints! I find myself looking with envy at the labels on my friend's Army Painter bottles☺.
  8. I don't know if cost is the reason for Reaper's fading labels, but I would happily pay a bit more for paint with a label that does not become unreadable within a few months. My older Reaper paints and Army Painter paints did not have this problem so I was surprised when the print vanished on all my newer Reaper paints. I had not gone over labels with more permanent ink before some faded completely. Thus i have several bottles that I am not sure what the exact color is.
  9. I am enjoying the painting guides! Very useful tips and ideas that can be used on more than just the figure they are for. I wonder if future guides will use the colors in the new Dungeon Dwellers paint sets. I hope so because the names of the new colors make me think I will welcome guidance on mixing for shade and highlight.
  10. I will mention that Vallejo makes multiple brush on primers. I have had good results with the Mecha primer which seem to be noticeably more durable than the model color or game color surface primers. I have had no problems with spraying Army Painter colour primers over Vallejo Mecha Primer on Bones figures.
  11. Vallejo Mecha Primer seems to work very well on Bones. It is a lot more durable and scratch resistant than any other brush on primer I've tried. Definitely a LOT better than Vallejo surface primer. It is advertised as being for airbrush but I've had no problems brushing it on without a loss of detail.. Bones and HD paints go on smoothly over the Mecha primer and adhere to it very well. I have only used the ivory primer but am hoping the other colors work as well.
  12. Since it appears there are no more rooms available at HGI during Reapercon, any recommendations for alternative hotels in the area?
  13. You could also ask around to see if there is a miniature painting group in your area. Some of us who have been it the hobby for a long time have accumulated a large surplus of figures that we will probably never get around to painting. Also as much as I enjoy painting miniatures, I really have no use for them once they are painted so I often give them to someone who can use them in a game
  14. Umm: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/67482-issues-with-reaper-paint-packaging/#ehe ry1325396 OOPS....I missed that comment. Maybe the problem has been fixed, The labels that have faded the most are from the Bones II Kickstarter and the Learn to Paint Kit so they could well be from production more than a year ago.
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