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  1. Like most responders, I use craft paints for much of my scenery, However, It I am doing a large area of stone floor and walls, I often use flat latex wall paint. The Hirst Arts website has good instructions for painting its castle blocks with latex paint and provides the formula to use when getting the paint mixed.
  2. The coin chart in part four has some errors regarding the value of ep. For example, it shows a sp is worth 1/2 ep but an ep is worth 5 sp. Sometimes the chart uses a 1:2 ration between ep and sp and sometimes it uses a !:5 ratio. I think 1:5 is the correct ratio
  3. I may be outside the norm, but I like painting noncharacter minis for others. I don't have much chance to play in-person RPGs since I live in a rural area so I really don't need painted minis for myself. Painting minis for someone that will use them gives me more motivation than just painting minis I know will be put aside and never enjoyed once the painting is complete. I never paint Warhammer minis for anyone since people seems to have very rigid ideas of how they should be painted and often seem to think Citadel paints are the only acceptable media. I don't often paint a mini for a players PC because I don't want take the time to paint to a level I think would be appropriate for a main character, On the other hand, I am delighted when someone asks me to paint something like a band of orcs or a bugbear to a tabletop standard. I have even been known to paint large number of figures for a boardgames. I usually give someone a figure or two before agreeing to paint anything for them so they can see the level to which I am willing to paint (Unfortunately, some people have unrealistic expectations from looking at professionally painted figures on the internet).
  4. I use a brush that is a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. it is a slightly stiffer than the sable watercolor brushes I use for most of my painting.
  5. Like you, I use Testors Glosscote and Testors Dullcote brush-on for sealing. The brush-ons work well for me. However, people should use a very light touch when applying them. The solvents in the lacquers can soften acrylic paint enough that it will smear if it is brushed more than very lightly. After I messed up details on the first min by "normal" brushing , I have had no such issues if the lacquer is very lightly brushed on. I don't use an airbrush simply because I am lazy and it is a a bit of a bother to clean an airbrush after spraying lacquer. Just doesn't seem worth it since I usually seal only a few minis at a time.
  6. Initially, I was very tempted to add the paints to my pledge. But then I thought about how much paints have evolved since I started with the old Reaper Pro paints and how many changes there have been to the Reaper paint lines in just the last few years. I have second thoughts about buying paints with an estimated delivery date two years in the future since there may be even more changes. Reaper and others could be adding new paint lines which I might prefer within those two years. So I will likely pass on the paints
  7. While I do not disagree with the other responses, it is difficult to be certain about the condition of paint without actually seeing it. I have had old paints the vortex mixer could not mix. However, after vigorously stirring them with a thin metal rod to break up the clumps then trying the vortex again, some ( but certainly not all) of the paints were restored to a usable condition. May not work for your paints, but nothing to lose by trying it before you trash them.
  8. Thanks for the information!
  9. Are videos of the classes at the Reaper Virtual Expo available anywhere? I missed a few I was interested in due the schedule conflicts and would love watching a video of them
  10. Since Gustav has a slightly higher base speed than that at which the party is moving, he will scout slightly ahead looking for signs of others in the area to lessen the chance of surprise. After three hours of travel, Gustav will begin looking for a place to camp for the night. Hopefully he can find a rock outcrop or other area where dredgers will be unable to tunnel.
  11. Gustav rolls 19 for fortitude check (no modifiers). Ii the party continues, his constitution check is 9 +4 = 13. "Shall we push on until dusk then camp for the night?" OOC: I don't recall Gustav activating the environmental protection on his armor but if he did so during the night patrol, the power would be near depletion. He has a spare battery., but I don't know if that could be used to replenish the power on armor.
  12. Gustav has 30 speed. (Sorry for the delay but did not realize I need to reply since others posted slower speed).
  13. Gustav hastens toward the bridge with the rest of the party. Once across the river, he will examine the ground looking for tracks or other signs that anyone, especially any party of evacuees, has passed through the area recently. Survival check 19+7-2=24
  14. Gustav is waiting for the party to decide to head toward the Fort Galant or Reos City. He leans toward Reos City in hopes of catching up with one of the groups of evacuees to get a little NPC interaction but I realize the module may push us to the Fort and another fight.
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