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  1. I too have had problems getting brush on primers to adhere to some metal miniatures although I tried a variety of brands. Vallejo surface primer came off very easily. I found Army Painter spray on primer worked on many of the problem miniatures although I had to go with Dupli-color automotive sandable primer on some of the most difficult ones. Although it is not environment friendly and requires good ventilation, Dupli-color adheres well and provides a good surface for painting.
  2. I assume the BOGW is done although the arrival/departure thread has not been updated. I enjoyed it and appreciate all the effort that went into getting it orgsnized. I managed to gain a few minis I had not seen before as well as sending along several that I knew I would never get around to painting.
  3. I suggest you press them while they dry so they don't curl.. If you don't have a leaf press, you could put them in a book. After they dry completely, I usually give them a very light cost of sealant before punching them which seems to make the edges a bit sharper.
  4. Here's what I took from @pcktlnt box. Also a stack of coffee filters to wipe brushes and birch seeds for basing which are not pictured.
  5. @pcktlnt box received this evening (7/22). Definitely need a new box, it apparently had a rough trip but the duct tape held so all is well.
  6. Given the number of comments about boxes being so full, it seems to me that items that have been around for multiple cycles should be discarded to make room for folks to add new things that may be of more interest.
  7. I am thinking of getting an airbrush but am uncertain where it could be used. Specifically, if the airbrush is used at my painting desk in the house would it create a must of paint that could get on the floor or on furniture in the room? I only plan to spray acrylic paints at relatively low pressure so I don't think fumes will be a significant issue but wondered if a hood would be necessary to filter out paint "mist" if I spray paint in the house.
  8. I notice both Army Painter and Vallejo are selling sets of paints with bottles about half the size of their normal paints. (Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments and Whiz kids Preminum Paints) I generally like that approach. It provides an opportunity to get a variety of paint colors at a lower price. Vallejo Whiz kids sets consist of 40 paints in a plastic case for about $70. I know that there are many colors I like to have handy although I don't use them a lot so a 8 ml bottle would be more than enough. And, if I use some of the colors a lot, I can get a regular size bottle when the small bottle is gone. The Va!!ejo sets consists of Game Color but the AP sets consists not only of repackaged Warpaints but several unique colors that I believe are only available as part of the set so it really is not practical to replace those colors when the small bottle is gone. But, alas, as much as I like the packaging idea, the paints are Gsme Color which I don't at all and Warpaintt which I don't like as well as Reaper or Citadel. Still I am hoping the idea catches on.
  9. Humidity should be less than 60% to avoid fogging when using spray Dullcote. The high temperature may also have caused the paint to partially dry before it reached the figure. I don't use spray Dullcote unless the temperature is 60- 8o degrees and the humidity is below 60%. Fortunately, I have had good results using brush on Dullcote and Model Master lacquers even on hot humid days. Some people like Reaper brush on sealer which will also avoid the fogging issue, but I prefer sealing with lacquer rather than acrylic.
  10. If you go to usps.com, the home page has a button for schedule a pickup.
  11. This is a common issue with Bones. It is addressed extensively in thread titled "Bones: The First Cost is the difference" started by Wren in the Bones section of Reaper Discussion on this forum. Personally, I have good luck using Reaper Brown Liner to prime smaller Bones minis and Army Painter Colour Primer for large minis especially those with flat areas. FYI, the Army Painter colors seem much better than their white or black primer. With the exception of Vallejo Mecha primer, my experience with brush on primers has been they do not adhere well to Bones so I would not recommend them for minis that will be used for gaming where they will be handled a lot.
  12. Ah, by comparison the USPS seems quite generous. It limits the weight to over 31kg (70 pounds).
  13. Rats, another Faux pas! I didn't intend to cause a stir but was not aware of the undisclosed restriction on box size. And, I admit I didn't realize the extra $6.05 to go from a medium to a large flat rate box would be a big deal. But I get it and will comply. EDIT: I forgot to mention that using the side loading medium box instead of the top loading box I have seen pictured in some of the posts would provide about 30 more cubic inches for the same price. But, it is slightly more difficult to pack a side loading box.
  14. Wouldn't it be easier just to use a bigger box?
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