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  1. I am lucky enough to live in an area where slate is common. Small pieces of slate are flat enough to make great based with no real effort.
  2. I am hoping Piazo convinces Reaper to put decent labels on the Pathfinder paint sets. I really like Reaper paint but hate the way the printing on the labels disappears quickly when the bottles are handled. I have too many nameless paints! I find myself looking with envy at the labels on my friend's Army Painter bottles☺.
  3. ferret

    Reaper HD paint label fading

    I don't know if cost is the reason for Reaper's fading labels, but I would happily pay a bit more for paint with a label that does not become unreadable within a few months. My older Reaper paints and Army Painter paints did not have this problem so I was surprised when the print vanished on all my newer Reaper paints. I had not gone over labels with more permanent ink before some faded completely. Thus i have several bottles that I am not sure what the exact color is.
  4. ferret

    New Dungeon Dweller Painting Guides!

    I am enjoying the painting guides! Very useful tips and ideas that can be used on more than just the figure they are for. I wonder if future guides will use the colors in the new Dungeon Dwellers paint sets. I hope so because the names of the new colors make me think I will welcome guidance on mixing for shade and highlight.
  5. ferret

    Bones and Vallejo primer +spray primer

    I will mention that Vallejo makes multiple brush on primers. I have had good results with the Mecha primer which seem to be noticeably more durable than the model color or game color surface primers. I have had no problems with spraying Army Painter colour primers over Vallejo Mecha Primer on Bones figures.
  6. Vallejo Mecha Primer seems to work very well on Bones. It is a lot more durable and scratch resistant than any other brush on primer I've tried. Definitely a LOT better than Vallejo surface primer. It is advertised as being for airbrush but I've had no problems brushing it on without a loss of detail.. Bones and HD paints go on smoothly over the Mecha primer and adhere to it very well. I have only used the ivory primer but am hoping the other colors work as well.
  7. ferret

    [SPLIT] RC2017 Rooms thread

    Since it appears there are no more rooms available at HGI during Reapercon, any recommendations for alternative hotels in the area?
  8. You could also ask around to see if there is a miniature painting group in your area. Some of us who have been it the hobby for a long time have accumulated a large surplus of figures that we will probably never get around to painting. Also as much as I enjoy painting miniatures, I really have no use for them once they are painted so I often give them to someone who can use them in a game
  9. ferret

    Issues with Reaper Paint Packaging

    Umm: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/67482-issues-with-reaper-paint-packaging/#ehe ry1325396 OOPS....I missed that comment. Maybe the problem has been fixed, The labels that have faded the most are from the Bones II Kickstarter and the Learn to Paint Kit so they could well be from production more than a year ago.
  10. ferret

    Issues with Reaper Paint Packaging

    I have done that and the absence of information on the label certainly does not stop me from using the paint. I will be using a sharpie to go over the information on those labels that are still readable. I confess I am puzzled that the problem of information on labels rubbing off or fading to the point they are unreadable has apparently been around for several months. but none of the comments suggest it has been corrected on recent production. That seems odd given how quickly and effectively Reaper has always resolved issues with their products. If it was just a matter of a bad batch of labels, I can't understand why it apparently continues.
  11. I am getting ready to replenish my supply of paints, I really like Reaper MSP and HD paints but have experienced issues with packabing of those I have purchased over the last couple of years. The printing on the labels rubs off and becomes unreadable after little handling so I have a number of bottles I am not sure exactly which color they are. By contrast bottles I have purchased several years ago have labels that are still very clear, I assume there has been a change in the way labels are printed. Additionally, the newer paints seem to lose water much faster than the older MSP paints. When I was adding water to refresh paints I noticed many of the new paints had lost up to 1/4 of their volume while the older paints only needed a few drops of water. I wonder if Reaper has switched the type of plastic for their bottles. I don't consider the issues I perceive with packaging significant enough to discourage me from continuing to buy Reaper paint since I am very happy with its quality. However, I was wondering if others have experienced similiar issues and, if so, whether they are present in current production.
  12. ferret

    Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

    Option 1 - I liked the shorter KS. The stretch goals seemed a lot closer together both in time and dollar amount.
  13. ferret

    Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

    Reaper said pledgers can add new items using the pledge manager even after locking in some items. Have they indicated if this allows an increase in the quantity of a locked item as well as new items? E.g., could I lock in a core set, then add a second core set later? Would I remain in the same shipping wave or would adding a new core set send me to the back of the line?
  14. ferret

    Bones Kickstarter #3 Discussion

    The problem with adding walls is it is so easy and cheap making a variety walls using the Hirst Arts molds, So adding walls would actually make it less likely I would pledge for the expansion since I have LOTS of walls. The fences are great since they will be a lot more sturdy than those made by casting plaster,