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  1. Are you able to retroactively award the championship trophy, noticed that it's not been given out since 2014? Would be neat to have them all in sequence. 2015 should be Midvale School for the Gifted 2016 should be Florin Brute Squad
  2. Cool new changes, I like it, especially the Losers having to try and be winners. Because we're using the ESPN Keeper system does it adjust the draft list of players automatically? Or do we still need to manually send keepers to the bottom of the list, like Ray Rice?
  3. Yep, well done on joining the two time champion club, and doing it in style. Now let's not talk about the end of the regular season.
  4. Can't believe I lost that game. Knew it was going to be close when Ingram went out on IR during the week. But seriously who would think a team could put 51 points on the board, including three passing TDs and 250 yards in the air and their no. 1 receiver ends up with just 4 yards, I'm lucky he got one of the touchdowns. And then Oakland revert to past form too. So annoyed.
  5. Understood, if you'd said back to back champion I'd have got it. :D
  6. Hold your horses, we've already had a repeat champion and you're looking at him! I'm going for my third title!
  7. I wasn't sure if Big Ben was truly 'back' so benched him and his target man. I picked up Kirk Cousins on waivers a few weeks ago, and at the time I had a reason, but come Sunday I'd forgotten and he's sat on the bench since. I think it was because Cutler had an injury scare and Ben was still on his comeback so I needed cover for Palmer.
  8. Course games don't start until 18:00 on a Sunday so no real need to make changes until the last minute (unless you have Thursday players) he seems to have a full squad against you now. On the subject of league size and benches I don't really have any frame of reference, Matt Berry was talking about people in 12 and 16 size leagues. As for bench I know I'm guilty of hoarding players, I only ever have a defence/kicker cover once the bye weeks start,and then he's gone to maximise the number of rb / wrs I have to pick from.
  9. I'm still enjoying it, I was worried at the start of the season as I'd missed the draft (first time in ages) and wasn't sure about my team, plus the draft is where the best mocking happens. I think seeing the live games at Wembley helps me remain interested (seen 7 now, well done Stefan and your Chiefs)
  10. It's like when we said you were looking at our play sheets all over again
  11. Oh yeah, is it me or is there something iffy with the week 3 trophies, it looks like Fab Freebirds got mutiple awards, some of them negative?
  12. Yeah, the issue is no one knows how to support for a NFL game, in the UK it's all about singing but there aren't any songs to sing. At times it was more a Jets game than Fins because that J E T S chant is so easy to coordinate. Whereas all that ever came up on the screens for the Fins was 'make some noise'. Best 'Home game' features at Wembley's have been the Falcons where they had Samuel L Jackson giving constant instructions. And Jacksonville where the Mascot was explaining what to do. We kind of need better explanations :) otherwise we'll cheer everything as most are neutral. Next game is Bills Jaguars and then I get to see your Chiefs Stefan, in what should be the closest matchup against the Lions. ​
  13. J - E - T - S Jets, Jets, Jets. I got to watch my team pound on the Dolphins at Wembley yesterday, which was pretty epic, was even better as I went with my mate who is a Dolphins fan!
  14. Anyone see the score of mine and F's game? Hoping I've won it but I'm sure there are times that scores get adjusted Monday. Active scores even, bench just two points in it! Also, is this the year of the Quarterback injury, what the hell is going on?
  15. Wasn't expecting the Jets to be 2-0 at this stage, normally I'm looking at my fantasy team for solace during the nfl season! As a note I always read the league notice but more importantly the trophies, I think Bish is the same. I made the smart decision to subscribe to this thread this year so I'm more aware of discussions than normal.
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