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  1. This looks promising....at least it looks to start out well. Have to keep an eye out for it after the new year.
  2. wanna bet they end up with indigestion...
  3. A male succubus is called an incubus. Show sounds a bit interesting...but likely easy to screw up by the writers.
  4. I believe they represented the water impact scenario in the move "Deep Impact". The resulting tsunami / impact wave was 1000 feet tall (it swamped NY skyscrapers) and went as far inland as the Appalachians. So yes, a water impact will prove much more devastating than a land impact. The resulting dust and water vapor cloud and impacts to the weather and overall climate will further winnow out the survivors over the course of the next several decades, roughly speaking.
  5. The largest asteroid crater on the planet is in south africa; being about 300 km across though they are trying to verify on in antarctica that could be over 500 km across. Like kristof says...a near miss in cosmic billiards is as good as a direct hit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vredefort_crater
  6. A good example of technology advancing so far that we can no longer construct something based on an earlier tech base is the Saturn V rocket. And that only took 30 years to lose...so the possibility of losing the knowledge to build base technologies is quite real. However, this may not be as likely in fields of hands on craftsmanship such as welding, steel manufacturing, carpentry...though it may take a short amount of time to reaquire a few necessary base skills for a dumbed down tech base (if needed), though how many folks can build a simple combustion engine the likes of those in the days of Henry Ford these days? few if any. Another good example of skills being lost as equipment advances is in surveying. How many surveyors would know how to use a solar compass or old linker chain? With electronic, even robotic, total stations and data collectors, not one new surveyor is trained in the use of such archaic devices. Heck, even steel tape, which replaced the chains, is almost seldom used anymore with our reliance on laser range finding, though it is still a base skill being taught. It is possible for a civilization to advance beyond its own ability to sustain itself technologically in the event of catastrophic failures of the base technologies it relies on to maintain itself presently. How likely that becomes is a different debate. One of the things my professors do is direct us students to things like excel spreadsheets or MathCad to do tedious functions. I ignore that because I want to understand HOW the process works, not just get what the program spits back at me after dumping my problem into it. That's the trap. Losing that understanding in favor of the fancy new whizbang of the moment and then relying on the whizbang instead of the process knowledge. Sorry for the ramble...
  7. I'd have to say Aftermath or the Morrow Project as well for post-apocolyptic. Shadowrun was fun.
  8. Found elsewhere...and leaving me with no good feelings; ______________________________________________________________ More D&D Gamma World details MJ Harnish on February 3rd, 2010 I dug up these various bits & pieces about the newly announced 4E Gamma World RPG from twitter and forum posts. Obviously I don’t have any way to confirm the veracity of these so take them with a grain of salt, and some of the notes may be redundant. A few also seem to contradict each other or simply aren’t very clear. * There are at least two adventures/expansions planned: Famine in Far-go is scheduled for November, 2010. Legion of Gold is scheduled to be released in December 2010. o Famine in Far-go features the expected chickens. It is an adventure/expansion and includes 10 cards. * Gamma World themes have powers and lean towards class roles. * Almost entirely random character generation, you’ll have a key stat for your theme, and then stats rolled, as well as stats and mutations o There will be an option to roll your stats: 3d6 for each stat (see other note below for more details). o Character creation takes maybe up to 15 minutes because so much of it is random. Equipment purchase is one of the few decisions * At the start of every day you draw a mutation card that gives you your mutation for that day. * Character progression is faster than D&D, but stops at level 10. * Gamma World will have 120 booster cards available in randomized packs of 8 per Pack. MSRP $3.99 o 120 card set, 8 card boosters for $3.99 for more mutations, tech cards, and player “personal deck” cards. * Gamma World crosses over with 4E DnD very well. * Gamma World is still a RPG based on 4E but it’s designed for short-term campaigns. * You don’t need the booster cards, if you don’t mind drawing from the DM’s deck. o “Marketing guys might not want me to say this, but you don’t have to buy boosters, and you can always draw from GM’s deck.” * Gamma World Game Day will feature making characters from Booster Packs – no pregens. * Gamma World box set includes 30 classic monsters, plus a few new ones. It also includes a 10-encounter adventure, maps, tokens, and the rules. It is self-contained: You do not need the core 4E D&D books. * The box set will contain 2 poster maps, and a GM’s deck of cards that includes 40 mutation cards and 40 tech cards. * It doesn’t necessarily use classes. Some things remain the same with characters, some change. Lots of mutations which serve as “powers.” o Your Half-Yeti can wield an M-16 and a stop sign in leather armor. There’s also power armor, blasters, etc. * Gamma World is “very compatible” with DnD. Skill list slightly different, but D&D monsters work just fine and vice versa. o Tech artifacts would be “spooky and scary” in D&D but they work similarly as magic items. “Radiation” as damage type. o “In LFR, can we use Gamma World artifacts?” Chris Tulach shuts that down pretty quick * There are character themes that have elements of D&D roles- acid-spitting cockroach might be kind of a striker, for instance. * There are plans to do more “genre games” in the future, which will almost certainly use the 4e engine. These are notes I found from a seminar at Dungeons & Dragons Experience 2010 Beyond the D&D RPG… Presenters: Chris Tulach, Rich Baker, Bart Carroll, Mike Mearls Gamma World – October Box includes: * o 160 page manual o How to make a character o How to GM o Monsters (old and new) o 10 encounter adventure o Box includes 4 token sheets + All the monsters + Player Characters + Cardboard Stock (like in Game Day Kits) o A couple poster maps o 80 Cards – Starter/GM deck + 40 mutations + 40 tech cards A character generally has two themes/mutations * o Samples: Android Seismic, Giant Yeti o Don’t really use classes – your traits ARE your character. o Cards help define additional mutations or Omega Tech o Arm yourself with an M16. . . or a stop sign 120 Booster Cards * o 8 per Blister o $3.99/pack o Sometimes you’ll draw from your deck, sometimes from the DMs deck. o Wanted your Disintegrate power? Too bad you had to draw from the GM deck and got “Floppy Feet” Expectation is that 90% of buyers will be familiar with D&D, but the game will still include “Basic starter” rules. Game is VERY compatible with D&D Skill list is a little different. Drop D&D Monsters in your D&D game or vice-versa. Artifacts would be spooky/scary in D&D, but it could be done. Chris suggests letting characters get Gamma World mutations from a Spellplauged land. Gamma World is a very humorous game * o What’s NOT funny about playing a Yeti Cockroach with a plasma rifle? Themes imply powers * o Yeti = Defender (kinda) o Cockroach = Striker (kinda) Some of the fun will be getting two themes that don’t really appear to mesh. * o Hawkoid – flyer o Seismic – The Thing o Makes you a gargoyle! The entire Gamma World line (all three boxes) would take maybe 5-6 months to play. Gamma World is designed to be a fun deviation from other games – not really made for long-term play. May also see some DDI support for new mods – if demand is there. You won’t NEED booster packs – if you don’t mind drawing from the DM deck. Players could also pool their booster cards if they like. Different ways to build your characters * o Follow tables o Give 18s to your needed stats for your roll 3d6 for all other stats. o Rich didn’t originally like this system, but original Gamma World had 33% bad mutations, so low stats are similar o Character creation should take 15 minutes or less. QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Q: Can you roll a “pure theme”? Like Seismic Seismic? A: (Rich) I did something clever for this. There are 20 themes, and you roll twice to get Primary and Secondary. Roll the same number twice? You’re option #21 – Engineered Human Q: How does the card mechanic work? A: Cards are basically (encounter) powers. Some are persistant, some are when you want to use them. Carapace, for example, would be an always-on effect. At the beginning of your day/after a long rest – everyone draws a card to see what they’ve got. Gamma Eye – fry something with Radiation. Use it and it’s gone. Probably change cards for mutations at the end of every encounter. Tech is only gonna last a while: Blaster only good for a few shots – then it breaks. You don’t necessarily lose tech when you stop for a long rest. Most will be junk, and you’ll maybe be able to salvage down really good tech to make it a permanent part of your character. GMs deck tech would be like “Rusty Laser Pistol” – good for one shot. Q: Will Gamma World see DDI / Character Builder support? A: (Chris) No plans right now, but it depends on what the community wants. Certainly not on the books for 2010. A: (Rich) Gamma World will be simple enough that Character Builder support may not be needed “you guys” will likely have it broken down into Excel Spreadsheets in no time. Q: Does Wizards plan to keep branching out into genre games like this more? A: I think the 4E rules system is universal enough that, yes, we should be able to do more of this. It’s also possible that players could start in Gamma World and move on to D&D. Monsters (may) have action points, player’s don’t. This sounds like it may be in flux right now – so don’t be surprised if this changes.
  9. I've not played CAV so I can't compare the two there. As to BT, the movement is pretty similar...though air units can move a HECK of a lot "faster" than in BT. This is where the slowest part of the game is... but once the shooting starts, combat is bloodier and much faster in Wardogs than in BT (I'd guess about 60%+) due to armor being assumed to be resisting penetration, not having to be completely scoured off before doing something nasty. IMO it's a much more realistic damage mechanic, though this may be seen as otherwise by others.
  10. I've attempted to get just that done...but I have no control over the site. Best I can say is to check the errata thread, all the updated tweaks should be there if not found in the demo rules or such. ...and thank you. Is nice to know it's not forgotten.
  11. One of the changes made in the full rules, not reflected in the demo rules and should be under the Wardogs errata thread on the MJXII Forums, addresses that issue and eliminates the movement modifiers to lock-on attempts. This reduces the difficulty in locking them up (no longer "immune") but not so much that they become easy targets. The revisions, in quick detail; grant a per turn cumulative lock-on bonus for the same target on consecutive turns should the first attempt fails until a successful lock-on is achieved or the attacker switches targets...at which point if they were to return to their original target, the bonus would be reset at zero. The movement modifiers to lock-on are no longer applied to lock-on rolls, instead being modified and applied to attempts to damage the target (shedding the shot)
  12. You'll have to email him for the Cold Navy stuff. He's been promising forever to get his website updated (and has yet to get it finished...) But the ships are available. Sgt Crunch...if you thought the old metal Mauridians were good, you're gonna be blown away by how much better the resin casts are (or at least the ones I received). There are more Deisho, Terrans, and Kharadorn than Mauridian..but all of them are good.
  13. Don't forget to check out Ravenstar Studios. Chris has finally released the Cold Navy miniatures in resin...and the ones that I have for the Mauridians are really really nice and comparably priced to other lines.
  14. using Starmada for LARGE fleet scale engagements, while doable, is not the best use of the game engine. We've done battles of a dozen per side...this took about 3-4 hours to get through 3 turns. Granted I was teaching new players which increased the time per turn. However, in those three turns Side A suffered damage to 1/3 of their ships and lost 2. Side B took damage to 90% of their ships, losing 60% of them by the end of turn three. Damage tends to accumulate to decisive effect a bit faster than FT and as Sgt. Crunch noted, the design system for ships, weapons, and small craft (fighters, missiles, drones, etc) is of significantly greater versatility than FT. The movement system is the only real stumbling point with some folks though options are given that allow for either psuedo-vector or cinematic movement.
  15. If I didn't mention it before... Pilot Candidate
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