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  1. Officially, the Reptus are a Neutral faction. Reaper Ivy Layout Chick
  2. That's fixed, she's back with her Nefsokar compatriots, as we speak. Reaper Ivy Layout Chick
  3. That's a problem with a defective yellow base we had last summer (all of the colors you've listed in this thread). Send a messge to [email protected] and we'll get it replaced for you. :) Reaper Ivy Layout Chick
  4. Wow, I'm glad to see interest. :) And I'll be looking forward to meeting ya'll! Reaper Ivy Layout Chick
  5. Those two miniatures are due to be released in May. The reason you'll occassionally see miniatures painted before their scheduled release is that our distributors request images of releases 4 months in advance of the release, for solicitations to stores, etc. Sometimes we can accommodate this (yay! for sculptors who send in their pieces early/on time!), sometimes a piece makes it in just in time for production. Game Trade Monthly magazine is one place you can see releases in advance, those pictures above headed to them about a week before Anne added them to the gallery. We have one in-house painter, Anne Foerster, and a couple handfuls of painters who we commission from. (Just so's you're not disappoint if you come for a tour, and find only Anne... she'll have been with us a year, this coming April). Hope this helps! Reaper Ivy Layout Chick
  6. This is exactly the class I'm proposing to teach. ;) Afterall, it's what I do! Reaper Ivy Layout Chick
  7. How's May for you? We'll post the green when we have it in hand from Chaz Elliot. I can say, having seen the work in progress when he stopped in last month, you won't be disappointed. (And I can't wait either!) to sum up... 14090 Dark Maiden, sculpted by Chaz Elliot Reaper Ivy Layout Chick
  8. Yes. I've been providing a steady stream of painted miniature photography to Fluid Entertainment for this agreement. What I've seen looks quite nice. :) Reaper Ivy Layout Chick
  9. Alex! It's great to see you've shown your face and shared about how you did that piece. I told you people wanted to hear it from *you* and not someone else. Folks, Alex Glocka is a phenomenal painter. If you ever have a chance to look at his work in person, or speak to him at a convention, you won't be sorry. He's just that cool. Reaper Ivy Layout Chick, and Alex fan
  10. Jay is continually busy, but she does not have help now. She's still presiding over all office chaos. [email protected] is the correct address for these issues. Reaper Ivy
  11. This thread reminded me that my neglected (as in painting, not care) 5/0 brush needed a licking. *lick* Ah, I feel so much better now! Seriously folks, nothing beats a swift draw across the tongue and lips to perfectly shape and condition your brushes into a perfect point. Reaper Ivy Layout Chick and Licker of Brushes
  12. ITEMS SHIPPING THE WEEK OF 12-01-03 Dark Heaven 25mm Heroic Scale Miniatures 02717_____ Dragon of Fire by Sandra Garrity $ 19.99 02741_____ Fairies (2) and Nymph by Werner Klocke $ 9.99 02748_____ Sir David, Adventuring Knight by Sandra Garrity $ 3.29 02749_____ Jade, Dancing Girl by Werner Klocke $ 3.29 02750_____ Ardanael, Elven Adventurer by Sandra Garrity $ 3.29 02751_____ Stone Golem by James Van Schaik $ 5.99 02752_____ Yanara, High Sorceress by Ben Siens $ 3.29 02753_____ Werebear by Jason Weibe $ 7.99 02755_____ Marunma, Naga by Geoff Valley $ 4.99 02757_____ Gastaroth, Vampire Warrior by Werner Klocke $ 3.99 02758_____ Stern Kestrelmann, Paladin by Werner Klocke $ 3.99 Reaper Pro-Paints 08601_____ Large Sable Brush (#2 Round) $ 11.99 08602_____ Medium Sable Brush (#1 Round) $ 11.99 08603_____ Standard Sable Brush (#0 Round) $ 11.99 08604_____ Detail Sable Brush (#5/0 Round) $ 9.99 08605_____ Super Detail Sable Brush (#10/0 Round) $ 9.99 08606_____ Super Fine Detail Sable Brush (#20/0 Round) $ 9.99 08607_____ Micro Detail Sable Brush (#30/0 Round) $ 9.99 ------- There you go kiddos... Shipping next week! Look for them a week or so after, in your local game stores, or online. :)
  13. Folk Art Extender and Windsor and Newton Flow Improver are the ingredients in Anne's Magic Wash. Dull Cote is your friend. Reaper Ivy
  14. All in good time... There is only one of me, you know... Reaper Ivy
  15. The updated CAV rulebook will come before JOR3. JOR3, to my understanding, will coincide with the last releases of the vehicles of JOR2... Besides, don't you have Warlord data cards to memorize in the mean time, ya big CAV Math Puppy, you? :P Reaper Ivy
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