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  1. Late Pledgers via backerkit are something we're working on, only the Dixon's Dozen bonus was Kickstarter Exclusive. Late pledgers, if we can work it out, will still benefit from the regular multibuy discounts.
  2. https://scontent-lht6-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16299308_1884775011742275_5338567930608323691_n.jpg?oh=5e0a2849c818ac474a8c61d7b8fc1646&oe=59017DBE Can't post the image due to nudity. These are the new bards with the reworked heads. As mentioned before, the original bards were before the KS morphed into what it was and were just random minis based on a sketch. Once the KS became what it currently is Kev wanted to match the artwork more closely. As for the neat organised page, my multiple surgeries have held up the pledge manager. We are working with backerkit now to get one organised the more standard way, shouldn't be long.
  3. https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/013/996/516/bf15c1819fe829872310d282d802f471_original.jpg?w=639&fit=max&v=1475698567&auto=format&q=92&s=167337e2cc19cb4e007ab70eabf54ba6 Nudity (Censored) so have left the image off but this is the finished dolly for 'Helen, Mythic Warrior'
  4. There are quite a few budding, and already known, sculptors on our customer list for the skyclads. Having a 3d reference you can look at from any angle you like helps with replicating it.
  5. He might have slipped ;) It's back to work for me though, the business doesn't run itself and we have big plans for October! :D (I'll sneak a day off soon and relax in my giant swimming pool of money!)
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hfminis/kev-white-does-matt-dixon-female-fantasy-miniature/posts/1697232
  7. This KS is specifically about the crossover between Kev's sculpting, and Matt Dixon's artwork, though. And while some of Matt's paintings are a bit more curvaceous than others, few of them are particularly zaftig, or rotund (and, on the other side of the equation, few of them are particularly skinny, or short, or super-tall, either)*. They generally seem to range from around Caoimhe to around Katarina in overall 'roundedness'. I'm always a proponent for more representation in miniatures - but I'm not going to suggest that a themed Kickstarter, especially by a company like Hasslefree which is far better than most at producing minis with a variety of body types and features, shouldn't stick to the theme. *This is not a slam on Mssr. Dixon, either, btw. Pinup art is a particular genre, and has particular... guidelines, just like most genres of art - whether it be writing, movies, artwork, etc. - do.) Well that saved me a bunch of typing :D Thanks. Although you missed the salesman bit where you feign confusion about why they couldn't just buy the larger ladies direct from the store ;)
  8. So, tongiht our last big newsletter goes out for the 24hr reminder. It will include the final character to unlock (Unless something crazy happens then we have an emergency character in the wings) and, to make Cash happy, a stretch goal to give a bonus to everyone who's on a 'dozen' pledge when the KS ends. Possibly controversially, it won't be available to those who upgrade to the dozen pledge in the pledge manager, it's for the people who believed in us before there were that many WIPs and finished minis etc. So keep your eye out for updates today :D
  9. The individual add on prices are underneath their images :) Or if you want say 18 metal minis just 'manage your pledge' and pledge for £77, the price of a dozen pledge and a half dozen pledge added together) I'll be putting out an update tomorrow with a bunch of info like this in :)
  10. The above two comments are correct, everything wil be on the store eventually. They won't all be £5 though and we won't be offering the multibuy pledge level discounts (10-20% if you pick £5 minis, much more if you pick minis that will eventually be at least £6, like Glory, Banshee Caoimhe and so on) And there may be a lil surprise for the higher pledge levels yet to come ;)
  11. Frost Mage Matthias, skyclad by Kev, dressed by Tre, from our 2017 collection! It's our 40th Stretch Goal and our £60k Unlock rolled into one! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hfminis/kev-white-does-matt-dixon-female-fantasy-miniature
  12. A slight divergence from the 'Frost' variants to a different kind of Tre mini :D (We may give her a thick officers cloak to make her more 'Frosty'?)
  13. For those of you wondering what a Kev mini dressed by Tre (and then photographed with a potato) looks like, there's a proof of concept up on the Kickstarter now... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hfminis/kev-white-does-matt-dixon-female-fantasy-miniature/posts/1694867
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