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  1. thanks for all the kind words... i think that the 72mm minis catch the likenesses better, but this one isn't bad... i wish i had time to paint them all;)... cheers jah
  2. hey Reaper people...... here is my latest mini, a 28mm Han Solo, from Knight Models... i really like their Star Wars line... it's a shame that they went out of production... i think i got slightly better pics this time around, but still, not quite there yet... i had a lot of fun painting this guy... it was a pleasure to bring everyone's favorite space pirate to life... here is the CoolMini link if you would care to vote: http://www.coolminiornot.com/353217 . thanks for looking... i hope you like him... cheers jah
  3. you are all awesome!!! thanks for the funny Han references:)... cheers jah
  4. hey Reaper people... here is my latest mini... unfortunately my camera is not really cooperating, and i was unable to get good shots of the back and sides... i'll try again soon... http://www.coolminiornot.com/352380 it was fun to paint a 32mm Star Wars figure, after tackling the 72mm Boba Fett... not quite so much space to cover... Han is one of my favorite characters from Star Wars, so i am happy i got my hands on this guy before they sold out... i hope you like him, too... thanks for looking... cheers jah
  5. thanks guys... it's a kitbashed plastic version, Girot, made from the Sanguinary Guard Kit, Death Company Kit, and Captain kit, with a little sculpting thrown in ... the Ork is the Nob from the plastic Boys kit... you can see unpainted pics of the build on the blog, too... cheers jah
  6. hey Reaper people... I finally got back to posting on my blog... the latest post is the paint recipe to my Death Company Tycho mini... it is just the recipes, not a step-by-step, but hopefully some of you will find it helpful... http://jahminis.blogspot.mx/ let me know what you think... cheers jah
  7. very nice!!! i love seeing your paintjobs... very nice basing on this one, too... always looking forward to seeing what you come up with next... cheers jah
  8. loving the old ogres... for me it is all about the Goodwin sculpts... never been a fan of Olley's faces... funny enough, Jes' ogres are some of the few Fantasy sculpts that i think Citadel did better than Marauder during the late 80's... between Olley, Marauder, and Jes, i'll take Jes' sculpts every time... thanks for sharing the old school stuff... it definitely motivates me to get to work on some of my classics... cheers jah
  9. fun thread, with some nice work in it... good job, everyone... this is the piece i'm the most proud of... as to why, it my best custom character so far, my most popular piece, and the first time i really tackled some serious black... when i first built him, two years ago, no one had done this conversion yet with the Sanguinary Guard kit... when i painted him, he was lauded as the best version of Death Company Tycho yet, which felt like a great accomplishment after all the hard work i put into him... here is the 360, with a nice close up: http://www.coolminiornot.com/310528 i have a feeling that, the next time i go to the Golden Demons, i will be borrowing this guy back to take along, and hopefully bring home another trophy:)... cheers jah
  10. thanks everybody... glad all the hard work paid off:)... cheers jah
  11. thanks for all the kind words... @youwashock: i totally agree... i was sad that the shoulder pad was covered, as i was looking forward to painting the skull... i thought about painting on the right shoulder, but didn't want to upset the fluff bunnies... i did make a sketch as practice, and included it with the mini when it got handed over... cheers jah
  12. hey Reaper people... it's everyone's favorite bounty hunter, in splendid 72mm!!! this guy was a lot of fun to paint... my first 72mm mini... it is a real challenge, working on the blends over such large surfaces... here is the link, if you would care to vote: http://www.coolminiornot.com/343979 i went with the studio scheme for this mini, even though there are a few variations i found in my research, as this was a gift to my girlfriend's brother for building our surf shop's website... now he has one of only 500 copies, done to match the art card that comes in the box... hopefully i did justice to the original painter's great paint job... thanks for looking... i hope you like him... cheers jah
  13. thanks, guys... glad you all like this little dude... @youwashock & CrimsonStar: good call... Beachhead is awesome... i wasn't going to get the second SAS sculpt, but now i'm going to have to, and paint him with the Beachhead scheme... cheers jah
  14. hey Reaper people... here is my second Infinity mini, another Ariadna sculpt... i like the real world military look of all these guys... here is the link if you would care to vote: http://www.coolminiornot.com/339914 for the scheme on this one i went with a mix of the two different studio sculpts Angel painted... this is mainly the original scheme, but with the digital camo taken from the second sculpt he painted... i'm looking forward to having another crack at digital camo... he is mounted on another one of the 40mm Dark-Age resin inserts, because this one just fit the pose so well... the snow and grass are from the Secret Weapon Winter kit... this was my first time using something other than GW snow, and it looks so much better... i'm having a lot of fun painting Infinity... i hope you like them, too... thanks for looking... cheers jah
  15. thanks, fanguad... glad you like the classic woodland camo... camo is pretty simple, because you don't have to be too precise... there is also a wide variety of photos to look at on Google... in this case, i just looked up "Delta Force Operator" and found exactly what i was looking for, woodland camo and black webbing... for the actual painting, i just started experimenting... a dark green, a dark brown, black, and a mid-brown... although i didn't want bright colors, the first layers were too dark for the eye to really read the pattern... i ended up using PP Iosan Green as the base for the fatigues, PP Cryx Bane Base for the shadows, then PP Gun Corps Brown, PP Thamar Black, and PP Thrall Flesh for the pattern... hope that helps... next up, urban digital camo:)... cheers jah
  16. thanks for the kind words, everybody... @MonkeySloth: this is actually a very early Infinity sculpt, and a bit larger than most of the regular infantry minis... the SAS commando i'll be showing off next week is much smaller, with insanely fine details... @psyberwolfe1: i really like the inserts, but just remembered that this is one of the Dark-Age ones... woops... the Wyrd ones are metal, and very cool, too... these Dark-Age ones are resin, and there is a pretty cool selection available... the only issue with this base is that it is bigger than normal... i hear that can be a disadvantage in game play... luckily, both Wyrd and Dark-Age have cool 25mm versions, as well... cheers jah
  17. hey Reaper people... here is my first Infinity mini... a quick paintjob for the DakkaDakka painting challenge last June... i really like Infinity minis, and am happy to finally start painting all the stuff i have bought over the years... here's the gallery link if you would care to vote: http://www.coolminiornot.com/339432 for this girl i tried a few new things... red hair was a first, as well as painting eyebrows... the jungle camo was new for me, having only painted urban and desert camo before... the theme of the contest was Dangerous Terrain, so i went for a sculpted snake... i also went for a Delta Force scheme, instead of a more sci-fi look... the base is one of the Wyrd (Edit: sorry, this is actually a Dark-Age base insert) resin inserts... the grasses are from the Secret Weapon Winter kit... i dipped the tall grasses in some thinned out green paint to make it look a little more like jungle grass, and less yellow... i had a lot of fun on with this girl, and look forward to doing some more Infinity minis... thanks for looking... i hope you like her... cheers jah
  18. thanks for the kind words, everyone... cheers jah
  19. hey Reaper people... here is the first piece i've painted just for fun, after ten years of commission work and contests... it was fun to just mess around again... i think i over did it a little with my lighting... i'll try another round soon... brightness aside, i hope you like what you see... here is the link, if you care to vote: http://www.coolminiornot.com/335127 it was fun to build this guy when the Sanguinary Guard kit came out... unfortunately, it took me three years to get back around to him... i'll be taking the gold recipe (heavy on the Sanguine Base for shading), and increasing the contrast a bit more for the next golden guy i paint, the Big E... thanks for looking... i hope you like him... cheers jah
  20. thanks for the kind words, everyone... @Stern: just standard metallics... i have only done NMM on cloth so far, for embroidery... NMM is one of the things i'm looking forward to exploring, especially on my Rackham collection:)... @Thes: thanks man... the lettering was a few nights work, being patient and fixing all the little mistakes, not pushing too much (which seems to lead to bad painting)... right now i'm painting the Knight Models 72mm Boba Fett, my first mini in that scale, so i'm pretty excited... i own a ton of rare stuff, so the future will be full of cool surprises... cheers jah
  21. thanks guys... glad everyone seems to like this dude... it was a lot of work, but i'm happy to end my professional career with a unique piece... @Nameless: yeah, OSL is still something i'm working to improve... my poor photography doesn't help either:(... @Jabberwocky: i'm starting off with the Knight Models 72mm Boba Fett, so yeah, i'm pretty excited to dive into my mini pile:)... cheers jah
  22. hey Reaper people... here is my final commission... after ten years booked solid, i'm ready to take some time for myself, return to competition, and improve my technique... i may even finally paint up some of my Reaper minis:)... this is a mash-up of the original metal Draigo and metal Calgar... needless to say, he weighs a ton... it was nice to get a chance to revisit the first Calgar Grand Master i did a couple years ago, as many people thought it lacked a bit of "Grey Knightness"... replacing Calgar's chest with a cast of Draigo's really makes a difference... a much more imposing version of Draigo, i think... i'm not sure why the client wanted him armed with a halberd, so i threw the sword on his hip for wysiwyg purposes... here is the link if you care to vote: http://www.coolminiornot.com/328728 thanks for looking... i hope you like him... cheers jah
  23. i've added some brighter pics to the original post... let me know what you think... cheers jah
  24. thanks for taking the time to comment, everyone... @Inarah: the shield is suppossed to be beat up, as is the rest of his armor... maybe i failed to sell the beat up armor enough:(... the next guy will be bright and shiny all around, including the shield:)... @ObsidianCrane: hopefully the next round of pics, done a bit brighter, will show the 3 or 4 layers of pure white on the "nodes" better... same goes for the cloak, as Nameless pointed out... the final highlights on the black are only really showing up on the loincloth in front:(... the next mini should benefit from lessons learned with this guy... cheers jah
  25. glad you like him DR... i forgot to mention that the base is another great resin piece from Dragonforge... Jeff does some really cool bases... it's always good to support a down home, American (or whatever your home country may be), one-man business... cheers jah
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