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  1. Thanks! I appreciate it I just bought a used (and possibly broken) xbox 360 for $40 on ebay to tinker around with and my wife pleasently reminded me that I have probably 5 years worth of metal in the closet to paint and she doesn't see how I could possibly have the time to mess with another 'hobby'.....so thats bright news. It's always easier to stay motivated with her cracking the whip behind me! :D
  2. Time flies. I had a death in the family a few days after my last post and haven't gotten around to painting again since. I'm making this post now to hopefully remind and re-motivate me to get these two done. ;)
  3. I did change my setup between pictures. I was just using the macro setting. The flash was hit or miss. Sometimes it would go off, sometimes it wouldn't. I couldn't get it not to go off, though for that first photo. Then I got unlazy and set the camera up. The second one is a bit of the glaze and a bit of not having the flash.
  4. What really annoys me about this guy is how good he looks in person. Well, I mean, he doesn't look great but he looks 10x better than the photo. Then I take a picture and just go
  5. I really, really like how you did the armor in the first one. It almost looks as if it is made of glass. The second one, though. Wow....that blew me away. Great job!
  6. This is one of those mini's thats just going to fight me until the end, I think. Got some regular black (not black ink) out and diluted it and glazed his armor in it. Did a bit more highlighting with pearl white before getting fed up and moving onto red. Stopping for awhile now for dinner and a movie with the kids.
  7. Thanks! It's kind of hidden in the background a bit in that photo. I really like how it turned out.....except it wasn't completely straight. The waviness of his cape threw me off a bit, but it still looks pretty good. Its not too bad in those photo's, but straight on you can tell the positioning is a little off. By the time I realized it, though, I was past my point of no return. :D
  8. Thanks all! He looks a lot better in your photos than mine. I think I'm going to have to ship you all my mini's for photos, dargrin. :P
  9. The leather looks really good. Can't see much highlighting on his shoulder or thighpads though, might be the angle?
  10. I can't tell you how many layers of paint are on that gem from doing it over, and over, and over. Thanks! I'm fairly satisfied with the final product, but the very edge of the highlights on the gem is something I need to work on. I think if I could have gotten a nice, consistent, smooth line it would have looked at least 2x better. :D
  11. Thanks again! I'm liking the scales but the brightest highlights went on a little rough. Its a recurring problem that I have to work on. Same with the gem in my Show Off thread for Satheras....I'm haveing a hard time getting a nice, smooth line...and it only seems to happen when I use white. Either I don't think it enough and it clumps or I thin it too much and it doesn't do anything. I worked on the Barrow Warden tonight for almost exactly two hours (the wife watched two episodes of Ghost Whisperer while I worked. Helps to keep track of time :) ) The boy wants black armor with lava cracks. I think he got the idea from watching his uncle play World of Warcraft. Probably saw the Shaman Tier 1 (which I think they reskinned into another set...I havent played in a couple of years, so I'm not sure). So, I started working on the armor. Metallics are a PAIN. I've used them in small doses and I've used them quite a bit on the past couple mini's I've done (a lot more than the first 9 or so)....but this guy is almost all metal. I started with honed steel...put layer after layer after layer because I thinned my paints a little too much, I think. Then moved down to...tarnished steel then blackened steel, I believe. Then went to adamantium black, because it looked darker than blackened steel. Finished it off with some black ink. Then I just sprinkled some pearl white onto the highlights. It looks really.....hell, I don't know. It doesn't help that I was having a hard time (more so than usual) with the camera. The metallic reflected a good bit of light from the flash. Tomorrow, I'm going to get the tripod out and try to get some proper photos taken. The shoulders were my main focus. I still have a lot of work to do on his hip and leg areas. If anyone has some suggestions to smooth it out, I'd appreciate it. Should I, maybe, glaze over it with a non metallic? Stone grey, perhaps? Until then : Thanks for looking! Edit : I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow so I could put some more paint on this guy right now. Grrrrr
  12. You make me blush. :P Yeah, I couldn't imagine him any other way. I know Marvel's Thor is supossed to be Thor, but I still don't believe it. lol
  13. Anne giving you tips! Lucky dog. ;) I'm going to try those techniques tonight, myself, though. I do the same thing (vertical strokes) and am going to try and keep that in mind.
  14. I have to keep a bandaid on my pinky or else it gets rubbed raw on the apparatus I have set up while painting....days off can be a life saver. Looking at his hair and face, I doubt you'll have too much troubles with the leather. ;)
  15. YEah...he was a christmas present but I've hoarded him at my house cause he needs some touch up on the base and resealed....I may just redo his eyes while I'm at it. :D Thanks!
  16. Did some more work today on Pakpao. Mixed some fire orange into phoenix red and highlighted a bit more then glazed with blood red. Also darkened a few spots with bloodstain red and black ink. Started working on his scales, which my son wants grey. Used black ink, shadowed stone, stone grey and ghost white. Thats all really. Pretty straight forward hour or two.
  17. I thought the EXACT same thing as of yesterday when I found out about them, too. Anytime!
  18. Depending on the model, there should be two triangles on the right side of the picture. Those are at .5" and 1" in height. Using them as a reference, you can get a general idea of the size.
  19. Yeah, I think the tail is coming together nicely. I need to get the rest of his body to follow suit, now. lol Thanks!
  20. Oooooooh, great color choice! Its coming together very nicely! Your base coats look a lot cleaner than mine ever are :D For the pants, I'd maybe try tanned leather (GW snakebite) or leather brown (no match according to the site previously linked) if you want to stick with leather. They both should both be lighter enough than the brown trim and darker enough than the bone trim to provide good contrast, I think.
  21. Ok I lied...well, not really lied, but was mistaken. Had some time to work on these guys tonight. Skektor (my sons name for the skeleton) didn't get any paint done BUT I just got in my jeweler's saw and pin vise from amazon and with the weapon selection my son wanted (I'll keep that a secret for now....cause I think it looks really cool), I decided this would be my first conversion piece (conversion is the correct term?). So I did some sawing and some drilling and some glueing on him. Hage the Master Mage (my other sons name for Pakpao) got some paint, though. Focused on the red. Did a bit more washing with bloodstain red then added some black ink to it and did some controlled shading. Then did some cleanup with blood red and some more highlighting with...phoenix red, I believe. Did this through the first hour or so of Shogun Assassin. C&C and all that good stuff welcome! Thanks! Edit : The photos are a bit saturated.
  22. Hello again! I had the camera out for some WIP and for the great exchange mini I got from warlordgarou, so I decided to photo two mini's that I completed but was too lazy to take pictures of. 03381: Satheras, Elf Warlock by Bobby Jackson There is a WIP thread for this guy for anythone who is interested. I kinda just ended him and never made a final thread for him cause no matter how much paint I put on, I couldn't get that crystal to look the way I wanted. Overall, though, I'm happy. The flash from my camera (me being lazy again) created some glare on the back of him....please forgive me. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/37598-pc-4-the-warlock/ 02701: Thor by Tim Prow I made a WIP for him as well, but it was pretty much when he was done and just needed some final touch ups. He was a christmas present for board member geraldo, so thats why there is the names "Scott" in runes on the back of the base. Little did I know that he would decide to throw Thor into our Temple of Elemental Evil game...what a wicked DM. (Ok, ok, he hasn't YET...but he has threatened a lot). I still havent relinquished control of him, though, because theres some touch ups I need to do on the base (just some black paint) and recoat him. He was kind of my first foray into metallics (I had used some, very limited amount, on a previous Hellbore) and a, unknown at the time, trial run on red hair that I'd later use on another mini. But enough with the babbling...I'm sure you're here for the pictures :) Thanks for looking! As always, critiques, criticism (constructive, of course), comments and praises are welcome! ;) Oh, and these two officially rounded out my first 10 minis of not only 2009 but EVER! Hurray! (Is it ok to make "Year in Review" type threads?) EDIT : Now that I think of it....I'm not sure I ever sealed Satheras....hrm. EDIT 2 : Hahaha I also think I completly forgot to give Thor pupils! OH EM GEEEEEE!
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