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  1. I've tested a few different "water" products, and have to agree with the others that Realistic Water is the way to go. Alternatively, I find that Self Leveling Clear Gel from Golden is just as good, and may be more available to you if you frequent art stores. The E-Z Water product may not dry clear if you don't heat it enough, or for the proper amount of time. And just because you sealed your river bed, it won't prevent the heat from reaching your foam, and possibly causing damage to it. If at all possible, it would be better if you used a hardboard, or MDF for the base of your river pieces. I've been wanting to make a river as a terrain project for some time, but haven't gotten around to it. I still have a waterfall/lake scene to finish though, and it is what got me experimenting on all the different ways to make water. I have yet to find a good way to make that foamy/misty water that happens at the base of a waterfall.
  2. Hey, I still have some of the "way back when" blisters that used to count for 2 points. Do they still count? I think I'm up to over 200 points lying around--not counting the ones I haven't opened yet.
  3. I've had good luck using the Reaper "silks and satins" colors mixed 50/50 with regular paints of a similar color. It will cut down on some of the shine, and still give some of the reflective quality of metallics.
  4. I think you're referring to the Painter 40 and 80 racks. You can find them at game stores and cons wherever fine minis are sold.
  5. I've never left my brushes for more than 5 min in that stuff. The reaction of the solvent to the paint is a chemical one, but it should not require very much time to reach the deepest parts of the hair fibers. Leaving your brushes overnight in that stuff is a bit overkill IMO, and could lead to the wooden handles swelling (like leaving wood in water), which could lead to permanent damage to the brush. I'm certainly not one that wants to find out how true that might be. I use brush soap more regularly, but not always after every paint session. The solvent is something I'll use less often, and only if I notice a buildup that the brush soap is not able to remove easily. I make sure to swish the brush in the solvent, the same way I would in rinse water. I also agitate the brush a bit by running the hairs over a small, bumpy surface. If 5 min of that doesn't do the trick, then I might carefully pick at any "not quite loose" paint that is sticking to the ferrule using a toothpick, and then rinse again using the solvent. I have had my W&N S7 brushes for well over a year now, and they are all very clean and happy brushes.
  6. I've heard that the Titan is "too good," and is the reason they changed the rules of combat to require that you need to roll higher than the die marked on the mast, rather than equal to or greater than the die marked on the mast. I have two titans myself, but would probably avoid using them if I wanted a fair game. Some of the other ships are unbalanced too if you compare their cannons, speed, and abilities, relative to their cost in points.
  7. I find myself painting more now that I've moved a lot of my paint stuff between my tv and my computer desk. Now, whenever I know I'm going to waste a lot of time surfing the web (usually every night), I can choose to paint figs between clicks, or while listening to the tv, and I love the variety of internet radio like shoutcast. Plus, I can browse CMON and the Reaper painted figs gallery and compare everybody else's figs to my own. Currently, I'm enjoying celtic, and more moody music while I paint in the evenings--about 4 hrs a night, but with breaks after each hour or so. Sometimes my hand shakes a bit much, and I'll have to stop altogether--although a glass or two of wine will help relax me enough if I really want to finish a part. Of course, it always varies by how tired I am at the end of the day.
  8. 1. Hey, I said a satyr back on page 18. But, really, of all the classical mythological creatures, I've had a hard time finding a satyr fig. Reaper, of course, will take advantage of this shortage by providing a wide variety of satyrs which display the full range of insobriety and frolicking goodness. Bonus points for Reaper if they make an old satyr lying on his back, drinking wine and laughing. That's always been the classic pose IMO, other than skipping through the forest playing his pipes. A more aggressive pose with his head down, ready to charge, would also be very cool. 2. And how about a lolth-type drider fig? And don't forget her blobby handmaiden thingys. Those would be very cool. I'd like to see the body modeled after the black widow spider. 3. Where are the horse riders? Anybody? Horses? How about a Lippanzer stallion doing the hi-ho-silver thing? Have the sculptors refused to do horses or something? Is Reaper going to make me bother some other minis manufacturer to get my horses? I hope not. We want horses!
  9. How many paints in the first release? Or will it be the whole line out at once?
  10. There was a semi-controversial Dragon Magazine cover back in the day, of a moon-gazing woman kneeling, and reaching up with her arms. She was only wearing a thin veil over her body, and nothing else. Some variety on the poses like that might make things more interesting. A priest with one arm raised straight up to display a holy symbol, and pointing forward with his other hand could be very cool. A blind warrior (with blindfold, or otherwise closed eyelids maybe? and head turned characteristically sideways) might also be something unique and interesting to portray in a figure. I'd like to see more "flying" figs. Figs that look like the individual is off the ground somewhat. The same holds true for monsters. A little extra effort in getting a strong pose would help keep things from feeling too "familiar" to old figs that we've already seen a dozen times in the past. I think Reaper could really afford to stretch their legs in this regard.
  11. I suppose that's Jester's way of saying, "buy more Rackham minis." I don't expect everybody that posts to the boards here to know the details of sculpting or casting. That's Reaper's job IMO, and they do it well enough to keep bringing us more goodies, which is good. You like Rackham's figs? Cool. So do I, and so do a lot of people. I think their dwarves could use some elbows and knees myself, but their other stuff is great. Most people who paint fantasy minis know that Rackham figs are famous for detail, and often a pain to assemble. Reaper has its advantages too, and its clear they are taking some cues from Rackham here and there. It's most evident in some of the poses. Sometimes, even using the same poses, the Rackham figs are more expressive. Do I object? Not really. Just as there is orange juice that comes from concentrate, and not from concentrate, it offers something for everyone according to what they feel is most important to them. Personally, Sandra Garrity used to be the minis I looked for specifically in stores about 3-4 years ago. Now, when a gaming buddy brings me a Garrity mini to paint, I just kind of groan and ask him if he couldn't find something more interesting, and with bigger eyes. That is my situation with Garrity minis, and not meant to represent anybody else's experiences with them (although I know I'm not alone). So, I can tell where Neyuttad is coming from when I read his complaint about Garrity figs. I would like to see more variety from Garrity, and perhaps some bigger faces and eyes also. A bit more expression (of any kind) would be a nice touch too. None of those criticisms have anything to do with casting, and are intended to encourage sales (at least to me, and people who think, act, and buy figs like me ). Ultimately, it means I buy more Rackham figs and less Reaper figs. It is a simple observation of my own buying habits. I get the feeling that Neyuttad may be feeling the same way, and simply didn't explain well enough to send the right vibes from his post (or maybe Jester just felt there was some disrespect toward Garrity). For those who appreciate Garrity's style of sculpting, I say keep buying her figs and tell Reaper you want more. She has no end of fans IMO, including myself, but I have not bought one of her figs in some time now (although one of my gaming buddies still seem to pick up only her figs ). Basically, buy what you like and try not to groan too much when your buddies hand you another (and another, and another) Garrity fig to paint for them. *edit* And Garrity's Maria Roseblade is one of my favorites!
  12. I have an ott-lite, and would recommend just finding a full-spectrum bulb for a MUCH better price. Goodness knows I wont replace my ott-lite bulb once it goes out. The trick is that ott-lites are more available in stores within the USA, and full-spectrum bulbs are not. It's worth the time to go online and shop. Ott-lights are comparable to any flourescent lamp of the same wattage IMO. So, usually it is not a concern. Having a second light, however, is useful to fill in shadows that occur by using light from only one point-of-view. Try here; it's just $5.95 a bulb for a 75W full-spectrum bulb.
  13. I need a satyr. Playing pipes is okay, but I think it would be cooler if it was charging for a headbutt with its horns. Or put some ram horns into the next weapons pack! That would definitely see some use!
  14. I'd like to buy a dire toad. Super-sized. Bonus points for Reaper if they make a rider to sit on its back too.
  15. Man. Even his primer looks better than mine.
  16. I've used Art Gum erasers to clean my files. Works great.
  17. i use brake fluid, and it will damage plastics if left in too long. Plastic slotted bases on my pewter figures frequently brake in half.
  18. I'd like a princess. Rich clothes, fancy hair, and jewelry galore. See, we have knight in shining armor --> Dragon --> then the dragon treasure horde --> OR the princess. Having a huge dragon treasure horde would be cool too. No little piles, mind you, we're talking big honkin' treasure horde--a king's ransom--the mother lode, well, you get the idea. Something big enough to base a diarama around. Both of these additions would become classics IMO, and deserve to be made.
  19. I'm pretty sure it has been mentioned before by somebody else, but I'd like to see a weapons pack with Oriental weapons in it. The chain/kama, 3-section staff, and war fan come to mind as very difficult to find, and there are plenty of others to choose from that simply are not available anywhere. It would certainly work well with Reaper's Clan War figs.
  20. Every once in a while I see somebody with a neat-o tackle box that holds everything they need to paint on-the-go. Throw in a cool Reaper logo (hey, it could just be a sticker), and make it 300 points. I'm sure the cost would be about right compared to a t-shirt at 40 points, and who doesn't want a tackle box that can carry all their cool stuff?
  21. ??? ??? Really? Which store was it? If you find their phone number, PM it to me so I can clarify some things with them. I'll fix...er, I'll help them see the error of their ways.
  22. Yep, Golf road in Schaumburg. The older lady with the dark hair was my cashier. The brushes are by the register opposite the one facing the brush aisle. The lady almost handed me the display brush to purchase, but I told her I was looking for pointy tips. Second or third slot from the left should have size 0's and 1's, which are the ones I bought. There is a "rinse well" in the brush aisle you might want to use to test the brushes as well. Except for one really frazzled brush with no cap to protect it, they all looked in good condition.
  23. Just got back from my store. And I can tell I got their first, cause they were not quite up to date on their prices. Woohoo! Also, if you don't see the brushes, ask for them. My store keeps theirs W&N s7's by their register, far, far away from the long aisle of regular brushes. It's important to know that Dick Blick does have a catalog matching policy, and they consider their own online store as something they are willing to match. Print off the page from the dickblick.com webpage and bring it with you. It does NOT need to be in coupon form. In fact, their coupons do not work in addition to any other promotion or catalog matching. My store was kind enough to look it up on their own computers for me on the web, and price match for me after I mentioned I had seen the sale on the internet. It took an extra 5 min of waiting for me. It is certainly well worth the trouble. HERE IS THE WEBPAGE you should print and take with you to the store. P.S. After browsing a bit, I noticed they had both regular and miniatures of each size, so I bought both kinds. The store people aren't always savvy to the difference, but there can be some price difference Note that the webpage doesn't specify for the miniature version of the brushes. I noticed that the mini series brushes were NOT on the webpage, but I was lucky enough to get them discounted too since the cashier was actually punching in the price difference adjustment manually, and scanning once for each brush size. I guess that was a long-winded way of saying the miniature series 7's are NOT the same catalog number (and therefore price, or sale item) as the regular series 7's shown on the webpage, but you can probably sneak it past them...I think. Then again, maybe it's all just my imagination, and W&N is purposely streamlining their catalog listings.
  24. Hey Matt, I'll be seeing you at that painting seminar tomorrow! I already have some W&N 7's that I decided I would use "one at a time," but if they are on sale, then I better get my butt to the Dick Blick before you and all the other Chicago area painters do. Usually, I go to the one on Golf Road, but there is another store in Wheaton I think. Never hurts to stock up. Also, I've been using a W&N s7 size 00 brush almost exclusively, and thought I would take the advice to use only 0 and 1 size brushes. So, I will likely get me a pair of each. Don't suppose you've seen empty ink-style bottles with dropper caps in the stores have you? I bought out the store on Golf Road of something like 11 bottles, and they never restocked. They're great for filling with mixes of extender, or washes that get used a lot. It's 10am. I'm off to the art store!
  25. Now if I can just talk my FLGS into restocking more Heresy minis.
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