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  1. In my gaming group, I am by far the mini addict. When my DM buys figs, they are always because he does NOT have to assemble them or use any glue, etc. So, he always ends up buying the green-cardstock Reapers that do not even have separate bases. I know a lot of gamers that are like this. They know they don't have the desire, or the time and tools it takes to put together even the slotted bases. [Hint: they are the same people that rarely paint their minis] When I was starting, pinning a mini seemed like a big step. Frankly, I still think it can be tricky. I still worry a lot about getting the mold lines perfectly smooth in all those hard to reach places, and what kind of base material I want to use. There are many people that want to skip over all that and JUST PLAY. But they still need a mini for their character. Answer: buy a Reaper for $3, break off the large flash with a fingernail, and then there you are on the battlemat. ---------- On the round bases, I agree completely, but for the most part I don't have a problem with small square bases. It's the large monster-sized square bases that can feel awkward. Also, lately most of my Warlords have been coming with decorative bases, and some with plain bases. I have to say that not all the figs fit well with those decorative bases. Too much material on either the fig or the base is close enough that the fig cannot seat properly, even if you turn the base around to try to make it fit. I think they should check this before they put in a decorative base. In my particular case, I had the cleric dwarf (the one with the anvil thing on his back), not be able to fit his decorative base (the one with the snake). Buying another package of the same dwarf fig yielded a plain base which worked fine.
  2. Well, the answer to that question depends on another one. Do they want our money? ---- Don't doubt me. I know the future.
  3. I'd rather buy cardboard heroes than a mystery box of those WotC figs.
  4. Uh, so what's it take to get a new contract run? I hear Doom III is just around the corner. Somebody pick up the hotline to John Carmack and ask him to sign a contract! Pretty please!? (You didn't think I was givin' up that easy did you?) :)
  5. Hey, I spotted the lost soul fig in the painting contest pages (it's the big floating skull). What would it take to motivate somebody at Reaper to release a new version? :) I want one. Maybe two or three.
  6. What materials and methods do you use to make a good bowstring on your minis? I've heard of people using their own hair, but then how do you attach the ends to the bow? A droplet of superglue doesn't seem all that secure to me. On a side note, has anybody tried to make or simulate a bow that was fully pulled back like it was ready to fire? And I would be interested any ways of making a miniature arrow as well, though I think a little green stuff might take care of that.
  7. From the looks of it, you haven't yet suffered, "Reaper-madness," the debilitating disease where you buy all things Reaper and ask questions later. Let's face it, if you buy five figs for every one that you paint, then you have, Reaper-madness. I have Reaper-madness. Do you? And who the heck has time to paint all these things? I've got 30+ minis waiting to get primed and a dozen just primed and waiting. I don't even want to count what's in my "to do" boxes, but I know I'll have a few more to add to them this week. :) ------------ Oh, and I wonder if my DM will notice me using the halfling wizard instead of my Hackmaster dwarf wizard this week? I'll just say he had a shaving accident. Hmmmm?
  8. I've played Confrontation, and it is a decent game. Let's face it though, it's their minis that rock! I still love my Reaper figs, but dammit, those Rackham figs are the coolest! Don't worry too much if you buy only the French cards though. They have places online that have converted all the cards to English. Most new blisters in the U.S. are only coming out in English, although some dealers are in a hurry to get the "newest" figs and may still stock French versions. For a short time the French card versions were a bit cheaper to buy as well. If you plan on buying the Rackham figs anyway, and just need an excuse to collect them besides painting, their ruleset is reasonable, and they don't require a huge investment. You can see the point values of each fig on their blister pack, and a 300 to 600 point army is typical. One boss fig can easily be about 150 points all by itself.
  9. Hehehe. Got my warlord familiars yesterday! And the Egyptian priestess too! Now if they just come out with the pug familiar and the dwarf wizard...can I preorder, or what? I reeeeealy NEEEEED the pug!
  10. I suggest the cloaker beast as a good beginner's mini. Don't know the number off the top of my head. But anybody should be able to just make the entire eyeballs red on that one and still make it look good. For a while, I was just painting the flesh color over the eyes and leaving them like that. Honestly, at the game table nobody will notice.
  11. July!? July!? JULY!?! Are you insane?! Don't make me go buy the dwarf wizard from Hackmaster! AAARRRGH! I'm gonna have to carve my own pug from greenstuff as a temporary replacement for the pug I cannot buy yet from Reaper. Okay. Crying over. I'll be good. But, July is soooooooo far away.
  12. My DM did a total party kill last week. I NEED the dwarf wizard by Tuesday. Any favors the Reaper-fairy can do to make my dwarf wizard fig appear at my FLGS in time will be much appreciated. I'll buy you an ale if you hurry! :D
  13. Would you spray varnish on it after you are done? I would think stiffening it up once it is in place might be a good thing, but it might also change how it looks, or actually weigh down the fibers. What's the scoop?
  14. Why dont you try a product made by loctite. It's a 5 min epoxy that comes from a double-syringe. You press the plunger for both at the same time (because you have to), and it comes out from two separate tips right next to each other. Stir around a bit with a stick and apply. I have a picture, but they dont take attachments here. I've used some of that 5-10 sec CA glue, and frankly, it never sets that fast for me. I have some CA accelarator spray I can try next time, but I have epoxy now anyway.
  15. Is hot glue the norm for piecing together things this large? I use a dremel tool with a 1/16" bit with paper clips and superglue to pin most of my large figures, but this particular mini seems tough to do with pins. What happens when you use too much hot glue? And has anybody put this together with 100% rock solid construction? Those little studs in the middle of the legs are almost worthless--can't they cast nice round pegs there, and some nice round peg holes in the body, or is that hoping for too much?
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