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  1. If you are wanting to run send me a message. I am trying to get a schedule up as soon as I know how many GM's I have.
  2. Due to GM issues their will be a lot more Starfinder than Pathfinder 2ed at Reapercon. If you are a fan and wish to see more 2ed Pathfinder then we need you to GM.
  3. I look forward to seeing old and new faces, its still a great time.
  4. We have ran a sunday afternoon paint club at my store, in Oklahoma City for about 15 years now.
  5. If you want to that would be great. I also have some Skittermanders running as well.
  6. Hello All, This is just a reminder that if anyone wishes to help GM either of these games and I haven't talked with you yet please contact me.
  7. Yes, we will be running Starfinder Society, as well as Pathfinder Society at Reapercon.
  8. Pictures I took at Reapercon.
  9. We had a great time, once more running the Paizo side of gaming. We had Pathfinder and Second Edition Pathfinder and Starfinder this year. I want to thank all my GM's once more, and special thanks to the great group from the Houston area who stepped up and help make Starfinder a success. We ran 25 tables over the course of mostly three days as its getting hard to get rounds in on sundays but we will continue. We had great players and Reapercon is the highlight to my year. The staff was great and the Gaming coordination was superb. The growtix situation still needs work but we are getting more accustomed to it. We look forward to next year. Thanks once more.
  10. I glad you had a great time and hopefully we see you again.
  11. Once more thank you Reaper minis for another great show. The whole staff as always was amazing. Every Reaper Con is special but this year was even more so, for me. I want to thank all of the GM's who helped me again running events for Paizo, Pathfinder and Starfinder, you guys were great and we had an excellent bunch of players. We ran the first Pathfinder 2nd Ed. rounds and they were well received. We did our first combo event of Paint, Take and Play. The group of painters from my home state you guys did great and I look forward to more from you. I would like to say a special thanks to all my friends who have supported my efforts. Special thank you to Ed and Dave who make this all possible and to Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins for their support and to the lovely Dallas who is my support.
  12. I hope we are all ready to play some.
  13. All the Paizo games have been submitted, I'm not sure when they go up.
  14. Hello All, The Paizo gaming schedule has been submitted to Growtix. I do not know how long before they are up. We are doing something new this year, a paint and take and play will be offered at least twice during the con. I look forward to seeing you all at the convention.
  15. I'm working on the schedule and hope to have it finalized and posted very soon. If your still interested in GMing let me know.
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