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  1. Rapheal

    Games and gaming

    All the Paizo games have been submitted, I'm not sure when they go up.
  2. Hello All, The Paizo gaming schedule has been submitted to Growtix. I do not know how long before they are up. We are doing something new this year, a paint and take and play will be offered at least twice during the con. I look forward to seeing you all at the convention.
  3. Rapheal

    PFS/SFS GMing

    I'm working on the schedule and hope to have it finalized and posted very soon. If your still interested in GMing let me know.
  4. Rapheal

    PFS/SFS GMing

    Hello All, If I have already been in contact with you then disreguard. If you are interesting in GMing Pathfinder 1st or 2nd Edition, of Starfinder at ReaperCon please contact me.
  5. Rapheal

    Pathfinder, 2E, and Starfinder

    There will games for new players, in pathfinder, Pathfinder 2, and Starfinder.
  6. Rapheal

    Pathfinder, 2E, and Starfinder

    2E meaning Pathfinder second edition.
  7. Rapheal

    Pathfinder, 2E, and Starfinder

    We will be running all three of these at Reapercon as per normal. I look forward to seeing you all.
  8. Rapheal

    Thanks from the Paizo Side

    I would like to thanks everyone who played Pathfinder or Starfinder during ReaperCON. I would be remiss if I didn't thank all the Gamemaster's who gave there time and effort to help make it a very special event. We are already thinking about next year, however before we get there. I would also like to thank Ron, Adrienne, and Ed and everyone else from Reaper that continue to bring us all together. To some of my gamers, this is the only time all year I see many of you and its always special to play at a table with you. I also have had the fortunate luck to be able to play at a table with an incredible GM, for many years now. Thanks Derek you had as a bit worried in the last encounter. I have already started the beginning plans for next year. We will have Pathfinder second edition, Pathfinder, and Starfinder. Onward.
  9. Rapheal

    Tentative Pathfinder and Starfinder Rounds

    Saturday 3-7 is the only one for sure the rest will be AdHoc.
  10. How may I play in a Starfinder game at Reapercon?



  11. Rapheal

    Tentative Pathfinder and Starfinder Rounds

    Greg will be running something of this own starting on saturday. Thursday and Friday he will be running Pathfinder Society.
  12. Rapheal

    Tentative Pathfinder and Starfinder Rounds

    I also will have a few celebrity GM's over the course of the weekend. Derek Shubert and Greg Vaughan.
  13. Rapheal

    Gaming questions

    PFS is far more like Living City.
  14. Rapheal

    Tentative Pathfinder and Starfinder Rounds

    I sent you a message.
  15. This is the tentative list (subject to change) of rounds for both Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society. Pathfinder 9-10 Signs in Senghor 1-5 9-12 Shrine of the Sacred Tempest 1-5 9-20 Fury of the Final Blade 7-11 9-21 In the Grandmasters Name 3-7 10-01 Oathbreakers Die 1-5 10-02 Bones of Biting Ants 3-7 10-03 Death on the Ice 5-9 Starfinder 1-09 Live Exploration Extreme 1-4 1-10 The Half-Alive Streets 1-4 1-14 Star Sugar Heartlove 3-6 1-16 Dreaming of the Future 1-4 Pathfinder Playtest 2nd Edition 1-The Rose Street Revenge 2-Raiders of the Shrieking Peak If you have any questions you can contact me. Rapheal