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  1. There was also a Burger King and a Taco Bell behind the Plaza Mall about 200 yards.
  2. I would like to give my thanks to all the players that showed up and played rounds with us. We had a few issues but they were minor and they will be improved upon before next season. I thought all the players were great, I got to play with some of you and I had a great time. I also would like to give thanks to my gamemasters who did a great job combating the noise. We hopefully can improve on that as well before next year. I would like to thank a couple of special GM's for their time, Derek and Greg you guys are always great. If any of you have suggestions for next year please send them to me in an e-mail. The last thanks I have is for the CON staff starting with Dallas the gaming coordinator, Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins, Ed Pugh, the whole Reaper cast and crew, and finally just for being a kindred sole Reaper Wolf. Thanks Rapheal AKA Michael Kirk
  3. Thursday 10:00 Consortium Compact 7-10 (1-2) 10:30 Sun Orchid Scheme 7-21 (1-5) 11:00 Labyrinth of Hungry Gods 7-19 (3-7) 11:30 Ungrounded and Unbroken 8-05 (1-5) 16:00 Bid for Alabastrine 7-22 (1-5) 16:30 Dead Man Debt 7-24 (1-5) 17:00 Portent Peril 8-01 (1-5) 17:30 Ungrounded and Unbroken 8-05 (1-5) Friday 10:00 Frostfur Captives 3-01 (1-5) 10:30 Bid for Alabastrine 7-22 (1-5) 11:00 Sun Orchid Scheme 7-21 (1-5) 11:30 Dead Man Debt 7-24 (1-5) 16:00 Portent Peril 8-01 (1-5) 16:30 Captives of Toil 8-3 (5-9) 17:00 Ungrounded and Unbroken 8-05 (1-5) Saturday 10:00 Dead Man Debt 7-24 (1-5) 10:30 Captives of Toil 8-03 (5-9) 11:00 Bid for Alabastrine 7-22 (1-5) 11:30 Portent Peril 8-01 (1-5) 16:00 Sun Orchid Scheme 7-21 (1-5) 16:30 Compact Consortium 7-10 (1-2) 17:00 Ungrounded and Unbroken 8-05 (1-5) Sunday 10:00 Wardens of Sulfer Gulch 8-04 (7-11) 10:30 Labyrinth of Hungry Gods 7-19 (3-7) The listing is time, name of the round and its code and the levels playable. I hope to see you all at the tables. Thnaks Rapheal or Michael Kirk
  4. If you are still wishing to run games, I'm putting GM's into slots. Please send me a message. Thanks Michael
  5. Hello All, We will run PFS rounds at ReaperCon, as normal. If you are interested in GMing, please contact me via message or at my e-mail. That is [email protected] We will be running newer rounds mostly new season with some season 6 stuff. I also hope to have a couple of guest GM tables. Thanks Michael
  6. You always do pay for it. It was great to see ya again.
  7. Thank You, Reaper for another great time. It it next spring yet?
  8. First, I would like to thank all the GM's who were available to run games. We had a great time as always and its good to see some of you whom started playing PFS when we started it at ReaperCon starting to ask to GM. It makes me proud. We look forward to making next year, we take what we have learned to each trip better than the last and so far its worked. We ran a couple of dozen tables and had our own prize raffle, courtesy of Paizo. I hope more of you come play in a game in the years to come.
  9. Haldir, If I don't get them before hand I can add them when I post results.
  10. goblu79, Pathfinder Society is just organized play for Pathfinder. If your familar with it you will do fine, just a couple or rule tweaks.
  11. Yes Silverhex would be cool. Very cool for new player not sure what class they wish to play.
  12. Just an update, the schedule is up but remember its subject to tweaking if need be. We will also be getting Boons again this year like last year. We will still have a few gm spots if you wish to run or help out. This would also help you get a GM boon cert. I think we may even have our own ribbons, been working for that as well. We will set up an HQ area like we did last year to assist players and GM's alike. If you have any questions let me know.
  13. OK, the events we will be running are on the calender at paizo's Pathfinder Society events. Look for ReaperCon and you will see them. We are hoping this week to have the full listings up on the web page.
  14. If your interested in Pathfinder Society, you can make your character before hand by using the rules provided at Paizo's website under the Pathfinder Society link banner. You also need to register and get an id number. We will also have a table to help you with your character onsite. We are working on special boons and stuff like last year.
  15. We hopefully can figure something out, we will run some table later than in the past this year.
  16. DKS, We would love to have you as a player or to guest GM a table.
  17. There is actually alot of eating places within walking distance. I don't think you will have trouble finding food unless its 2am then its a Whataburger run.
  18. Always a fun time Haldir, sorry about your Ducks.
  19. Join us for Season 6 rounds all through the Con. We will be doing some new things this year, staggering start times playing a bit later. If you are interested in playing or just have question feel free to send me a message. If you are also curious about helping GM let me know as well. I look forward to seeing you all at this years ReaperCon.
  20. In fact more like a dwarf than an elf.
  21. It took me three years to remember Haldir's real name.
  22. Rapheal

    2014 Feedback

    PFS did have a character creation area at the HQ table and several people made their own characters during the Con. We pretty much had everything there and tried to fill every request we got, and claimed before the Con started. I don't know about the other games, but we had a great time running and I think a large percentage of the players were having a great time. I do think any confusion can be found in communication problems either lack of signs or numbers. I do think a gaming area coordinator might help. This however, is still new to Reaper with the exception of Pathfinder Society most all tabletop gaming was Rage system for many years. I started running PFS events 5-6 years ago at ReaperCon for the RPG gamers and its kinda grown from their. We learn a little more each year and it will get better and we like feedback.
  23. Also, how could I forget Randy Mendoza as part of my thanks.
  24. Rapheal

    2014 Feedback

    I can add a few things we are already looking at. Next year we will run a later night Pathfinder Society option (provided GM's are available). There was some confusion in the schedule of times but it will be corrected before next year, the biggest reason for this is PFS has to allow 5 hrs to a timeblock. Reaper events are usually in 2 or 4 hour blocks, so problems occur. The Pathfinder Society Rounds we ran went off better this year than ever before, we had a HQ table and a person manning it throughout the CON. I can't speak for the other gaming. I do agree that numbering the tables would have helped I'm sure we can do that next year. If you have any further ideas please bring them forward.
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