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  1. Tim Peaslee to Bobby Jackson: "I will fill up Bobby".
  2. Well, where to start. Once more as we look back at another event come and gone, we have so many things to say. I will admit this year the hotel idea was a bit uneasy to first contemplate, after so many years at the site. So first off thanks to Reaper miniatures and all of the staff for a great event. Secondly thanks to all my GM's who helped run Pathfinder Society this year, Dallas Scott, Chris Borthick, Chris Waltham, Katie Gonzalez, Logan Vukusich, Charles Daniels, Krissy Pillot, Will Werner, you guys were great help and we ran as many rounds this year as we ever had at any previous Reaper Con. I would also like to thank all of you who played you were a great group no problems. We will attempt going forward to get the schedule linked up better next year. This is such a fun and friendly event I can hardly wait till next year.
  3. OK, update folks I think I have confirmation from my GM's now. I will try and see about posting a schedule, if not I will have one onsite for sure.
  4. Shakandara, I would equate it very much to RPGA. We will be having help making characters this year so you don't have to play a pre-gen. The GM is very important to the fun level of the game. In past events with limited GM's by the later stages of the Con burn out is gonna happen. We haowever have started getting more GM's so this effect should lessen. I have been involved in RPGA and Paizo Organized play and they are very similar in my opinion. My two cents.
  5. To help you all this year we will probably have a character creation table and have someone to assist you in making your own character, versus playing pre-gens. We should have enough help.
  6. It means no games taking more than one session for any Pathfinder Society round. I hope that helps.
  7. As, of right now no multiple session games at Reaper Con.
  8. I can tell you all but one round will be fine for lower level characters 1-5. We will have multiple rounds going each slot. I will post a firmer schedule when I get confirmation of the number of GM's I have available. We will probably offer a few special rounds that will not be openly published since we will have 3 Venture officers at the Con.
  9. Hello All, Once again we are ready to run Pathfinder Society events all Con long. We have been doing this for the past few years and enjoy it. I hope you all come play and if you have any questions about how to get started or wanna help, or just have general questions feel free to contact me. I will do all I can to help you.
  10. We will of course have Pathfinder Society at the Con. If you are interested in helping GM let me know. I know we are looking forward to the added space, as it has been a challenge in the past to find gaming room.
  11. Luether, I certainly can have some new season stuff for ReaperCon.
  12. I am glad you all enjoyed yourself, we enjoyed it as well. I will have stuff for next year that will fit the theme of the con, we however will still do PFS.
  13. Next years theme is Old West. The Renegade looking Sophie in the back of the program looks great. I know both myself and ReaperWolf will have some special games just for the theme.
  14. I would like to thank all of you who played Pathfinder Society rounds with us. I know all the judges Dallas, Katie, Chris, Logan and myself enjoyed running you all. We look forward to next year and we hope you do as well.
  15. Really Haldir, Feast of Ravenmoor, likewise will be ran as a PFS module.
  16. Hello All I'm looking forward once more to having Pathfinder Society at ReaperCon. This year we will have a pretty full slate, even saving space for Casey. This year on Thursday and Friday we will be doing something a bit different this year we will be playing a couple of sanctioned modules. They are alot of fun but will run much longer. Saturday will be more standard rounds not to worry. The modules will give those players who wish to spend most of the day playing PFS a way to do that. If you have any questions or wanna help let me know. I look forward to seeing many of you again.
  17. Hello All, I'm starting to get revved up for ReaperCon. We will be running PFS rounds all con long. We also will be running a few Sanctioned Modules, they will run most of the day and count for 3 normal rounds played, so if you wanna make some levels bang! I will post later for more details. I also would like to say thanks for the kind words said by our players. We enjoy you guys and look forward to it every year.
  18. Thank you for answering dks. If you have any other problems let me know I can help you as well. Remember we will have Pathfinder Society at next ReaperCon just as we have the past two.
  19. I wonder how the taxes on 3/4 of a million work out to be.
  20. I have heard good things about Genghis Con, I may have to attend one of these days.
  21. I also wish the time to pass quickly when it comes to ReaperCon. Its a labor of love but one I enjoy.
  22. I can tell first thing no level restricted rounds next year. We could have ran more rounds if I had more table space, I will consider how to work on these things before next Con. If your gonna be there next year kacey3 you are first to have a chair at my table sir.
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