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  1. I would just like to say thanks to all the gamers at ReaperCon. I would especially like to thank everyone that played Pathfinder Society we have had a solid showing the last two years. I only wish I would have had more tables, more rounds, and more GM's. We will do it again next year. Thanks to my GM's Dallas, Greg, Kevin and Cole for helping me out with the dozen rounds we ran.
  2. Overheard at the friday night Celebrity Pathfinder game I ran, "I think my Bard is a little lite in the loafers" Bob Ridolfi.
  3. I would like to thank everyone at Reaper for all there efforts, Ed, Dave, Ron, Bryan, Matt and the artists and sculpters and the casters. I think also the boneyard and dump table manned by Gent and Mel for almost the whole weekend. The extra spaced helped alot great job I look forward to next April.
  4. ReaperWolf are you running games 16 hrs a day, your a madman I say.
  5. I know I'm running one of those tables, With a scenario I wrote just for RCon 12.
  6. You know what eats raw fish? Bigger fish. BBQ is good at several places in the Denton area I have tried most all of them. I'm looking forward to the service from SonicMike and harrasing as many people as possible.
  7. We also will have Pathfinder Society events going on all con.
  8. OK, To help clarify Pathfinder Society Organized Play. This is for Lue, and Randy and anyone else curious. 1. A player can always play up a tier but they get the rewards for the tier they are. 2. A player can't play up if there character can't fit inside the tier of the module, ie a module written for 5-9, you have to be at least 5th level. That being said you can play a pre gen of the closet level to the tier of the table, credit however has to go to a new 1st level character. I hope this helps clarify the situation.
  9. KatieG , you are correct you can play a pregen. We will get in as many games as people want to play. The actual authors of Heresy Trilogy will be running them at the con.
  10. 5 of the 8 rounds you can play as 1st level and have no restrictions. Its about what the level was written at. Haldir you should know by now that we will run PFS at reapercon every year so after three rounds you get a level it would be really easy to make a level a year just at ReaperCon.
  11. Lue, You can't play up but you should be able to get a couple of levels before saturday.
  12. I hope Dr. B is not the model for that sophie, in the Crusoe costume.
  13. Trying to decide if I can paint with only one eye, I may wear a patch but I'll switch it at random times see if anyone notices.
  14. I am planning on running heavy PF Society on Thursday and Friday. I will pass most of the PF Society stuff over to Greg Vaughan on Saturday and Sunday. I do know I'm writing a module for the Con, (to go with the theme). I also am trying to find PF rounds that also suit the favor of the Con. If you are interested in running a round let me know.
  15. It looks amazing like always, kudos to all involved.
  16. Myself and Pandora will attend as per normal. I'm looking forward to it.
  17. There will quite a bit of stuff, Pathfinder Society is pretty easy for noobs. There will also be some pre written modules this year. I will be coordinating the Pathfinder Society stuff, we will have rounds all 4 days. I you have any questions send me a message I will help you with what I can. Michael
  18. I will be there, along with Pandora and we will be running Pathfinder RPG and Pathfinder Society rounds. I will be in wed. night, which is always fun.
  19. I would just like to thank all the great folks at Reaper for ArtistCon, like normal your hospitality and helpfulness was great. I would also like to thank the Artists for answering questions and being helpful. If you have never been to this event its quaint and lots of time to visit, you don't get all the time at Reaper Con. I personally want to say thanks to Ron, Anne, and Matt Clark for your help.
  20. Will we be able to trade metal at Artist Con?
  21. Hello All I have traded for some Celtos miniatures from IKORE and I thought that someone last early spring had posted they were looking for some if you are that person let me know.
  22. Hello All We are happy to announce the weekend of Artist Con we will be running PFS (Pathfinder Society ) rounds that weekend. If you played during ReaperCon then you are familar. If your new your still welcome, it would be a good time to start. We plan on starting with a round friday night and will continue through Sunday. Thanks
  23. Yes Haldir We will offer beginning rounds for new or players that don't get a chance to play as much. I expect next year to be better than last. If you guys give me an idea of what you want I will try and make it happen.
  24. We will run the trilogy next year at RCON, you need to be 5th level or higher to play. Thanks Mike
  25. Thank You Ed, Once more you have opened your arms to welcome us and I can't wait for next year. It was the best ReaperCon yet. If you couldn't find something to do this past ReaperCon you didn't try. I look forward to the next!!!!
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