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  1. Luethar, No a problem you just do the character stuff and however the event coordinator/GM will enter all the info from the con. Rapheal
  2. We bring a camera every year and then forget to take pics, I know bad, bad.
  3. Randy (Hladir), PFS is pretty easy to get up in levels quickly. We had new players make it to 3rd level in the span of the con. You only have to play 3 rounds to level. Characters retire at 12th so 4-7 levels seem to be standard "high level" tables. We will plan on doing all 3 of Greg Vaughn's trilogy next year. If you have a group you can home play PFS rounds and follow their guide lines for them to count as PFS rounds. I hope you do get a chance to play sometime in the future, your welcome at my table anytime.
  4. I kept finding myself drawn towards the table like some metallic siren song. Only to spend the next half hour sorting Reaper metal from the other metal. I did manage to find a couple Dark Sword mini's and an old GW pistoleer fig that was pretty cool. I woulda liked to find some Battle Mechs.
  5. THANKS!!!! I do agree best con yet. It was great to see old friends and make new ones. I would like to thank all involved in setup and planning of this undertaking. ReaperCon is the most unique con in the world it combines the best aspects of this hobby, and does it well. Ed, Dave, Bryan and Ron and everyone else that works at Reaper well done. Sonic Mike kudos and keep the food in house so we gamers aren't clogging the roads. I can't wait till next year.
  6. I would like to say on the PFS front I thought the weekend was great. I think I can speak freely for the GM's in saying we had great fun in the amount of hardship, torture and just plain fun we had with you all. We look forward to even more of the same next year, yes planning has already began. I encourage all of you to play some in your local area's so we can play at higher (even more deadly) tiers next year.
  7. Not very helpful but thanks.
  8. I was wondering if a time period from when to when would cover this era. I really don't think I would make a good Lara. Thanks
  9. Hello All, Paint Monkey and myself will have stuff for new players. If you wish to make your Pathfinder Society Characters (hencefourth PFS) you can go to Paizo to the PFS link and download character creation rules. We will have pregen's on site but I know some people would rather make their own. If you at least go to PFS and register as a player and get your PFS member number. The thing most new players to PFS find daunting is a faction. This is simply a group that your character views best mesh with. If you do nothing more than get your number and decide on a faction then that will help your GM. We will also be available to help you on site provided not everyone is running. If you have any questions and your coming early for meet and greet I would be glad to help then as well. If you have any questions just send me a e-mail or post on this board. My email is: [email protected] Thanks
  10. The Pathfinder Society Event for Reaper Con is now also posted on Paizo's PFS board. This has a list of the rounds we are running.
  11. So then Bryan do I need to send you a proposed schedule of PFS rounds? IF so Pathfinder Society rounds require a 5 hour time slot just so you know.
  12. Hello Paintmonkey can you tell me what times you wish to run your rounds so I can come up with a schedule I can send Kit?
  13. These are also good!!!
  14. We will be glad to have you. That goes for any RCon attendees.
  15. I guess since I'm running games I could post I plan on being there, go figure. BBQ is good food, and so is beer.
  16. Howdy All, I'm still finding out about times but I can tell you what we will be running. Paintmonkey is running Master of the Fallen Timbers its a 1st level only round so a good one to start on. Murder on the Silken Caravan written by Greg Vaughan, Heresey of Man also written by Greg Vaughan, he will GM both of these at some point during the weekend. The other rounds will include Delirium's Tangle, Among the Living and Among the Dead, Murder on the Throaty Mermaid, Penumbral Accords. These rounds in general can be played by most any level's except Heresey of Man. The rounds take 4-5 hours to play so we will probably only slot 2 a day and 1 on sunday. If your very interested in Pathfinder Society you might even talk me into more if time permits.
  17. Paintmonkey, I would like to know if you would consider using that module as beginning Pathfinder Society round? If so let me know and it will get more folks playing Pathfinder. If you wish to talk about this feel free to send me an e-mail: [email protected] Thanks
  18. I can't say what levels for sure. I would like to think some new players so that would be low levels but I know of 3 people that have mid or higher level characters that are attending. The rounds will be set for about any levels. I really depends on the players we have. Greg Vaughan will be running part(s) of his Heresy of man and its higher level, 6-7 for the lower tier. Thanks
  19. Thats cool I just don't remember seeing anything on it.
  20. I just noticed several of the latest mini's have no proof of purchase (swag points), is there a reason for this? Dark Heaven and Chronoscope have no swag points is this the standard now?
  21. Hey DKS I used to do tons of RPGA stuff as well. Every year Gen Con when it was still in Milwaukee, until the games I loved were taken away. I was one of the regional coordinators for RPGA for a long time. I'll swap stories with you at ReaperCon.
  22. The other Con going on the same time is also having PFS rounds. The one in Ft.Worth they had badge swaps last year from what I was told.
  23. If your interested in making a character Pazio, pathfinder society link will lead you there. I will have some rounds that will be fine for lower level players. I hopefully will be able to give more details after Ron gets back from GAMA. We can help you with character creation onsight as well.
  24. Hello All We will be running Pathfinder Society rounds this year at the Con. If your not familiar you can go to Pazio's site and read up about it. We also will have one of their authors running his latest adventure. Greg Vaughan who has written for Wizards, Necromancer Games and Pazio. He is a great guy and a good gamemaster. If you are familiar with Pathfinder Society and wish to play or help out let me know. I will hopefully have things finalized soon, still working all the details with the powers that be.
  25. Anne does that mean that only the top Chrono or Pathfinder mini from all catagories will get the Platinum medal? I just trying to verification that this isn't a new catagory?
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