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  1. The powers that be last ReaperCon said there would be Chronoscope catagory. My question if not is it Dark Heaven or Warlord can it be a sub for either of those lines?
  2. I wasn't trying to be critical if it seemed that way it was not the intent. I was not sure how the guest were selected. I thank you for enlightenment Bryan. The last Casket Works says Sandy Garrity will be there but she is not teaching any classes is she coming, because I have a project I have to finish if she is.
  3. Rapheal


    I wanted two classes got one so i feel kinda good about that, might learn something as well.
  4. If near you mean holding your finger over the enter key when the classes come up. I work at a computer all day and spent the day watching for classes to come up and the one I wanted was literally out in two minutes. I actually would prefer onsite purchase over computer.
  5. Does Chronoscope have its own catagory if not what group does it fall in?
  6. Can we bring our own army for Riech of the Dead?
  7. I agree that Werner should be chained to his work bench and made to sculpt till his fingers bleed.
  8. Hello All Is it me or is the fact no Werner Klocke and Marike bother anyone else. This is my first post long time watcher, but since this will be my 3rd RCon I thought i would join up.
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