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    I'm remotely interested in most things.
  1. Thank you. I've tried it with spray primers...not a lot of control on the white part. I don't own an airbrush, so I shall try brush on.
  2. Do you have a link to how you do your black/white priming? I've tried without getting decent results. I'm sure I gave up too easily, but am wanting to get some pre-shading/highlighting done on the primer level myself. Thank you.
  3. Odinsgrandson and James Wappel do some bang-up jobs. I'm thinking of leaning toward the Playmobil look and trying to figure out if I needed a "separation line" between the brown eye and the flesh of the cheek. Thank you for all the tips.
  4. So, I'm working on this Rivet Wars figure. I'm thinking of giving him brown eyes, but didn't know if it would look better by leaving a black outline around the eye. Not looking at painting his eyes to look like regular eyes, but any thoughts on what to do rather than a brown orb with a black dot for an iris would be welcome. Thank you. BTW, can't remember where I found him, but he isn't from the game, he is about 3 inches tall.
  5. For some reason, I liked him green and wanted to practice with green. I also have a tendency to ignore fluff. That's the best metallic I've done. I used the P3 blighted gold which is very close to RMS's Ancient Bronze. Gave it a wash with P3 armor wash, then some old fashion GW Devlan Mud, threw the older GW Purple wash on there. Then rusted it up with SWM Rust Brown, Rust Red, and a tad of Rust Orange. (Just in case you were interested.)
  6. Lost all my pics for my WIP, so no overly wordy link to blog. I did try some new things. (I'm not brave with pushing my limits to improve, but getting there.) First time using weathering pigments. First time with Scale 75 paints. Still need to thin paints more and layer up more, but I'm quite pleased with the results if I don't allow myself to be over critical. C&C is welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  7. Just to pipe in, I've left metal minis in Simple Green for months. No ill effects to said minis. Have done plastic GW'a for a month also no ill effects. Have not tried Bones, but did put Finecast in Simple Green for a few days; the tiny fiddly bits like a mummy's wrap blowing in the breeze and the spear became quite pliable.
  8. Wumby

    SDE: Princess Ruby

    @redambrosia: both. The paints were old Reaper Pro Paint metallics leaning more toward pink. Then did a red wash which deepened the tone. @inarah: blank sheet of paper, gotcha. Plain white paper?
  9. Wumby

    SDE: Princess Ruby

    So, finally managed to get some larger pictures up thanks to some folks in my last Show-Off topic. I'm still working on cutting out the "background noise" of the photos. I downloaded Gimp and am in process in cutting out the entire background on my next posting. We'll see if I figured it out or not by then. WIP is posted on my blog for those who are interested. http://wumbysworkshop.blogspot.com
  10. Seriously, thank you. I use Picasa and have a "web folder". It's a google program which works well with the google based blogger. I've only been able to find an "image address" through the anti-climactic Google+…which has rendered me with tiny images on forums. I'll do this on my next completed project: Super Dungeon Explore's Princess Ruby, who looks very much like Princess Peach from Mario games.
  11. @Mierot: Metal. I have the Riddler, Robin, and the Heath Ledger Joker. All are metal. @MiniCannuck: I don't play any games, I like the painting piece, don't like the prep piece, but painting is therapeutic for me. I need to stretch my skill not only with painting, but photography, and posting photos. I'm thankful for TGP for the larger pics and for CashWiley for the gentle prodding to be more friendly in posting pics.
  12. Ruthless, eh. I'll see what I can drum up on my next project. Might I ask how to get larger pictures on the forum. (I'm honestly not vain enough to actually want to force people over to the blog.) It's my way of keeping recipes and formulas.
  13. I know, still tiny pics. Once again jump to my blog, don't read it, it's too wordy, but look at larger pictures. http://wumbysworkshop.blogspot.com
  14. @Hellcow. I ordered it either from CMON, Fantization out of California, or Miniature Market. All are Stateside, I think. (I also ended up trading the Drop Pod off and never finished it.) @CashWIley: I know, I know. I've moved to only uploading pics onto a Picasa Web Album, which is easily done for Blogger, but only puts these tiny pictures on forums. I prefer not to upload to multiple locations, so I go for the "tease you here, in hopes you'll click on my crusty blog link."
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