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  1. Sounds like a plan. From reading the thread in "glowing swords" your ideas for organizing it thus far seems quite do-able. My suggestion is once the fig is chosen is to give maybe 2 weeks (ample time) for everyone to purchase it. Then since it seems that since ixminis and zaphod are practically organizing it, then they would be the ones who have the ultimate say for what each step is. I.E.--Step one: Base flesh color, ink, base flesh color... I think this is a wonderful idea. I know that I would personally benefit, learning how you "veteran" painters paint a mini, and follow along. I have painted maybe 10 minis total, and I just tried for the first time, drybrushing details and using inks. I hope that my input helps. ???
  2. I like the name Wumby for a Halfling. :D I named a barbarian Thanlax once. I don't know if I read it in a novel or if it came to me in a dream. It gave me the impression of "I would rather smash your face than talk to you" kind of feeling.
  3. Grithwa--Are you sure that you aren't really a split personality of myself? Our techniques actually resemble each other closely, the only thing is, I haven't yet stomped on a mini. I have thrown it down quite hard on the concrete, and hammered it beyond recognition. Then I realized, I liked that one and I'll have to buy another. Such is life. Then again, no one I know has tried to paint minis, so eyes or no eyes, they like it anyway. (I want eyes though) CMV--I read somewhere on these pages where it's a good idea to put tape on the caps to cover up the holes and that will increase the life of the pens. I'm sorry I can't credit that to whoever wrote it, but it isn't an original statement of mine.
  4. I was thinking something along the same lines as Okkar.
  5. So true, Brooding Paladin, so true. Last night, I compared the dwarf I just finished to one that I did when I first started painting. The comparison is quite hilarious, which shows me that practice does make you better. BTW--Just received my pens. Ordered them two days ago and now I have them! Thanks for all the advice.
  6. I finished another figure last night. (Pens haven't arrived.) I managed to get one eye looking pretty good. I used a medium shade of grey for the "whites" of the eyes. That helped a little, and with a little trial and error I stumbled upon how much better the eye looks when you do not leave any white above and below the iris. Now for the other eye, it looks like that hefalump got a piece of it. The good news is that my eyes are looking better. A few more tries and I think I'll have a figure to be proud of.
  7. I have a hard time with static grass. Any hints. (Basically, I my static grass lays down nicely, but I don't know how to make it stick up and actually look like grass.)
  8. Thanks ReaperIvy, just ordered those pens from MisterArt.
  9. I'm not really good at the whole flocking business either. I haven't tried to add the uneven terrain, and basically all of my minis have a "lush carpet" beneath their feet. What I do to create the lush carpet look is paint the base a color that resembles the flocking. (A thick coat of paint.) Before it has dried, I then dip the mini into the flock. I only dip the base, not the entire mini. The flock will stick to the wet paint and dry that way, then I spray on the finish. Oh, I also keep my flocking material in a cheap 1" deep gladware sandwich keeper. This makes it easier for me to dip only the base and not the whole mini.
  10. I generally paint the eyes like froschmeister outlined. 1.Paint the skin with GW dark flesh. 2.Drybrush with a lighter flesh tone. 3.Paint the socket usually with a light gray. 4.Paint an iris. What I don't like is that it practically looks like the eyes are bulging out of his head. Either way, I will scour the local area to find the pens and see how my next mini looks like. Once again, thank you for all the insight.
  11. Thanks for the info. I will try the micron pen trick, but first I shall peruse the Vault of Knowledge.
  12. Everytime I paint a miniature, it's eyes look like they're fresh from a cartoon or it just received a hearty blow to the crotch. Any ideas on how to make it look less silly? ???
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