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  1. Ruthless, eh. I'll see what I can drum up on my next project. Might I ask how to get larger pictures on the forum. (I'm honestly not vain enough to actually want to force people over to the blog.) It's my way of keeping recipes and formulas.
  2. I know, still tiny pics. Once again jump to my blog, don't read it, it's too wordy, but look at larger pictures. http://wumbysworkshop.blogspot.com
  3. @Hellcow. I ordered it either from CMON, Fantization out of California, or Miniature Market. All are Stateside, I think. (I also ended up trading the Drop Pod off and never finished it.) @CashWIley: I know, I know. I've moved to only uploading pics onto a Picasa Web Album, which is easily done for Blogger, but only puts these tiny pictures on forums. I prefer not to upload to multiple locations, so I go for the "tease you here, in hopes you'll click on my crusty blog link."
  4. The complete and over-wordy WIP is on my blog. Pictures are "larger" there too, skip all the words and scroll down to the bottom. It's been over two years since I gave a real go at painting/finishing something so I'm actually pleased with the result. Saw a few mold lines and clean-up I could do better, but I beat myself up too much; and my friend enjoyed his belated birthday gift.
  5. Kinda on-topic: I also don't "wash" the entire model with a wash either. I still attempt to control where it lays because I really really don't like having that "tide-line" look to a section I attempted to somewhat highlight.
  6. Go ahead with a second base coat, and some shading/highlighting would provide more depth. I'm not as skilled as many painters on here, so when I say "shading" I use a wash.
  7. I did a how-to for those who are interested on my blog. http://wumbysworkshop.blogspot.com/ (All of my photos are uploaded on Picasa/Google+ and I couldn't find the option anymore to get the code for the boards.)
  8. I might see if I can get up there on the 30th. We've relocated a few Interstate exits south, I've some things to work on so....we'll see if I darken the door.
  9. And I'm the only one who has posted in this thread, who hasn't hit 1000. I should get a copper ring under my avatar for being more precise and efficient with my words.
  10. Feb 2003, not too shabby. I remember finding the Reaper website when I first started painting and IIRC, there was a numerical list of the figures you could click on to see a pic. On one of my what do I want to find to paint kicks, I found the forums...and thought. What's a forum. Oh, this is a forum, cool.
  11. Ok, so here is my current space. No complaints. What you can't see is that my paints are in a tackle box on the floor to the right. Easy storage, easy move to the closet to give it a more "guest room" feel when we have guests. Here is the space I'm looking at eventually having. We're on the left. The builders actually did this right. There is insulation on all three interior walls. I don't know about the ceiling though. I will attest that the room above the garage is significantly warmer during the day. Other than the garage door itself, the other egress is on the back wall into our house. After insulating the garage door, I was thinking that when I was in there hobbying it up, I'd leave the door into the house open. So far, it's far below intolerable during the heat of the day. When winter comes, I'll see how cold it gets, and consider a space heater. Now, for the meantime, this thread will die and fade into oblivion until I land supplemental employment to feed the habit.
  12. I'm in a townhome, so all walls are insulated except for the door...that's why I was excited for the door insulation kit.
  13. Check this out. I did a bit of research and for about $70, Lowe's/Home Depot sells a garage door insulating kit. Different brands in each store. Basically, you get some fiberglass insulation pieces and the junk to get them placed on the door. The door itself has a tight seal, once again 100+ outside and low 80's in the garage. Near the bottom, on each side, there is a small gap between wall and door, which would be an easy fix. It's a one car garage, space heater in the colder months, and I think this would be a done project with the "feeling" of a dry basement inside. Gonna have to do it...sometime soon.
  14. I think I'll eventually set-up out there. I have all sorts of awesome plans, but as mentioned above, just shuttle my paints back and forth. The end result will be while this area in the garage will be a hobby space, it'll also be a work-bench. Multi-purpose! If I weren't so glacially slow at painting, I'd probably leave everything out there...me being slow is also why moving out of the guest room would be a good idea.
  15. I think that the door won't bother her, my wife thinks that it will. Now, primer-wise, I usually brush-on anyway. Right after we moved, heat hit triple digits and humidity felt that way too, but the garage was nice. Warmer than in the house, but without opening the door, maintained comfortable level. This won't happen soon b/c I don't have a workbench, just the desk which stays inside. My intentions are not to "overtake" the space either, I want to be able to pull the jeep when one of those sporadic hail storms breeze through.
  16. We moved recently. I've always had a desk I can paint on and it's a pretty decent set-up in the spare bedroom or when we had a playroom, it was in there. In our new townhome, we have a one car garage, which is under the little one's room. My wife mentioned that she doesn't think we'll use it for the car just so opening the garage won't wake little bit up when she's asleep. I didn't argue because, I might have a more permanent set-up for painting. The garage isn't climate controlled, but definitely not as hot or cold as a detached garage. Question: "Does anyone permanently paint in a similar location and are there any problems storing paint "permanently" in such a garage? We live in TN, so there is definitely humidity and heat and snow and tornados. I've already figured out the problem with tornados.
  17. So...if any of the Reaper peeps ever come across a set of these and they're still usable, would you let me know?
  18. There's a ton of how-to's on here, and if you see a model that has an effect you admire, everyone is approachable, so ask your questions. Also check out the PP forums, and I've recently been looking at Dakka Dakka forums. (Primarily 40k, but they've got a lot of tutorials there too.) BTW, welcome to your new addiction.
  19. I think the HD paints are similar to the GW Foundations: You can get good coverage with one hit. MSP's need a few layers to get a thick solid coat. I'm not excellent at painting, but I too loved the ProPaints and in my experience Vallejo and P3's are similar to coverage, but I'm wanting to grow my painting skills in the direction of blending and layers. (Pretty much I'm a base, wash, touch-up base, one highlight, kind of painter.) So, I'm trying to grow from there.
  20. I'm in: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=7208261 I'll friend request you and Haldir.
  21. That's what I'm suffering from. I've attempted to fill the little pits a couple of times, but they show back up when it dries. I've thinned it with water and it just tints the area green. My last attempt was to sloppily place it on there are see what comes. I'm thinking of ditching the LGS and go for the milliput wash technique. Before I give up, I'm gonna give the q-tip soaked in alcohol a try, as suggested by Damon above.
  22. Sigh. Every now and then there's a mini posted that makes me say, Holy...um...moly?
  23. Holy poop, that is fantastic! Thanks for sharing the WIP.
  24. Essentially, I'm ready to drop "the Halfling" and be know as simply Wumby. Can this be done?
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