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  1. I absolutely love those. In a creepy those are some sadistic puppets way. Great job.
  2. @Marsya: Color theory is non-existent in my brain. I've attempted to read up on it...some, but I just can't retain the information as to what combinations look good, or how to choose colors. I'll try again, though. For some reason I knew that Purple and yellow were a decent combo, but the runes...meh, red was within reach really. The dwarf and the mage are the only one's that I currently own. I'd eventually like to get the whole box set just b/c it has all of the models for a decent price. Yes, I have had casting issues. The dwarf, not so much, but the mage I straight freehanded the runes b/c the sculpted runes were too shallow for me to paint or wash...tried it multiple times. Details on both treasure chests were the same. So some of the wood grain was flat and so were parts of the metal bands on the chests.
  3. I do find these obscenely large, but there is something gained when seeing your tiny figures so large...it's usually something like, "That looks terrible!"
  4. ...and why are my pics so dang BIG?
  5. Improving with camera fu, just have to work on my lighting. (Used Gimp this time too to remove background distraction.) I've also improved on thinning my paints. I wanted to work on yellow since it's such a beast, and well, you can't tell by the pics, but the trim is a bright yellow...with no transitions/shading. Layering still evasive for me. I'm using washes quite a bit, but am finding the results less than satisfactory with the "hard edges" left behind after the wash dries. I think I'm going to attempt to not slap on the wash, but thin it out quite a bit and attempt to control where the wash lands. Without further ado, here's my latest attempt at being a miniature painter.
  6. Thank you. I, honestly, spent ridiculous amounts of time to get the beard to table-top quality, and then couldn't do a blasted thing to get his teeth right.
  7. ...that and Devlan Mud, Badab Black (washes) and Mithril Silver. I think they'll always have a spot in my supplies.
  8. @ the mud head. I'm moving away from GW except for some washes, P3's bought 'em and don't use 'em. So I'm torn between V and RMS. Whenever I am able to get new paint, I will pick up higher quality brushes than what I own, and will find someone local who is just getting into the hobby to pass on my old paints that still are functional.
  9. Right now the thicker P3's, RPP's, and Vallejo's is where I see better results. I don't like pots at all and prefer droppers. The thin-ness of the RMS is what gives me some trouble. I want to develop my layering techniques. So I feel that RMS is the way to go...I'm still learning to thin paints too. GW is too thick, Vallejo/Pro Paints/P3's are just right, and RMS is too thin for me...right now. I have approximately 15 RMS's and I do love them. I'm not good at mixing so I like the pre-selected triads to help with layering and blending. So, still sort of conundrum for me. I'm just garnering opinions from others, so I do appreciate replies thus far.
  10. I'm tabletop too. I throw the mix in too. I like GW foundations still, and their washes. I was leaning toward the RMS just because of the implicit force to make me improve with my thinning and lining. I don't think I'll ever be a purist, "one brand or nothing" kind of person.
  11. So, I've been told that once I'm employed again, full-time, I can purchase new paints...a whole set. (Stay at home dad by choice, and now realizing how tough it is to get employed again.) I'm still using, what's still usable of my 10 year old GW paints. Right around that ten year mark, I discovered Reaper Pro Paints, and could tell a difference in my painting level. Yay! I don't have many of the Pro Paints, but I've also picked up some RMS, and a tube or two of Vallejo. Each line has its merits, but I'm discovering that the formula for ProPaints and the Vallejo seems to complement my current skill level of painting. I'm a Reaper fan-boy, and love the triads, yet I'm more pleased with my results with my two vallejo game colors. When the miraculous, "you're hired" conversation happens, I'm stuck. I like my current end-product without the RMS, but feel that the RMS would challenge me to improve. Am I making up excuses to be a fan-boy supporter, by feeling that the RMS would challenge me to improve?
  12. Really like the sculpts from this line as a change in scenery for painting. It was fun, I worked on my layering/shading/highlighting/thinning. Overall pleased with the final result...in that I feel that this is my best as of yet. Still areas to improve including thinning paint correctly. I'm horrible at metallics and am not too huge of a fan of NMM...even though NMM might work well with the overall feel of Soda Pop's line. Either way, enjoy, and as always constructive criticism is welcome...even if I already have lots of theory in my head, but can't make it work on the canvas. The base is lacking...I realized that flock/grass might not be the best choice for a dungeon crawl afterwards.
  13. Oh look she was sculpted with knees and you found tiny boots to fit on a mini...no, wait...you painted that. AMAZING detail, and I say bad things about your ability to paint black leather. Fantastic job!
  14. Haven't had the chance to try yet, but I think pulling some of the load off the brush will be what works for me. I already see favorable results with thinning my paint, and need to keep practicing. I'm going to remember the advice from Laszlo too, I'm just ignorant enough to not know if I feel my flow is too loose or not. All I was noticing was that I put brush here, and paint a little bit, but wait the pigment is pooling in the recesses...wait, I'm not washing here, I'm trying to paint, but there's some pigment left where I want it.... (how's that for some painting stream of consciousness?) Quick swipe on the paper towel pulled adjusted it just right. Thx.
  15. Personal goal is to improve transitions and getting a smoother looking product by thinning my paints. I'm using RMS for this particular model and go more by the inexact "brushful" method. (Instead of a more precise ratio, I put a drop or two of paint, load my brush with water, mix, and adjust as I feel accordingly.) Here's what I'm getting: I feel that I get the level of translucency that I've seen on countless blogs/forums/etc... but when I put paint to model, it appears that I have no manner of brush control. I get the thin layer of pigment where I want it, but most of it pools in the recesses. Is my paint too thin, since it behaves somewhat like a wash? Do I need to take a swipe on paper/paper towel/cloth to pull out the excess flow? Or ignore the pooling in the cracks, since I'll throw a wash or blackline anyways. Thanks in advance.
  16. Worked as a chaplain on an L&D unit for half a year, I know it's still scary, but I'd like to tell you that were quite a few 10 wk early babies who did fantastic.
  17. So, I dunked this tomb-king in simple green. I'm one of those folks who'll drop 'em in and forget about 'em. It's been in there for 4 days (in contrast to 4 months for other models plastic and metal). The thin parts of this model are now rubbery. Not ruined, I don't think, but quite flexible. Thought I would share for others.
  18. I did a simple rinse and pat dry, so I believe I'm going to double check after the SG bath and scrub with the toothbrush and soap. Thanks for the replies that confirm my initial suspicions. BTW, the crackle effect was actually quite cool looking, but out of place on my model.
  19. I'll keep this short. Would mold release residue on a mini make RMS white brush-on primer difficult to stick? And then with another mediocre cleaning, be the cause for an unwanted "crackle effect" for the base coat? (I've already put the model in the simple green bath and will be re-prepping it this afternoon.) Thanks in advance for input.
  20. Read on the PP forums that you can get rid of that frosty coat of varnish by spraying with olive oil and gently rinsing your mini. Sure beats the heck out of a simple green bath and repaint. Here's the thread: linky-link
  21. So, I jumped on this and Beowulf will be sending them my way. Not a greedy sonuvamother here, so I've already pledged not to keep the whole lot, add some of my own non-painted (maybe primered) in there, and continue the gift. Which means that the first person to PM me their address and need a real name too, will get a care package sent to them. That is, once I get the package from Beowulf. All I ask in return is for you to pass something on to someone else.
  22. This absolutely won't help, but looks like Thomas and Percy to me...I am living with a two year old who happens to be on a Thomas the Train kick for over a month now too.
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