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  1. I would "like" this post if we were on FB. You can always 'like' it by clicking the little green plus button. Ishil Done.
  2. I would "like" this post if we were on FB.
  3. Or if you're good enough to land the gig, you could probably already paint good enough for anyone on the planet for good coin. Good luck to any who give it a shot!
  4. Article with how to apply at the end.
  5. For me I like the sword too, but it appears more of a stone sword than a NMM sword. Just my perspective, it's still fantastic.
  6. Slightly better camera-fu...I think. Front: Back: Ooh, the camera does not help me with confidence. Either way, I'm putting him in the comp. There was some particles of dust or something on the cloak, which I have brushed off, and these pics show me how globby my armor really is. As mentioned above, I'm going to attempt NMM soon. After I read up some more on theory of NMM.
  7. Base is MicroArt Studios, can't take credit for that. Batteries dies on the camera and it's fickle about the Macro and Super Macro setting, I've only been able to get it into SM once. I'll try to get a more proper picture soon. Regards to Finecast: I like the fact that there was much Fiddly-bits, even though my skill can't do them much justice. This model had less junk to clean off, i.e. flash, mold lines, so it was the closest thing I've purchased from GW that was almost ready to paint without any prep work. Not too pleased with the $17 price tag on it either. But, I had to buy a new fig from the shop for my entry and wanted to try Finecast out. If anyone is interested at my store, I'll sell it to 'em too. So, hopefully recoup my initial outlay.
  8. As usual, Camera-Fu not so good. Need to work on lighting and making my own light box. I tried some new techniques, new for me, on this one. Including much more thinning of paint and attempt at layering. NMM is non-existent, but I'm going to do my first try at it on the SodaPop Miniatures Super Dungeon Explore Dwarf soon, but I digress. Overall, I'm pleased with the end result. This is honestly one of the better if not best paint jobs I have done and I haven't painted in over a year, have crappy brushes, and all other manner of excuses. I do appreciate constructive criticism. Oh, and the silver didn't come out exactly how I wanted, but I used the Aluminum polishing powder from My link I think if I had more surface and laid down a base coat of mithril silver or even gray with an AirBrush, it would have come out a tad better. Thanks for looking.
  9. IIRC somewhere in my surfing, I found where someone waters down milliput to an extremely thin consistency to fill in rough spots or something. Does anyone do this? How? Why? Links are fine. Just curious. I think it was to start with a much smoother miniature to have a much smoother finish. (If this is just plain wrong, I don't want to lead others astray, so please indicate no to do this.)
  10. Are there highlights on the swirls? Great idea on not having to blend large areas of cloth. To self: Must copy idea on a much crappier scale.
  11. I live in the Richmond, VA area and it is quite amazing how their marketing schemata works. First off, I don't game, I can barely consider myself a painter either, since it's been a while.... Either way, the community here is strong their is one store that is quickly becoming the mecca of gaming in Central VA and the store is friggin' awesome. With that said, no one knows of a magnificent company named Reaper, I do special order some paints to shop local, but that's a different story. Folks here play Warmachine/Warmahordes, 40k, Malifaux, and WHF. WM, Malifaux, and Hordes is growing in popularity as a result of a much less buy-in to play. Yet, beginning with the release of new Dark Eldar, kids were unloading tons of GW stuff to pick up the DE, then it's the Grey Knights, then it's to get cash for the Tomb Kings. Amazing, the amount of $ being dropped to turn around and sell NIB, primed, partially built/painted models for pennies on the dollar. I picked up over $150 retail of Warmachine models for $25 last month. There are folks like me who say, "Hmm, that's looks fun to paint, but I'm not paying THAT for it." We reap the benefits as a result of frequent miniature markets from the store, and a forum with a thread for buying/selling/trading stuff.
  12. Wait! I can't find him. He's not in the usual places I place painted minis. I'll keep looking and search the places my daughter likes to hide things she isn't supposed to get a hold of.
  13. I have one. Painted and based up, but I'll part with it if you don't have any luck. Let me know via PM prior to this Monday if you want. Here he is, I actually posted him on the boards. My link I'll take a trade. Not too picky either, just send an offer of something in return.
  14. Turncoat? Nah, it's more like foreign missions work. Congrats! *mutters something unintelligible about awesome painting, wish I could be that good, and other words filled with envy*
  15. What were you using and what are you using now?
  16. I'm in the same camp as Sentinel, I could relieve you of your dilemma. There's not much I could offer in return. I do think that I have a smallish box full of Reaper non-painted models that I've had for 5+ years. It'll take me a day or two to retrieve them from the bowels of my closet, count 'em up, and figure out what I have...that is, if you are interested. If not, do what you can to come out with a positive deal.
  17. I picked up the weathered blue triad of MSP's. Heather blue is the highlight color, but I think I like it as the base coat. What would you use to highlight? I'm painting up a Warmachine Cygnar battlegroup. Light brown is my primary, and the blue is my secondary color. In theory, I wanted it to look like the blue was worn/weathered....in a faded kind of way. My skill doesn't match my mind's eye, but I'm well pleased with the product thus far. I'm doing one model at a time and have never tried mixing paints either. So...bite the bullet and mix, or go through my smorgasboard of paints and highlight with a lighter blue? I even thought of using a gray? Dunno. Thank you in advance for your help.
  18. All I know is that the main LGS in Richmond is having a blow-out sale on metal models from GW. The guy who owns it, seems quite "in" on the hobby scene and informed us, the customers, that if he doesn't have it in the store, he can't get it and that GW has told him to sell down his stock of metal.
  19. For the Grey Knights, I think Inarah made some good suggestions. I've been interested in picking up some Grey Knights too and somewhere through the GW fluff, if I remember correctly, they put a slight tint of blue on the armor, if that is something you might be interested in doing maybe pick up the clear blue RMS too. Now, I wouldn't know how to actually pull that off, but it's a suggestion.
  20. @Fieldarchy, I will continue to frequent both. Like most people on this board, I use a mixed bag of supplies. In the end, I'll probably purchase my paints direct from Reaper as well as 85% of my figures. These are typically my "planned" purchases. Other purchases that I don't plan out are usually picked up on a "lemme swing by the hobby store" basis.
  21. Each of the stores do have much more significant shelf space for GW, they do have a much deeper product line in comparison to others. I have no problem ordering on-line. I've just slightly developed a conscious towards small shop owners struggling to open and keep open stores in the Richmond area. So I would like to purchase from these guys even if I might pay a slight mark-up on the price of their wares in comparison to on-line. I'm also one of those folks who has been making a career working with adolescents in various capacities and support the fact that these stores open up for people to hang out and play. The community at the store on the Southside is a good mix of high-schoolers and grown folks and there is a good open and welcoming vibe coming when I walk in to see if there's anything I want to pick up. Most the time, there's not, because I need paint, I prefer to pick up RMS, even though I'm having to work out the general painting rust/learn to paint with the better (IMHO) paints, and they don't carry the paint. I do think though that I'm going to suck it up and ask if the guy closer to my house can order some RMS for me next time I go in. Good conversations though. I'm enjoying this.
  22. @ Inarah, you support my speculations. Especially with the stocking of products from GW and PP since the folks that go to these stores go to play 40k and WM & with the market saturation. I've not adapted myself to RMS paints, even though the three bottles I have are my favorite paints. (I've hindered my artistic development with various excuses.) In the end I would rather paint with these than the GW paints or PP paints. @fieldarchy, yes they already carry these paints. Along with the entire complementary line of products associated with each. In the end, if they already carry two lines of paints, there really is overkill with carrying a third line, especially when most of the customers have probably not come into direct contact with Reaper products. There is the mindset of Oh, I like Warhammer so I'll buy the paints that coincide. Same with PP products. I basically feel that I had the answer to my own question, but enjoy further discussion, especially since in my experience I prefer Reaper products.
  23. That makes sense. The PP lines is relatively small, and the GW is such a large company, they probably place certain requirements upon amount of stock carried. That in conjunction with the popularity in this area of WarMachine and 40k, Cater to those systems holistically, and that would squeeze out RMS paints.
  24. Although, I'm not a frequenter of my 2 FLGS in the Richmond area, I am curious as to why none of the four stores in this area carry Reaper Paints. The new mecca in the Richmond, VA area is FTW. The guy who owns it, used to work with Neal at The War Store, honestly this store is HUGE and is quickly making a name for itself for gaming tourneys, supplies, camaraderie, etc.... But nothing Reaper related. The next store I like is much smaller, also new, and on the Far West End, much closer to my house and you don't have to fight over crowds of "stereotypes" to the gaming store to get products...also nothing Reaper. The third store carries reaper miniatures, well stocked in Reaper miniatures, but no paints. Then there's Hobbytown, with its 2 square feet of GW. I'm not anti-GW, nor PP. All of these non-chain stores carry much selection from those two companies, I'm just curious as to why they wouldn't stock RMS paints. (I know best bet would be to ask the owner.) Any thoughts? Is it a licensing thing? The primary reason I am curious, is that while I absolutely love on-line shopping and finding deals on paints, brushes, minis, supplies. I am one of those folks who is Ok with paying a premium to shop local and support the local business owners. Just wondering out loud, well, not out loud, just via keyboard.
  25. Maybe the terminology is used within context. For example: The Wiebiosity of this monster is stellar through the monstrous expression on its face. The Wiebitude is further accentuated by (insert something here.) Thus showing how a certain Wiebiness is captured throughout each of his sculpts. (I like wiebiosity the best))
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