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  1. I'm not at the magnificent skill level of blending up through a long series of paint, nor do my minis look as friggin' awesome as those who do. Typically I have about three colors: dark, mid, light. Dark is my base, I highlight up the mid, then use the lightest. Maybe, just maybe, I might do an "extreme highlight" with a dot of white or some other appropriate color. As I practice and improve my skill, I intend to do more mixing of the colors to have smoother transitions, by using more than three different shades/tones. All this coming from a mediocre/average painter.
  2. Love the sword on echidnox, that is the only part of mine I just don't like and the more I fiddle with it the more I dislike it.
  3. Your start looks quite well, I'm not skilled enough to offer more in-depth critique, yet the transitions and base coats look well. I'm nit sure if you've been working on the base yet or not, but it looks "glittery" which might actually work for this fig.
  4. The Zap a Gap CA+ is the one I use too, and I'm relatively new to it, so it becomes brittle after a couple of years though? Huh, may have to move on to Gorilla.
  5. What was the other thread? The surface of a mini right out of a mold is very smooth. Sanding can: add a fine tooth to a smooth flat area, help take away a mold line, ruin details if you are not careful or take-out unwanted details if you are careful. What was the "high-quality painter" trying to accomplish? I sometimes use a flat-file or an emory board to level off the bottom of a broccoli base. Sometimes those are excessively rugged. Now that I took a brief moment to browse, I don't think it was on this forum. What I remember, and I don't remember which forum I was on yesterday since I lurk on multiple forums was that the person was trying to get the cloak to have a smoother layer of paint by providing the surface with a little more "bite." And in all actuality, I was thinking of using sandpaper only after I had used files to smooth out the area filed down, I have been unable to have a seamless look to where I filed off mold lines, and was thinking this might help me out a bit.
  6. I've noticed on another thread here and on other boards this past week that many of the higher quality painters use fine grit sand paper to prep minis. (Smooth surface=smoother layer of paint.) "Genius," I say, then I smack my head. Is this just basic issue fine sand paper from the hardware store? Now, just to be over thorough and cautious, I'm guessing that sanding is primarily applied to large flat areas such as cloaks and armor plates, and possible some areas of flesh that don't have a lot of details.
  7. I'd say, "sure," and then I would wait for some more experienced paint mixers to comment.
  8. I've switched from basic superglue to Zap a Gap brand...I just like the little tip thingie on it better. I think they are basically the same. Glue minis, glue fingers, and occasionally when I can't get that exacto knife cut to stop bleeding quickly, works in a pinch.
  9. Paints been dry for about a year. I figured a good wipe would work, except in the crevasses. Thank you.
  10. So, I have a few 1/2 painted figs that I'm wanting to finish up, but they half a nice thin layer of dust. What's the best method of dust removal? I'm actually pleased with the work I've done on them thus far and would prefer not to mess up what's been done?
  11. IMO, which is not overly technical in regards to paints/washes/inks, yep, it's a brown wash. It works, at least at my skill level, and sometimes, I should have thinned it a tad too.
  12. How to on the shaded metallics, please?
  13. I haven't tried using the crock pot for dried beans, but I have heard you still want to follow the directions on the package for soaking them either overnight or quick soak. I'll share my recipe, it'll probably work in a crock pot, just don't have a time to set it on for you. This is for Pintos. After the soak, rinse and throw back in the pot with recommended amount of water on the package. I chop up 1/2 an onion, adjust to your tastes in onion. Then I drop in two spoonfuls of minced garlic from the jar, you could use garlic cloves for this too probably 2-3, minced. I leave it at that b/c my wife is not fond of a ham-hock in her beans, or bacon....but for added (better) flavor put in a ham-hock or toss in a couple slices of bacon. Bring to boil, then simmer until desired consistency, which is about 1.5-2 hours. I would think that this could be done via crock pot with similar results, I just don't have a ball-park for time or setting. Might have to experiment. Hope this helps somewhat.
  14. Before you pick one up, check your personal library and the books you would like to purchase to see if they are available in e-book format. I have found that much of my Fantasty/Sci Fi are not available, so I haven't picked up an e-reader yet. I will tell you one thing, I wish I could have had the option of grabbing one of these things and all of my textbooks for grad school.
  15. Essentially, I'm gonna give it a whirl. Budget wasn't large enough to justify another can of P3 or GW. I love Reaper, but there isn't a local store who carries Reaper Paints. One, however, does carry figures. Couldn't find black Krylon nor Duplicolor at Wally World, Lowe's or Home Depot. (I live in Richmond, VA too.) So, we'll see.... Thanks for the opinions and experiences though.
  16. So, not too long back, I ran out of black primer. I'm not exactly a primer loyalist, but I had some GW that I liked. Little too pricey right now though, so I hit up Lowe's and Home Depot, neither had black primer. (Used Krylon before liked it too, but I liked how thin the GW went on.) Also have some P3, but in white, I like it a lot too...I would say the P3 would be my pick right now, also a little pricey. I ran across Armory Primer, haven't used it yet, but at 5.99, I bought it. What are the thoughts of my gaming peers on Armory Primers?
  17. Thanks. It makes perfect sense. Your idea for the floor/base is something that I was practically "accidentally" making. I bought a cheap clipboard, traced out the footprint of the entire building and am in process of cutting it out. I was going to then trace the inside footprint of the walls, cast some HirstArts floor tiles and cover the floor except for where the walls will stand...essentially making the socket like piece. I may, instead of "L" shaped walls, affix the length walls together and this will make it easier to pack away and transport as all pieces can be stored flat.
  18. Picked this up years ago from Armorcast.com. (Previous owner.) I repainted it to take to the next miniature market in my area. First the pics, then the question. I need to tidy up the roof a bit paintwise, but other than that. Nothing is glued together. The side walls are three pieces with each piece containing a column and two windows. The end pieces are two pieces: the entire wall, then the triangular piece on top with the rose window. I am in the process of fitting the stained-glass windows into the walls and wondering if I should glue any of the walls together. I also have a door, should I try to affix it into the door frame? I think that it will sit in the frame nicely without being permanently affixed. My aim is to make this a "play friendly" as possible. So, do any of the wall pieces need to be attached? Secondly, floor or no floor? I am cutting an old clipboard as a base and was planning on casting HirstArts floor tiles. Should any parts of the walls be affixed to the floor, or keep it separate? Should I even make a floor? Suggestions from those who play would be appreciated. Thank you.
  19. I haven't thought about the hot water trick. I was also thinking of setting the sections on top of the ironing board and using my wife's hairdryer (NOT the iron, just the hairdryer) to heat up the resin slowly then while it was possibly slightly warm and pliable place a couple of Bibles on top of it to straighten it out...physically and spiritually.
  20. Another question too. The roof pieces have become just slightly off true...there's a little bit of warp to them. I believe it happened from the heat sitting in the attic. Right no I have some boards and books sitting on them to try to flatter them out. If that doesn't work, any suggestions? They are resin and thin.
  21. Ok, way back in the day I bought the Cathedral on Armorcast. As we know, they were bought out by whoever now runs Armorcast.com. They still have the cathedral, but not the template for the windows. Does anyone on here know anyone who might have purchased the cathedral and still have the window template? I am revamping my cathedral and need to redo the windows too. Not very optimistic, but hopeful.
  22. Well shoot. I slathered on a black wash and now I can't seem to get the color back on there or as bright, so I'm dipping him in the Simple Green. I think for round too, I'm going to use GW's Gryphonne Sepia wash, it's brownish, but not too dark. I also think I'm going to use a little more brush control than I typically do with washes and concentrate on placing the wash in the recesses and take my time with it. Suggestions? I know yellow is a beast, but would like to see if I can remotely tame this beast. More pics later on.
  23. Ok, not much to see here, but isn't that the point of a WIP. Primed white with P3 spray-on. The yellow base is Citadel Foundation Iyanden Darksun, the purple is Citadel Foundation Hormagaunt purple (Ok you can't tell it's purple but the bolter casing is purple and when I am finishing him up the shoulder pad trim will be purple too), and the black is P3 Thamar black. At this point there are no highlights, shading, or anything. I was slow and a little shaky working on the yellow. Of course its foundation and went on thick, but I wanted it to be thin and smooth, and let's just say, I'm not that smooth at thinning paint. This Marine was already put together too and you can't see it in the pics, but there are some nooks and crannies that I didn't get to. Either way, I'm doing a whole squad in this scheme to improve my skills. Without further ado here are the pics...and comments, constructive criticism, and assistant welcome. The yellow looks like I dipped him in spicy mustard...better lighting next pics.
  24. Not to sound cheesy or rip off a GW idea, but go with a dwarf or elf. Almost everyone has seen LoTR movies and can find common ground there.
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