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  1. Cardnetics.com I thought these were great...too bad a stay at home dad doesn't need business cards.
  2. So back in October, my 6 month old got a little sick. Hey pediatrician, little one is sick, here's what's going on.... Could be H1N1, keep her hydrated, keep her fever down with some Tylenol...don't come in unless fever goes up, sticks around, or can't keep fluids down. In case it isn't we don't want her to get it, too small to get vaccine. Good advice. Shoot another e-mail to pediatrician, hey we're flying in two weeks to TX so her great-grands can meet her, what do you think? "If you can avoid travel, then do so." That's what we thought. E-mail to Continental, hey we need to reschedule flight, infant probably has H1N1, not confirmed unless fever stays up, don't know when we can, we know it will be in the first quarter of 2010 any advice. Sure, you can cancel the flight, and use the funds toward rebooking. Really? That's great, what about a refund, since we're up in the air? Nope, non-refundable tix. Ok, well, if I cancel, how long do I have until I rebook? Is there a cancellation fee? According to your policy, no fee unless within 24 hours of flight? What about rebooking fee. Answer: No cancellation fee, you have (either 6 months or 1 year, I can't remember) to rebook flight. There's no fees for changing. My reply, "great, how do we use the funds...and I get the answer on looking up itinerary number, change flight, pick new flight, pay difference in airfares, blah, blah, blah.... Computer crashed in December, e-mail no longer saved. Last week recontacted Continental, hey how do I apply money from cancelled flight, get the response, still the same. Go on-line, won't happen. Call 'em up. Hey here's the story, can't change flight, this is the one we want, etc, etc.... Ok that is a $100+ rebooking fee for each passenger, two of us and it's a little over $200, plus the new higher airfare, plus we'll have to pay new checked baggage fees, yeah like we won't have checked baggage going to TX from VA for 4 days. Guess what, Continental does not have any documentation indicating that we cancelled b/c of H1N1 and someone said, "No fees." BAD WORDS IN MY HEAD, VERY BAD WORDS. Here's to hoping that either Verizon might be able to dig up the now 3 month old e-mail I used to have, or someone will be kind at the Continental desk in Richmond and throw me a bone. Here's to hoping. Very weak smile...it's not like we don't pinch extra pennies for a whole year in the first place and ask our families for some help when booking a flight in the first place. Sorry folks, but y'all are safe people to vent upon. Thanks for listening.
  3. I will mention that he does have greater skill at painting than I do, and I could learn a thing of two from him. Yet, my problem with him, which causes me to complete dismiss anything worthy that he states, is his approach that this line of paint is awesome and this one sucks. Really? I have some of the old pro-paints, a ton of old GW paints...most are now chunks of unusable plastic, just bought a triad of RMS (not tried out yet), and a smattering of P3's. Fact is, all of these paint lines are "awesome" to someone. I have found that most of us painters use a smattering of many lines. So instead of not really having a strong foundation other than opinion, I can't give the guy credibility. Now, are the Vallejo paints great? There's a lot of people who paint who love them, same thing with RMS. If, Christopher, if I remember correctly, would have stuck with "here are the facts" and "here is my experience" so "this is why I use the paints I use" he could come across more than just a jaded ex-employee. So, there you go. I honestly hope that Anne, Ed, and all the other Reaper employees, will allow us reaperites to rant and rail on their behalf and keep cranking out high quality products that keep the hobby itself alive. In the end, paint if you love it, buy the paints you like, try new things to improve your skills and share your love of the hobby with others. Now if I can only convince my wife that when our daughter is a little bit older she needs to paint "little men" too. :)
  4. I've picked up Echidnox, and Platypod...then a pair of 50mm forest bases for them. So far, the bases are primered and I have spent entirely too much time watching you-tube videos about painting and not putting theory and knowledge into practice. If I could only go see the Wizard and get some courage. I'll get 'em done soon.
  5. I had to stop around minute 3. He seems like his feelings are still hurt that his contract wasn't renewed when Nord's games closed up shop. Completely jaded. It's like asking a Circuit City employee their thoughts on CC. All I can really do is shake my head.
  6. I haven't bought any yet, but I was thinking of getting some decals from Armorcast but haven't yet. I was wondering if anyone on here has used them and what are your thoughts. Also, there is this stuff called Microsol and Microset...both appear to do the same thing, soften up the decal so you don't see the edge or film once it dries. Have you used this stuff? Which one? Are they necessary for a "clean" look that doesn't look decalish? Just wondering before I drop any money, don't have much of a budget to spend on anything and would prefer not to waste $$. 'preciate the comments.
  7. Sweet! I was thinking of an order from the war store too!
  8. I used to have Citadel's brush-on gloss varnish, but it's dried. Either I am incompetent, or just unable to find it, but does it still exist? What are some other brands? I don't want spray, because I just want to use it on areas that I want to appear wet. Thank you in advance.
  9. Do dragons have to worry about hide cancer? If I were a dragon I wouldn't worry about anything, would you?
  10. I read in a tutorial somewhere on the vast web that a quick source for cheap transluscent sometimes colored plastic are clipboards found at walmart, dollar stores, etc.... Such asclipboards.
  11. Ok so he's finished. I didn't spend the time on the details as I had planned, but sometimes done is good. I put some time on the gold accents. (I'm not trying to tackle NMM yet, but did some of "true metallic metals" that I have found on-line. I started with GQ Foundation Iyandun Darksun, then washed with GW wash Ogryn Flesh. Then I used P3 Rhulic Gold, wash in Ogryn Flesh, layer of GW burnished Gold, wash in Ogryn Flesh, and did some drybrushing on the uppermost areas of the gold with GW Mithril Silver...overkill on the silver, wash in Ogryn Flesh a couple of times to mute it back down. The rest was a base coat of something, wash to hit the shadows, then a slight highlight. (My equivalent of a speed paint.) Here are some pics of the finished product. Pics will get better, I'm working on light sources and somehow my camera does a supermacro, but I can't get it to switch over to that mode. Thanks for all the help. Next up I'm gonna work on the Echidnox and Platypod..don't know when that'll be, but hopefully in January 2010.
  12. Son of a Mother! In my rush to make my wife happy and get the dining room table cleared off from my painting supplies, I dropped this guy at about 95% finished, and sword and hand dropped off. With a nice chunk of paint and primer tearing away beautifully from his arm. Minor setback. So, the next pics I post are going to be completed pics. Finished gold accents, touched up power armor, etc.... As I dropped this guy, I cursed using my most reverent hospital chaplain voice and my wife nonchalantly asked, "Why can't he just be physically challenged?" I warned her that I was about to go all out geek on her and gave her an in-depth reason as to why a space marine chapter master cannot not have a hand and sword. I think I lost her at genetically augmented. Heh. Then she, rolled her eyes, and said, "I'm going to bed, get some glue and put his hand back on and quit crying about it!"
  13. I wouldn't say that I am quick to dismiss the Foundations and the Washes. So far, I really like them. Some of that post was me spewing to myself evaluating the current tools that I have. I think I might try to pick up a triad or two of the MSP's to see how I like them. I would like to believe that I am in the market for a new paint set. I'm just trying to figure out which I want to start to accumulate. For a while I was thinking I would get the whole set of Citadel, but the more I'm using my old GW paints the less I like...that and half of my colors are useless plastic and they are the same age as my ProPaints, which I really like. What it boils down to is whether I like ProPaints or RMS, and I haven't used RMS yet. Oh, thanks Skeleton Todd for the encouragement...and you're right about the power armour, it seems that it would look right without multiple layers...base coat with shading in the recesses then roll with it. I may attempt to pick up "How to Paint Space Marines" to get some help with the power armor too. Just ordered my first Triad of RMS: I went for the Royal Purples since all of my purples are useless hunks of plastic lying dormant in the bottom of octagon shaped pots. >:(
  14. Let my amazing photography skills astound you! Ok, these pics are the best I could get and they aren't worth the space to post, but I did it anyway. Essentially all you can see is that the armor is blue and the Tamiya clear blue made it shiny. (When finished, he will get a matte varnish.) Ok here goes. Citadel Foundation Mordian Blue, I like these paints as foundations, but I think that as I get better with blending and layering, I'll probably scrap them as a base coat and just build up from black undercoat or a white undercoat. I think I get the point of the foundations and the washes from GW, to make a decent looking army with shading and highlighting without putting a lot of skill into it. Either way I like it thus far. That's the foundation. Then a wash of GW Badab Black, with two washes of Asurmen Blue. P3 Exile Blue, mixed with Mordian Blue, no real ratio, just enough to make it look lighter somewhat. P3 Exile blue... The P3's are my favorite paints right now that I own. (I don't have any MSP's, they may be my favorite b/c they are the only ones I have that aren't 6yrs+ old...other than GW foundation and washes.) Reaper Pro Paint Dragon Blue mixed with P3 Exile Blue. Dragon Blue straight, then I attempted to highlight one more time by mixing a little Pegasus Blue with the Dragon blue, didn't work too well. So I muted it back down with another Mordian Blue, which actually helped my shadows and smooth my blending a little. Lastly one coat of Tamiya Clear Blue to attempt to mute the transitions. Ok, I might be jumping ahead of my skill, but I couldn't even tell that I had transitions, I don't really think I do, but large flat areas like armor are different than cloth. Not as though one can really tell by my pictures, how any of this really played out. Next, I'm moving onto the golden accents and the head of this little fella. Criticisms are welcome. I'm looking to grow with my skillset. I'm working on a better light source to take pics, and need to spend some time to get the pics better. Thank you for perusing.
  15. Two different shots of the same thing. What I have done here is begin with a GW wash of Baal Red, can't remember how many times I did this, 2 or 3. Then I wanted it deeper so I did 2-3 washed of GW Devlan Mud. Then another wash of Baal Red to mute the browns a tad. Grabbed my P3 Sanguine Highlight, mixed a little with my GW Mechrite Red with a little water too. Brushed this on a couple of times. Did a few layers of Sanguine Highlight. Then mixed the Sanguine with Reaper Pro-Paint Firehawk, couple of layers there, then a couple of layers of straight Firehawk. Out of all honesty, this has been the smoothest I have ever made my transitions. Now, while it isn't a spectacular as OllieKickFlip, or SkeletonTodd, I'm pleased. My standard is those two painters, as of now, and I'm going to continue working until I get there. I may do a thin glaze to see if I can smooth the transition a little bit more, but I think this cloak is close to the point of leave it alone before you jack it up. More pics to come for the rest of model. After I feed the little one, take her to see her mother at work, and get some more painting done. Comments are welcome, suggestions are too. Let's discuss. Edit: since posting these pics, I gave a quick watered down layer of Tamiya Clear Red, this eased some of the transitions, made them a little smoother, made me a little happier, all that jazz...
  16. Ooh, working on my camera fu, and my complex posting fu. (Note to board moderators, I don't know how to make images smaller, but as I learn I will do so...if I need to do something else with my uploads, I am educatable!) Ok, this is one of GW's Chapter Masters. This photo just shows that I primered this little fella black, then put down a coat of GW Foundation Mechrite Red. That's it, pretty simple, I guess. (I'll worry about the blues later.)
  17. Yeah, so with much analyzing, I think I was headed in the right direction until I added a not-thinned-enough highlight coat of bilious green. So...strip 'em down, and start over. I was happy with them through the foundation and first two highlight coats. Here's what I used. They were primered black. Foundation coat of Citadel Foundation Orkhide Shade, then I essentially dry-brushed a layer of GW Snot Green, wash of GW Thraka Green, wash of GW Devlan Mud to give more shading...pretty happy at this point, but want it a little brighter. Snot green, wash of thraka green, still happy. Layer of goblin green...mmm, little too stark, another wash of Thraka Green, now I want the skin to "POP" a little bit more, so I start with Bilious green, and crash! I don't think new paints are in my future, so I think I'll strip and start to mix these colors some to give more gradients of color along with thinning more. Now, I have nothing around here to strip them with, so I have a start of a Space Marine Chapter Master. So, I'll post pics of that as a WIP. Give me some time and patience...I'm a stay at home father and there's not a whole lot of time not devoted to feeding, playing, no don't eat that mini, ahhh, nap time, I need a nap too....
  18. Yes, it is helpful and thank you. I'm definitely not getting the thinning correct, either too thin and it is a glaze or too thick and I have blocky/chalkyness going on. That and I am in the process of breaking the drybrushing habit. I'll still get pics up for commentary soon. One question for you Skeleton Todd: Approximately how many layers of shadows and highlights to you typically place? I believe my issue is one of patience right now. Can't see a difference, more paint, can't see a difference, more paint, can't see a...too much paint! Now I can't even really tell where my shadows were.
  19. Ok, so after rereading my post, I recognize that I might be a little too greedy for the grace that these board members offer. So, unless someone is eager to go, here is a suggested compromise. I am working on two orc/goblin/greenskin thingies. I will give my best effort tomorrow to get WIP pictures of each of them. That way maybe we can see what's going on, on how to improve my skills. I know I need to thin my paints, heck, I need new paints, because I'm salvaging Citadel paints that I bought 6+ years ago...I used to have much more colors, but unsalvageable hunks of plastic must be tossed and I now realize that my Pro-paints (pre master series) were supplementary to my collection of Citadels. So, let's see what I can get posted picturewise on here soon.
  20. For some reason I just can't get it right. Would anyone be willing to really break down their layering process with pictures. I mean, here is my base coat, here is my first layer, here is my second layer, etc...? I'm quite visual, but just can't get it down on the mini. I will post a pic of the two minis I'm working on tomorrow. Edit: I have officially jacked this thread and have turned it into a WIP of a WarHammer 40k Chapter Master model with the hopes that constructive criticism and suggestions will help me improve my painting abilities.
  21. Ok, so it's been approximately 5 years since I have really attempted painting. My most advanced tool in my painter's toolbox is drybrushing. Most of my paints have long since dried out (Citadel), and I have a limited palette of ProPaints, picked up some P3 paints 2 years ago, and bought the new Foundation paints and Washes from Citadel...but I digress. Ok, so all I'm really looking at doing is improving my painting quality. (At best I might be tabletop quality, I'll consider myself "new" to the painting experience.) My plan is to paint. I don't game, I just want to paint...for now. I don't have room to keep minis around, so I would like to auction off what I paint. I'm not even looking at making money, just covering the cost of the mini and shipping, now if I make a profit, then bonus. What sites would be decent to get started on auctioning? (I'll post finished projects on these boards, of course no auctioning here, just seeking constructive criticism and encouragement.) How do others repackage painted minis? If I have boxes and stat cards, I'll send them to the buyer. Like I said, right now, I'm low quality, want to cover expenses, and attempt to improve my skills. Thoughts? Suggestions? Jokes? Comments? Please, let's discuss.
  22. We have a Vietnamese place called the Phu-King. You can even get a shirt for the place that has, "It's Phu-King good!"
  23. Most definitely, excellent job on this. Just imagine a little water effects to get some drool dripping from his mouth.
  24. Definitely not completed. Need to put a few more layers of paint on 'em, then attempt to make some lines for depth. You can't really tell it either, but I did carve them with an exacto and used my pin vise for the eyes. Not hollowed out though, that would make them too fragile. This is also my first pic post, I've been lurking for over 6 years. Hopefully, the acorns will inspire me to bring out a mini or two and work off the rust and try some new techniques. As of right now, drybrushing is my most advanced. This is also a post where I'm working on my camera-fu. Enjoy. I'm also using photobucket, so if no image, someone with more intelligence than I, please speak up.
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