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  1. I agree, don't post written guidelines. I was able to shirk my office dress code upon a technicality. "Men are expected to wear ties." I'm sorry I don't meet your expectations, but my job performance indicates I am a good worker and I do not see where it explicitly says "Men must wear ties." So I don't. Paying customers think it is their "Right" as a customer to behave however they desire. Your store, your right to serve whomever you desire. Make an example out of one, banish him or...um...her. If the others don't get the picture then they can take their unwashed nasty selves back to their mother's basement and set up shop there.
  2. I know that I am sinning by posting an article by GW, but they go through some techniques for weathering tanks here and provide some pics for reference, you might be able to adapt and apply to your model. Tank weathering
  3. First of all, I can't do OSL for crap. Your technique looks pretty darn great. The only constructive criticism I would provide is to brighten it up a bit. IMO it just looks a little "dark" for the streaming gouts of fire glow. Now, must go try OSL and practice what I preach.... Final word: Awesome job!
  4. I am the bad gift giver of the family. I admit it, but I don't feel guilty. My family is the one that can't have the conversation that buying all, I mean, ALL of you a present is too much. So, I buy something local for the extended ones. This year its a bag of VA peanuts, no one lives in VA, but my wife and I. It'll be great to get that crap from the others in return too.
  5. I love playing with the HA molds. When I lived in NC, I actually made the cathedral via his instructions. I used excalibur and had it based on 1/2 inch plywood. It weighed a ton. Unfortunately, moving to Richmond and back into an apartment, I left it on the doorstep of my local FLGS, hoping it didn't get tossed. (I tried to give it to them, but they had no storage area, and since I don't game, I didn't leave it easily to disassemble and play with.) I will say that Bruce's instructions on his web-site worked awesome when I followed them. I do recommend that you take time when casting. Sometimes, I would get sidetracked and not scrape the molds, or would scrape too early and I was left with uneven bricks. Lastly, tap the molds, vibrate the molds, whatever you do to tap the air bubbles out and spray, with the soapy water to help release the bubbles. Take some time with casting, then have a blast...it really is like grown up legos, well, I still play with legos too.
  6. Thanks for the tutorial! May I ask the make and model of the camera used to take the pics?
  7. Congratulations! I saw your fig last night while perusing the GW website.
  8. Typically on vibrate, when the ringer is on it plays the Theme from Sanford and Son, except when work calls, then it's Crazy Train.
  9. Awesome job with your red-fu. I'm green with envy of your skill.
  10. What if we began to clearcoat the unwashed hands of the gamers to prevent the transfer of their body funk onto our minis?
  11. I made the switch after my PC repetitiously crashed. I was a little slow at reprogramming my mind to understand OSX and now love the Mac. (I have a Powerbook G4.) My wife who has a much lower patience level with learning new programs has now come around and also loves the Powerbook and OSX because of its ease to understand, once you take the initiative to understand the differences. I have been quite chagrined at the low offering of great games, but now that the new OS is out along with Boot Camp and the new Power PCs, why not switch? If you are going to drop a couple grand on a computer get the best of both worlds.
  12. I found that Armorcast.com is back for business! Unfortunately there is no medieval buildings...sigh.
  13. I post rarely. I generally do when I have something to say, other than that I read other posts. Unfortunately, I haven't picked up a brush in 3 years now. I know, I know, blasphemy. I'm hoping that in the near future I may be able to begin anew.
  14. Personally, I love the paint jobs. Oddly enough I am attracted to the lack of variety of paint jobs, it adds a little to the "worn adventurer" look. Well, that's my opinion and we all know what those are like...don't we?
  15. Is there any other company that produces similar medieval buildings? I loved painting the two Armorcast buildings that I bought and thought that they worked well with my Hirst Arts stuff.
  16. Spare key just for this! Oh! Gave it to new girlfriend. Crap! We just broke up.
  17. Unfortunately I haven't painted in quite some time. Recently I desired to pick up a brush and begin all over again. Much to my chagrin, a majority of my paints have now dried up (Citadel) no biggie, I've had these for about 7yrs now. I have some of the Pro Paints, but not much of a color variety, when I started purchasing them, I did so to replace dried out Citadels and extend my color palette. Here comes the question. I am thinking about attempting to get the MSP paints within the next six months. I like what I hear about them and I figured that I would attempt to start from scratch and relearn my painting techniques. Keep in mind that my most advanced technique involves...(wait for it)...drybrushing...(gasp!) I see where I can buy the MSP's essentially in two large bulk purchases. But there are new colors coming frequently. If I were to buy the MSP's, let's say tomorrow, would they include the new paints that are advertised today on the Reaper Home page? If not, then how often do new colors come out and how many more are expected to be developed? When I make the decision to drop a chunk of cash, since we don't even really have any cash, I wish to have an idea of how often I might have to make additional purchases to stay on top of things and maintain the status of having the "full line" of MSP paints.
  18. Wumby


    Thanks for the e-mail address, Qwyk. I chose to inform Ebay in hopes that they may be interested.
  19. Wumby


    Since, y'all are in my extended community I thought I would share this...especially since I'm pretty sure it's a scam. I received this e-mail supposedly from ebay: Dear eBay Member! Thank you for your choice of eBay. By this message we report you that our support service has found an error in your account data. We apologize for possible inconveniences but you can use your card only for identification, no charges are possible. Your billing information is meant to be stored in a safe place. To establish an account of a seller only actual debit and credit cards can be used. That's why do verify your account information. When the payment is made automatically, get invoice and your card is charges in 5-7 days after it. Please undergo the procedure of data confirmation. You should bear in mind that account may not be recognized by non-payers and you'll have to accept costs. Please, accept your data by clicking here Please, take this issue seriously. We assure you that these are precautionary measures for safe storage of your account data. They are taken for the sake of your account and data protection. The eBay Team Copyright © 1999-2006 eBay. 1) I'm not even an ebay member. So I know that this is false. 2) Ebay could probably afford to pay some lowly grad student to proof-read this e-mail before sending it out to "member." Just a bunch of crap. I know everyone here is capable of critical thinking, but I wanted to share. J.Rat
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    First of all I can't even remember if there is a whole series of books based upon the realm of Magic: the Gathering. If there is, what are some humble opinions on the texts? As of now the only fantasy fiction that regularly read is from the Fogotten Realms, which I typically like all of these books even the most sloppily written ones. I read a plethora of other books, but for this topic I am most interested in opinions of this particular series. Thanks folks.
  21. For a cool $50 bucks, I'll sell you instructions on how to find your own classic rocks. No longer will you have to pay $0.50 per rock. Limited time offer, you must act now!
  22. Another option is to check out the local junk-yard. (If they have those in other places than the south.) You might be able to find a car like yours that has a decent exhaust system and get it cheap. The next step would be installing it, that's where you might run into a little more cash exchanging hands, but this method might be cheaper than buying it new. Worth a look.
  23. Issues with cancelling credit cards...I've simply gotten into the habit to give a written notice, telephone notice, then I dispute having the account repeatedly through Credit Bureaus, while continually disputing the charges. It seems to get the job done, without much effort from me.
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