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  1. Those minis look like I painted them. I'm Ok at painting, but have no chance to be a paid/commissioned painter. Wumby's final assessment: Pathetic Teaser.
  2. No. the enemies are not you, they are leprechauns. Will the leprechauns steal my soul while I sleep?
  3. I checked the degauss function. I checked and rechecked the connection of the monitor with the PC. I don't really want to drop any more cash, but I will probably have to since my wife and I both are continuing our education this fall. I just bought a Powebook last week and was hoping to get another year or two out of the Dell (Three yrs old now.) I may just scrounge up some cash and get a new desktop, albeit a cheap one...I didn't spare any expense on this laptop. Thanks folks.
  4. So I have been able to successfully clean off my hard-drive and get back on track (I used a friend, so I can't take credit for the work.) Now, before I bother this friend again, I want to ask the folks here whether in their opinions am I having monitor issues, video card issues, or what. Today I have begun to have what appears to be a scrambling on my monitor. I have unplugged the monitor from my desktop, and plugged it into my powerbook...now everything seems to be working fine. So, it seems that my issue may now concern my graphics card. Does anyone else seem to think that this is the issue, or could it be something else? I think if I have to drop some cash for a video card, I might just go ahead and switch the desktop over to a Mac also. I'm tired of dropping money into the money pit. Any thoughts, suggestions, or comments?
  5. The good news is that I don't have any pics or music on here. So most of what is taking up HD space is my OS, games that I don't play anymore, and stuff like that.
  6. I do not think that this re-do would be too overly time consuming, nordo I have enough files to keep that warrants me buying an external USB. I have a 512mb flash drive that already contains all of my grad school work, the various other files that I want to keep (resume) and all of my Wife's documents. I haven't backed up MSMoney files, like it prompts me to do everytime I exit. I don't even have many drivers that will need reinstalling: printer, scanner, replacement dial-up modem, and DSL modem stuff. Everything else is inconsequential. A few e-mails and addresses that I need to keep (under 12). Then all I will have to do is redownload McAfee (I have already paid for it til December, I might switch to Norton then). And redownload Ad-Adware. Like I said, everything else is inconsequential. (I have only used 9.94 GB of hard-drive space out of 120GB.) So should I think I will go ahead with it. (If I do get in over my head, next week is Spring Break and I could probably find a friend to bail me out.) Thanks for the information thus far.
  7. I am running XP, I have a flash drive that I will back up most if not all of "My Documents." I'll begin doing this re-up this weekend after I have had time to double-check for disks, drivers, and programs that I will want to re-install. Thanks for your help.
  8. Greetings, I am Wumby and I am inept at computer fixing. Here we go. I want to remove everything from this computer and start over new. I have had this computer for three years and ocasionally run defragment and scan disk. Despite my futile efforts this machine has contunally grown a personality with endearing quirks. Therefore, I wish to give it the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. How do I do this? I need details. (PM me for my e-mail address if that will help.) I have all install disks that I need, I think. Here's the thing though. I want to keep some files and programs. I know that I will have to re-download McAfee, Ad-Aware, and all of the wonderful downloadable fixes available from Microsoft Corp. I also want to retain all of my graduate work, MSMoney files and other files. I have many many floppies that I can use for backing up data if needed. So, how do I start. Once again, I am inept. Someone will probably have to spend some time with details, if they take on the project of guiding me through this crap. Oh, additional information. I have DSL and I think I still have the disk for reloading all of that information. I still have a dial-up modem, but not the one that came with the computer and would like to re-install the driver. I actually hope that I can purchase a new computer within the next year and pass this one to my mother who is not in an area where DSL is available. Please, Obi-Wan of the computer world, you are my only hope....
  9. My two cents. (Which may have already been stated.) Stores dedicated to gaming alone are fantastic. However, we (the players) desire for these stores to be around for a while, not just two years. I think that if you open a gaming store and stock gaming products, that to help generate business and revenue you might need to branch out slightly. For example, those gamers who love to make terrain need supplies. I know that personally I like Woodland Scenics products. Including these products is not that far of a stretch, but model railroaders also use these products. Therefore, including a small section dedicated to the model railroader with trains, track, and buildings, might be a decent idea. But, be careful, we don't want our hands in too many cookie jars. Decide what your niche is, stick with it, but be creative in your ideas for bringing in customers. Good luck!
  10. You should only use the corn-cob pipes that you purchased to figure out how to make your own corn-cob pipe. There's nothing like smokimg quality tobacco from a "made it myself" corncob pipe!
  11. No, no, no. You have found more freedom:
  12. but it's ok, there's another sandwhich
  13. no mayonaise or onions, especially onions
  14. angry at the roller disco champion
  15. but Brain and his assistant Pinky
  16. and shaking his "grooved thang" rapidly
  17. I am not an avid fan of poetry, but took the time to read your poems. Some of them I like and some of them I don't, and unfortunately I cannot give you reasons. However...I do feel that there is a progression of growth and development of your poetry that I find pleasing. I say carry on and don't get discouraged and continue to seek feedback to help feed your talent.
  18. which are logical poems of nonsense
  19. Smooth and Creamy, unless they make a jar of the kind found in Reese's P-nut Butter Cups. Is sleep overrated?
  20. Yes, biased and nasty critiques do inflict "Critical" Damage, but not always. The person who dishes out nasty critiques, will eventually dish one out to someone like "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, he's the baddest man in the whole [email protected] town." Who in turns deals out critical damage with a heaping helping of beat down stew and a tall glass of shut the he!! up. Will this thread help me attain the sacred golden ring?
  21. The two people who have grudges that match. When will one of us build a real CAV from junked car parts?
  22. Teddy is at the library. The one on West Fifth Street. Where can I find the best sweet iced tea? I mean good southern US, would you like a little tea with your sugar sweet iced tea.
  23. You have my permission to succumb...now. (not that I have authority to grant permission, but it is great to pretend.) Should I ditch Greek today? It's the only class I have on Fridays.
  24. I wish you many raucous festivities on your special days.
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