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  1. This year was my first Reapercon, and I thought I’d share my impressions, that it may be of use to those who have not been and have been curious about it. Graba coffee as I am notoriously long-winded... First of all, you should put in perspective that I’ve been in the miniatures hobby for 4 and a half years, and up to recently, my sphere of knowledge and interest was limited to the GW range. I’ve attended several Gamesdays and Golden Demon painting competitions. Those are large, sterile events, where you get to pay to participate in their hobby. The first thing that struck me at Reaper was that you are a welcomed addition to the hobby from the getgo, and should you so choose to buy Reaper or paint from another range of miniature is all up to you. The commercial pressure see in other companies’ events was completely abscent from the whole weekend. It really felt like a celebration of the hobby we all share in its many aspects, from gaming to painting to sculpting. Unity through the hobby, everyone had things to share, teach and learn from each other. Talking to the Reaper staff, you really had the genuine feeling that what you say mattered, something you don’t get in larger Cons. I was asked what I thought of the Reaper paint line (which I have unfortunately not tried yet) because if I had something smart to say about it, it could be incorporated in the next batch of paint! When was the last time your conversations had a chance to have meaningful impact on your hobby by chatting with the people that make it happen? This convivial approach to everything at Reaper really blew me away, especially from someone used to the larger commercial companies. The painting competition was outstanding to me. I would estimate there were 200 to 300 pieces entered, from historical to anime themes, and the amount of high quality work, professional-level I would say, was much above what I hoped for. In my opinion the quantity of superb paintjobs was superior to the usual North American Golden Demons I have been to. The room was a bit cramped with the large table in the middle and the photo station at one end. I would however recommend removing the central table in the middle for a smaller one and have the photo boot placed in the corner to the right side of the door, so people could walk around the room shelves and not get in the way of the picture-taking operation as much. At the risk of sounding conceded (I brought home some trophies YAY!), I thought the judging was very well handled, clearly the advanced techniques used on many models did not go unnoticed like they often do in other “commercial” painting competitions. The judges knew their stuff and as such I recommend this experience to all you aspiring painters out there. Throughout the event there was a large area with anywhere between 5 and 20 experts working on projects, available to talk and discuss their work and techniques. God knows I still have so much to learn in painting, but this was for me the opportunity to see sculptors at work on the next models I’ll just have to add to my collection. Special Thanks to Gene Van Horne and Jason Wiebe, both gentlemen putting up with hours and hours worth of my incessant questions about their craft. You guys really opened my eyes to Sculpting and Greenstuff, and I am so psyched to get to work on green putty! I REALLY appreciate it, I am in your debt. There were many others who graciously spared time for me but my terrible memory means I forgot your names, my apologies. So to close this off: Reapercon was my discovery of a whole universe outside the GW bubble I had kept with so far, and I tell you the outside world is a vast and amazing place. After painting for years with the purpose of playing an army or entering a painting competition, Reapercon, for the first time, made me want to paint miniatures for the simple pleasure of painting and creating. Of course I came back with 20 models I just HAVE to paint, and though I make no promise to pant them all, I wish to sincerely thank Reaper and its devoted staff for the best 3 days in the hobby I’ve had. You guys in your attitude and enthousiasm rekindled my interest in the hobby I had almost abandoned. My most heartfelt thank you to the good people at Reaper, you guys ROCK! Now where can I preorder my Ticket for Reapercon 2010 again?
  2. I am discovered! Wow I'm happy to recognize names here. It will be great to catch up and pick each other's brains. mmmmm brains... @olliekickflip: As for other Canadians, I'm going lone wolf on this one, so I wouldn't know. I didn't plan on bringing anything at all but if you insist, I'll dust off an old model or two, but only if you do the same! ...And Hey! No hogging Gene! He's all mine! @Lunchbox: You'll be dissapointed if you expect me to "destroy the other humans" at the competition. To be honest this trip to RCon is really me trying to rekindle my interest in this hobby I almost abandonned. I haven't really painted in 8 months, crazy career and 70h work weeks... I'll try but I don't know if I will find the time or motivation to at least paint something, I'm not too sure I remember how to hold a brush . So thank you once again for volunteering to paint me a model so I don't get pointed out and laughed at for having nothing to present at the painting competition . I do expect to be wow'ed once again by the leaps and bounds with which your are progressing with your painting. I expect no less than a killing spree with the judges. Any plans to part with NMM and venture out to indulge us with real metallics? @Vaitalla: I am SO GLAD to see ReaperCon provides this rare opportunity to learn about the mysterious and occult art of fashionning putty into our hobby. There are now tons of great ressources to learn to paint now, but still so few venues to learn sculpting, which to me needs even more hands on to leanr that painting. The North American hobby community has been maturing by learning from layering to NMM phases and more recently european-style techniques, and I feel now more and more are daring to try and sculpt. If we can all learn to sculpt, then creativity will no longer have any limits, and we'll see fantastic things come out from everywhere. ...Aww thanks a lot guys, now I really can't wait for ReaperCon to come and there's still 4 weeks to endure...
  3. Oh Mr Van Horne! I am booked on your Sunday classes about sculpting faces, this I am really looking forward to. I do have tools but in the airplane ride to Texas, unless I check in baggage, those tools are considered weapons of mass slaughter... I assume the putty of choice for the classes will be Green Stuff? or will we deal with others? As for questions, They are already singed in my mind, no notepad required. The first of which is (in case Mr Van Horne is still reading): "Magic Sculpt and other similar sandable putty (as opposed to GS) gives me greater confidence as they allow to return after curing to refine, carve and sand my way to exactly what I want. That works fine for armor and other geometric shapes, and better on larger scale models like 54mm. However the elasticity of GS is more appropriate to organic shapes, but harder to work with for me. Do you believe 32mm scale models can still be achieved with putty such as Magic sculpt or Milliput, or really GS offers too great a bvenefit at that small scale to pass up? In other words, I feel Magic sculpt allows me the comfort of having little talent and still achieve results by fixing things constantly and just working hard at it, whereas sculpting with GS seems to be more about raw talent at handling the putty and creating the exact shapes in one shot. Am I mistaken?" Thanks for your time!
  4. Hey there! I've decided to make the trip and attend Reapercon this year as it sounds like a lot of fun (and I could really use some sculpting classes!) I'm totally new here on this forum (and with Reaper in general) and I'm hoping I can get a few pointers regarding classes preparation. I'm booked for a few sculpting classes but I could not find a clear indication as to what I am expected to bring. Do I show up, sit down and use the provided material? Should I bring my own putty and tools? Bring my own torturing apparel to extripate talent juices from the sculptors? I guess it depends on which class... is there a list anywhere that describes what is required for each class, that I may have missed? Thanks guys!
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