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  1. My trade in got screwed up, I filled a packet with figures and parts I needed, left it with an order for 1 missing part to be cast, then when it didn't show up on Friday. I returned Sunday, picked it up, but it wasn't the stuff I had selected, or the part I needed. I was very disappointed. This may be my last Reapercon. They've been fun, I think the lead turn is great, but I think I'm just losing interest. Good luck guys, still a fan.
  2. I am absolutely sure you are a competent painter. You teaching skills may be lacking though. Here are a couple of tips: I do not expect you to demonstrate your skill, I don't want you to demonstrate your technique, I want to learn your technique. I realize it may take several hours to complete what you are showing me, don't try to prove it in our short time. Use big models to demonstrate what you mean. No one can really see what you are doing to the 28mm figure from five feet away.. Get a big figure, like one of those eight inch toy soldiers and a 1/4" brush to demonstrate the way you apply paint to the folds in the cloth, and to point out how you look at the figure to determine where the light hits. Always have the students demonstrate the technique. Always give them a practice figure. Always provide all the materials they are going to use, so that you can control what they are doing. Think about how you say things. 'I paint the figure the same way I look at it' doesn't really tell me what you are doing. Don't bring 600 bottles of paint and four tool boxes to class and use only two things. Be prepared and use what you have prepared. Rehearse. I don't know if you get paid to teach, if Reaper gives you figures to demo on. Maybe its not worth it to you, if you don't want to do it, don't. I've had several great classes, some good classes and a couple bad classes. I appreciate the work that goes into the simplest of classes and how hard it is to explain something that has taken several years to learn. Thanks to you who teach well and thanks to you who try.
  3. I play Regimental Fire and Fury, a civil war miniatures game in 28mm. I would love to see any figure from that era, Union or Confederate soldier, officer or general. Officers and generals especially, as the sculpting for reapers make them stand out.
  4. Very nice, nice metal work and fine painting. Lots of brown on this figure, so it seems kinda subdued. Realistic look.
  5. All very nicely done. The dead or monstorous flesh against the colorful costumes or jewelry makes them visually interesting. Well done on the Reptillian figure. Why they have breasts? Because they can!
  6. You know she's evil cause she's green. Skinny dark figures vanish before your eyes so you have to through something in to keep them in view. Like blue hair and a polka dotted staff.
  7. I love these two. They reminded me of a couple of people I know, but I would never let on that to them. I grinned the whole time I painted them.
  8. I really like older minies, though they can't really compare to the sculpting of the new models. One I really always liked was the grenadier wyvern, it was a chunky but the sculpt really looked very natural and animated. I stripped it, repinned the wings and did a repaint.
  9. This has obsorbed me for the past 6 months. I wanted to really practice NMM nd I had a greek army to paint. There is little on painting bronze, but bronze can range from a dark brown to a shiny white, depending on how much its polished. The greek army handed down gear from father to son and much of it was booty from other armies, so it's a fantastic eclectic collection. Also, the greeks were democratic, and all classes served, so some only wore a tunic and carried a pike, while others were in complete polished armor. Given that the campaigns may not have given the soldiers time to polish their armor, while richer soldiers may have had servants to do this, the greek army would have differing degrees of polish and equipment. I didn't like the decals, so i painted each shield.
  10. I applaud your work. I've been dancing with this elusive technique for better than a year. I think you are doing all the right things, its the subtle blending that really makes it work. That takes a lot of practice. I recently painted a greek army trying NMM on bronze. I got to try a lot of different things. That may be the way to home in on your techniques, paint a lot of similar figures at once, repeating the process and watching the differences take affect. When you do a single figure you paint a lot of different things, but if you work on twenty helmets in row, you start to see things you wouldn't with just one (Like spots, dancing before your eyes).
  11. I think he did Zardoz to break out of the Bond Genre. He wanted people to stop thinking of him as 'James Bond.' He saw this script and said 'that'll do.'
  12. I like the colors. Turquoise is a beautiful color but hard to work with and you demonstrate how it should look. I think they look fine together. Militarily, the colors were meant to be easily identifiable on the field, with lots of contrast, so any wild combination is reasonable. Mauves and fuschai were not popular though.
  13. Amicable Amateur

  14. THe patches are a bit redundent, being on every piece of clothing and white with black threads. Try painting a hole or a rip and flapping piece. A large patch over the seat would be both realistic and comedic.
  15. The color of the face is altered by the background and yellows inthe picture (I think). It also looks like an odd scyulpt, like a japanese kabuki mask or something. The chin looks too big, and the features are contorted. This may be good for the sculpt, but hard to paint as a mini. When there is no other flesh on a piece exept the face, you get a disjointed effect, it doesn't tie in anything else in the figure. I tend to paint these faces a lighter shade than a 'fleshier' figure, the paler flesh seeming to establish its difference from the rest of the figure, armored or robed.
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