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  1. @PaganMegan Maybe the parents are down low Juggalos.
  2. Here's a plot hook of a Mesopotamian flavor. I'll let y'all deduce where it originated.
  3. That's what I did when I read y'all's posts. Time to cue up Cemetery Gates- been a while since I gave it a listen.
  4. We're getting there, slowly but surely. Of course if this research would've been done back in the '70's and 80's... https://testset.io/2020/07/10/research-shows-batteries-made-from-hemp-are-superior-to-lithium-graphene/ https://www.cannabis-mag.com/hemp-batteries/ https://wayofleaf.com/blog/hemp-vs-lithium-batteries
  5. No I did not. I did have some Kicking Horse Three Sisters earlier this evening and I am sufficiently caffeinated, though. There are no coincidences... mind what you say! The Empire has eyes all over this forum.
  6. obligatory page 420 cannabis post. Pick Your Own Hemp field. Near Mebane, North Carolina... might be time for a road trip... https://northcarolinanewsdaily.com/pick-your-own-hemp-farm/
  7. For Eastern Carolina style pork, Scott's Family Barbecue Sauce or George's Barbecue Sauce. For anything else I don't really have a preference. ('cause it ain't barbecue )
  8. It's only cheating if you claim someone else work as your own. ;) Go with the most efficient painting methods required to reach your goals. 'Course I haven't even picked up a brush in years. <shrugs> eta That reminds me- I still have that Pan Oceana Joan de Arc that was shipped with AG's 2nd book (it was from the 1st volume...) just waiting to be finished... maybe I'll get to it before the year's out.
  9. So I went to the Readywise website to do a price comparison...
  10. Just one- Peach Tree Tower in Atlanta for the 1992 Peach Bowl. Buddy of mine scored tickets off a mutual former classmate. I think her parents had rented a room on the 30th floor or thereabouts. I got a good look of the city out the window wall when the gin and juice fueled vertigo kicked in, so I promptly walked across the room to "have a seat". I can say though that she was looking 10/10 in her black skintight miniskirt that night.
  11. Been a while since I gave Leviathan a listen. Time to cue it up.
  12. They won't be able to figure out how to ask the more pertinent questions if everybody continues to "do it for them", now will they.
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