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  1. Knowing "why", generally speaking. Or possibly, Wyrd. Perhaps I'm already far along that path.
  2. ~~Random Occurrence~~ So, it's raining in The Pitt, like it has been for the past week or so and it got me thinking that I could use some mood music. I was thinking I'd give Steve Conte's version of Rain a listen-it's been a while. I cue up this video Cowboy Bebop - Rain - The Seatbelts & Steve Conte thoroughly enjoy the track and wouldn't you know it, as Conte finishes the last phrase of the last verse, thunder rumbles pretty close to my location... kinda like it was put there. Like it happened with purpose... definitely fit the mood... wyrd.
  3. ~~Random Happening~~ Men's Basketball ECU 82 (5) Houston 73
  4. They should've observed the Rules of Acquisition: Number 1.
  5. @Thoramel @Pegazus It would be nice if Melvin, Citron and whoever loaned those companies the financial backing necessary to re-rig the market would own up to their obligations. I think they've all tripled down on their positions... when they've got mass media and the government carrying their water you know they're in deep. You can tell when a thing is popular when folk perform songs about it... tendiemancome.webm
  6. Let the unethical blood suckers who shortsell and cannabalize good companies twist in the wind. There have been some pretty good discussions about this around the web. I wonder when the powers that be are going to try to shut it down... Buy and Hold. Make Them Suffer~ Cannibal Corpse I'm waiting for mechanical augments so I can sign up for a PMC contract, myself.
  7. They finally figured it out. https://interestingengineering.com/scientists-discover-why-roman-concrete-gets-stronger-over-time
  8. Great movie! Werewolves of London has a new lyric video... Warren Zevon is an artist I haven't heard in a while.
  9. We might just preempt the "eventual" AI singularity on that one... Planned Harvard balloon test in Sweden stirs solar geoengineering unease- Reuters News Looks like an initial planning stage of Operation Dark Storm ? The Feds and various other states can't recognize cannabis for what it truly is soon enough.
  10. @Mad Jack Here's something that might help... a do it yourself cannabis infused foot soak . Seems like there're putting that stuff into everything nowadays. Seriously though, hope your issues get taken care of. @PaganMegan a Reapering is in order, perhaps?
  11. Happy New Year, folks! Don't pull Jasper's finger.
  12. *Runs predictive analytics subroutines... Hmmm... ... I'm just gonna go with survival for 2021.
  13. Using hexane or butane to decarb isn't necessary but NYC Diesel probably isn't a good strain to use anyway... I do like the idea of better branded Motorhead Brau, though. If I ever get out of The Pitt and to a legal state, I'll definitely explore it. https://beerandbrewing.com/brewing-with-cannabis/
  14. @Thoramel If you can do it, throw some New York City Diesel into the recipe. That'll definitely produce a healthy fear of the brew.
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