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  1. That reminds me I need to buy some moar 'industrial hemp flower'. Was seriously considering a road trip to the pick your own hemp farm til I saw how much they charged... $60 an ounce for uncured bud. I really should just move to Virginia and grow my own.
  2. His work in the 90's was pretty funny... he did a great Burt Reynolds parody.
  3. I first got a glimpse of what it was like to "feel like a 'grown-up'" when I was about nine years of age. During my studying various religions and governmental systems and how they used/misused cannabis, I realized the only way for me to be able to live in accordance with my conscience was to curse them with a mighty curse that they might know and understand the many grievous treasons they have committed against their people... they'll get there... eventually.
  4. ~ a well cooked steak- not well done- medium rare is as well cooked as it can possibly get. ~ something to wash it down with (high quality water or cola...maybe even coffee, if it's a single source Kona) ~ a lovingly grown cannabis plant (or processed flower) ~ an undetonated Mk 39 Nuclear Bomb (good luck getting to it) ~ and, a lightning bolt...if Mr. Wizard has actually achieved the aforementioned impossible task then bottling a bolt of lightning should be no problem.
  5. OSP's youtube channel and podcast Lex Fridman's youtube channel Sean Caroll's Mindscape Podcast various cannabis podcasts: Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast Periodic effects Cannabis Business & Science Podcast The Cannabis Enigma Podcast (on occasion) Cannabis Science Podcast Dr. Ricardo Rivera Cannabis Tech Talks Podcast
  6. Not quite but I did discern a similar potentiality in 2018-19... Our Pacific Five Eyes Partners are well on their way to fully implementing 5 Year Plans and a matter of Governance (if they haven't already). I will say that Virginia's cannabis laws were a somewhat pleasant surprise, though not entirely unexpected considering the circumstances. I've been slowly but surely acquiring tools to carving stone that's harder than the alabaster I'm somewhat used to. Recently purchased a flex shaft rotary tool that's a knock off of a Foredom and several styles of grinding bits-a set of electroplated diamond bits with 3/32 inch diameter shafts and a few sintered diamond bits with 1/4 inch shafts. Sorry no pics. 🙁
  7. "This is a day of days." - Lord Marshal of the Necromongers. From the actor's delivery to the set lighting and sound mixing...everything about this line is indeed, flawless. and considering the current State of Affairs in the Gulf and across the oceans, it's also very apropos. May Grace's deluge avail us. I think I've answered a similar question before... though I might be able to add a bit more context... Knowingly and willfully being indirectly arced by a bolt of lightning. Why? Because I chose to do so, in part to pay a debt owed, in part to see if it could be done. To feel that potential, to see the lightning flash in my eyes... I was shocked, to say the least.
  8. Hope that's not permanent and heals up well... here's a google search link "cannabis and nerve regrowth" to peruse if you're so inclined.
  9. They'd be outside the singularity, observing the Big Bang, though... the Reaper Miniatures Forum Pantheon®. It might explain how I'd be able to transpose myself into an infinitely dense point in spacetime.
  10. An event horizon of a black hole and then onward to its singularity. (I think that might just "break" the universe 🤷‍♂️ idk.)
  11. Just re-started Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore John Kaczynski, on audio book. While I can appreciate the author's observations and analyses, the choice to listen to it being read via audio book seems appropriate.
  12. Pong. I think. Lately, I've been playing Torchlight 2 unmodded as a change of pace from the modded version. Before that, it was modded Skyrim.
  13. Cannabis indica...Scythian Fire. Maybe I'll win maybe not, but my people certainly will enjoy themselves- and possibly unveil a mystery or two.
  14. Saw a few threads regarding this issue on an unnameable website... somebody' heads are gonna roll. |🚢| Seems that in my absence, I've managed to dodge any issues the forum has been experiencing over the past couple of days. The look is decidedly devolved... reminds me of this tune for some reason... DEVO - Pink Pussycat
  15. Those little guys are quite zippy. When the AI Apocalypse arrives I don't think even I will see it coming... Not only that, they can use your cell data to track your internet activity and predict future activity both on and off the web. VPN's and secure cell phones are definitely worth looking into. It's a shame securing one's internet presence is so expensive. $2000 for a US manufactured cell phone with hardware lockout is a hefty price.
  16. Knowing "why", generally speaking. Or possibly, Wyrd. Perhaps I'm already far along that path.
  17. ~~Random Occurrence~~ So, it's raining in The Pitt, like it has been for the past week or so and it got me thinking that I could use some mood music. I was thinking I'd give Steve Conte's version of Rain a listen-it's been a while. I cue up this video Cowboy Bebop - Rain - The Seatbelts & Steve Conte thoroughly enjoy the track and wouldn't you know it, as Conte finishes the last phrase of the last verse, thunder rumbles pretty close to my location... kinda like it was put there. Like it happened with purpose... definitely fit the mood... wyrd.
  18. ~~Random Happening~~ Men's Basketball ECU 82 (5) Houston 73
  19. They should've observed the Rules of Acquisition: Number 1.
  20. @Thoramel @Pegazus It would be nice if Melvin, Citron and whoever loaned those companies the financial backing necessary to re-rig the market would own up to their obligations. I think they've all tripled down on their positions... when they've got mass media and the government carrying their water you know they're in deep. You can tell when a thing is popular when folk perform songs about it... tendiemancome.webm
  21. Let the unethical blood suckers who shortsell and cannabalize good companies twist in the wind. There have been some pretty good discussions about this around the web. I wonder when the powers that be are going to try to shut it down... Buy and Hold. Make Them Suffer~ Cannibal Corpse I'm waiting for mechanical augments so I can sign up for a PMC contract, myself.
  22. They finally figured it out. https://interestingengineering.com/scientists-discover-why-roman-concrete-gets-stronger-over-time
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