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  1. Heroes of a range of races and classes. Plus maybe some small dragons/monsters.
  2. I'm still pushing for those 3 stage characters - 1. non hostile character with weapon sheathed/slung. 2. character with melee weapon equipped. 3. character with ranged weapon equipped. Also... maybe some gem dragons...
  3. aaa, I remember that old skull symbol. From what I recall it was the card backing for the old OLD shadow corps range - except it was purple. Man that was a long time ago, it almost brings a tear to my eye.
  4. How about some characters with a dragon/dinosaur theme? eg; carrying equipment that relates to dragons, like scaled armor, clawed weapons, helmets with dragons teeth or horns. I'd espessially like to see some more dragons with unique heads, unlike the common two horns, maybe take a look at some of the d&d metallic or gem dragons. ps, the new scenic bases are great, and i would love to see some 'landscape bases' eg, large mounding or gourge type diorama bases that could include; cave interiors, ice glaciers, woodland niches etc... cheers.
  5. WOW, that is great. Finally it's one with a different pose as opposed to the 'standing on 2 legs with arms pointing forward' pose' I'm definately gonna get this one for how unique it looks. When i look back to some of the other dragons i see T'rakzul, Deathsleet, Cinder, Stormwing and some other blister pack ones, ALL WITH THE SAME POSE AAAARG!!! Its so good to see something different - can't wait to buy this one... cheers, from Mike
  6. Scenic bases... These would be cool for so many reasons, for a start they would bring a whole new era into the mini trade. And im not talking about the simple small bases like the ones sold by epicast, im talking about larger lancscape type bases, say around 50x60mm but wouldn't have to be square either. Just think of the possibillities; a cave interior, rainforest spring, cliff edge, rotted wood, desert sand ripples, stalagmite cluster, volcanic stream, grove pond... and could even step into the more other-worldly regions like; planar disc, demonic shrine, ice glacier, dragon lair... The list is endless, the bases could even be made into tiers with multiple parts or with branches and other protrusions and im sure alot of the already released accessory packs could look great as a part of these decorations. im certain this would be absolutely reaperiffic!!!! (using a reaper tote bag to hyperventilate) cheers, from mike
  7. Maybe reaper could eventually release a line of sci-fi minis that runs similar to the dark heaven line. and one thing ive been thinking about for a long time is Duke Nukem minis, man they would sell like crazy...
  8. Hey has anyone heard about the new Duke movie that should be released next year? From what i've heard its gonna be rated PG-13 which realy sux man.
  9. hear hear!!! im from Sydney, and glad that someone has finally spoken out about this issue. Hope to hear something from the bosses sometime soon. Good on ya SE. from mike
  10. I totally agree with what you're saying, im an Australian and have been paying these ridiculous prices for quite some time, although i do remember back in '96 when reaper figures were $3.15AUD each, but those times are long gone and now like said they are up to $11AUD each. i dont know anyone here in Australia that currently owns a boxed reaper dragon as they cost nearly $200AUD. and alot of my friends are now going back to games workshop for their minis as reaper miniatures is no longer the best priced line available. As for warlord, there is absolutely no market for this in Australia as the starter boxes are over $80AUD and a games workshop/citadel regiment is way cheaper and more easily available. This is definately an issue that should be addressed by reaper or i fear that this brand of minis will be entirley lost here in Australia... cheers, from mike
  11. Stranger types of armor and weapons, such as icilce blades, or shoulder armor with crystals protruding. and we're still yet to see some characters wearing dragonhide armor. when i used to play morrowind i noticed some cool material types that looked totaly awesome as weapons and armor like the dweomer/dwarven stuff that was very chunky but still looked cool, a clockwork design that still fitted in nicely with the fantasy setting, and even some ice themed equipment made from a rare ice compound called stahlrim. tis what we need, equipment made from wierd materials.
  12. Some more metalic dragons would be nice. i would mabe try to give them some more dynamic poses rather than the standard 'standing on two legs' pose - i also think some with their mouths closed would be a nice change, and terrain features such as tall stalagmites or rock formations for the dragons to be pirched on top of or climbing on. i would looooove to see a huge gold dragon - the same style as from the D&D artworks... cheers, from mike
  13. I recently found an old catalogue with a whole lot of pics from an old reaper line called 'dungeon dwellers'. Some of the sculpts looked pretty interesting especially the dragons - i was wondering if reaper would consider selling these again, mabee in the discontinued section of the online store. I would realy like to get my hands on some of these nice old pieces.
  14. That looks great, this is realy a good looking mini now that you got rid of that ridiculous writing on the cleaver. i realy like the reds used in the flesh.
  15. Mabe some diorama packs similar to the tunderbolt mountain stuff would be cool. or even some lage bases with a themed texturing such as 'cavern with stalagmites' or 'mountainside glacier'. i recon stuff like that would go realy well, whats everyone elses opinion? Mabe some diorama packs similar to the tunderbolt mountain stuff would be cool. or even some large bases with a themed texturing such as 'cavern with stalagmites' or 'mountainside glacier'. i recon stuff like that would go realy well, whats everyone elses opinion?
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