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  1. Please, tell me more of cheap knock-offs from which I may make smoldering, slagged and otherwise wrecked CAV's (painted, of course, in the colors my enemies use!)
  2. I think that I may have your answer; the move is illegal. Only Flight Sections may be orbitally inserted. Once you load infantry into transports (in the same section), they are no longer a flight section, and are a Mechanized Infantry Section. Not even Specialist Sections may be orbitally inserted.
  3. The rules are, actually, quite clear. Flight Sections may be orbitally inserted; mechanized infantry sections may not. Therefore, it would seem to me that transports that belong to a mechanized infantry section would not be allowed to be orbitally inserted (giving the onboard infantry the Drop SA, by default). Please, correct me if I am not interpreting this correctly.
  4. I using the small-scale stuff as I replace them with the N-scale stuff. Also using CAV's I'd never use. Further, the Mechwarrior thing is a great idea! I'll never play the game, and I have models.
  5. Most ECM vehicles are, also, Recon units, and get to move, once, before the start of the game. Get them away from your sections, and let the enemy waste rounds on them. When the section activates, join up, and put up the bubble. Works for me. Of course, flying ECM is cool, too!
  6. I appreciate the backup, Josh. I, truly, am asking the questions to ensure that I am playing the game correctly. If I happen upon new players, I want to be able to teach the game correctly. If I find myself across the table from a vet, I don't want to act newbish and be surprised by a rule I've misunerstood and played incorrectly.
  7. Personally, two Orbitally Inserted Fenris with HARM and ECM have been doing a good job, for me. To Heck with using them as transports - DFM x2 with HARM makes jjdodger's Recluse glow nicely!
  8. Well, I have been doing it wrong - very wrong. My infantry (being Terran) should have been bombarding the bejesus out of jjdodger, as they all have the FIST SA when I take the Artillery Doctrine. I could swear I read that limit, somewhere; I'll search around. Could be another example of me being dense. Thanks.
  9. @dmcgee1 - I think that you left out some of what you meant to say in this post, b/c what it says and what your next post says are two entirely different things. When I read your first post I actually did think you were being kinda combative or something. I was thinking "Ummm you just implied that Saint misquoted the rules but then came up with the same answer he did." I don't think you did it intentionally, just think you might have been thinking one thing and typed another. I know I do it all the time. Yes, you could Target Lock a Model and then fire an AOE Ranged Attack at another t
  10. Okay, so p. 61 says that killed Models should either remain on the board, lain down or otherwise marked as killed. Why? Do they obstruct LOS and/or movement? Do they provide cover?
  11. Me too, Josh. By the way, I just beat the huddle! Ask Dodge to recant the tale to you.
  12. You've obviously never played one of my Kolditz: all-Mastodon forces. And actually its pretty dang fun. It becomes a race for the other guy to get as many models across the board as possible to swarm my guys. I'm not saying it can't be fun; I'm just saying that even with Mastodons, you still have to have other units out there (barring special scenarios, obviously).
  13. Does Jamming affect Strikes; does it add to the Drift Roll and/or reduce the Attack Roll?
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