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  1. Happy for the move, but this bums me out a bit. I've just switched all my paints over to the new Pro Paints.
  2. Thanks for clarifications, folks. As there are no FLGS's near me that sell Reaper, nothing will change for me, then. I order everything online anyway. I just didn't want the Reptus to go away before I had a chance to build the army
  3. But, if I understand correctly (which may, or may not, be the case ) the only reason they would not have access to a spell is because of the spell point cost. If that spell point cost gets lowered, why can't they have access? There aren't any levels as such, are there?
  4. Whoa! Am I reading this right? The Reptus are leaving? Are any of the other Warlord armies being discontinued?
  5. I've had this problem with mine. I've found that if you unplug the power from the wii and the outlet for several hours, and plug them back in, it works! Don't know if it works in your case, but it may be worth a try.
  6. Ok, upping the ante some then. :P G = Goodguys B = Goodboss 1 = Enemy troop 1 2 = Enemy troop 2 ...................... .........G........... .......221G...... .........B.......... ...................... - Enemy1 was already in B2B with Goodboss and the two Goodguys. - Enemy2 just used both its actions for movement to get into B2B with Goodboss, but cant attack this activation. - Enemy1 now activates and attacks Goodboss. Does enemy1 get support bonus from enemy2, eventhough enemy2 isnt actively participating in the fighting? Simply put: Do models grant support bonus if they arent using a fightaction? - ie. they are simply standing in B2B. - Azazel As long as all the models are in B2B when the Fight Action occurs, it doesn't matter if any of the three can swing or not. In fact, if you have 3 models from different Troops–who all have different Activations–they would each get the Support bonus on their Activations.
  7. The Run takes up the entire Activation. WL: 2nd p. 30/ WL: SN p.18. I assume that when you use the word "activation," you're meaning "action?" A model's Activation gives it two Actions. In this case, the first has to be a Move in order to Run.
  8. Yeah, this is one of my favourite triads. I find that True Silver isn't quite bright enough for the top-level highlights on silver metallics, so I'd suggest something like Pearl White or Vallejo's Metal Medium as well. I've done this as well. I love Pearl White.
  9. According to his Datacard in the Savage North book, he's on a Std (Size 1) base.
  10. There will probably be differing opinions, but I'm a big fan of the Natural Steel Triad (9205 Blackened Steel, 9206 Tarnished Steel, 9207 True Silver). I've been pleased with the results I've gotten with them.
  11. -Warlord 2nd Edition, p. 47. I think because it says "Fight" action as opposed to "Combat" that it would only work for Melee, but I could be wrong about that.
  12. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
  13. This is from another forum thread. Not sure where you could get one, though. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14309-faction-box-contents/
  14. Is there a new one of these to reflect the new rpp line? Specifically, is MSP 9014 Grass Green still equivalent to RPP 19020 Kilt Green?
  15. Well, not to be flippant, but they're both Soldiers, "Grunts" if you will. You could go to the army creator at www.reapergames.com and check out their stats, and how you'd like to use them. You can experiment with different army builds before spending your money.
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