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  1. Oh, and here I thought I had left GW behind me... :) I think that the yellow shading is ok but that I perhaps had highlighted some parts of the yellow i bit more sharply?
  2. Thank you. :) I have retaken some photos with white background instead and made them bigger. They are a bit better now I think. Yes I have big problems getting good shots of my miniatures and that is despite that I have tried to experiment a lot to improve them. Currently I take the photos with a FinePix S8000fd using inderect sunlight from a window.
  3. Having mostly painted different GW armies before I want to giving painting more natural models a go. I selected a gang of females as I have never painted those before (I said GW miniatures right). I present Collette du Bois:
  4. Very kind words, thank you. I only ever use the Dark Tone, I really don't see any use for the strong tone and soft tone.
  5. Wanted another Blood Bowl team and speedpainting them using dip seemed like a good idea. Say hello to the Hexalotl Polliwogs as they call themselves.
  6. Yes always the darkest shade of Army painter. In my experience it does the job best. I think that you will get dip for at least 500 miniatures in each can of Army Painter if you use the brush on method.
  7. Yes it's a really good technique for mass production and it you get a nice result compared to many other speed painting techniques if you put some thought into colour choices and is thorough in all the stages.
  8. Thank you. I will arrange a group photo when I am done with the last miniature in the army so that I can shoot the entire group.
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