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  1. Oh, and here I thought I had left GW behind me... :) I think that the yellow shading is ok but that I perhaps had highlighted some parts of the yellow i bit more sharply?
  2. Thank you. :) I have retaken some photos with white background instead and made them bigger. They are a bit better now I think. Yes I have big problems getting good shots of my miniatures and that is despite that I have tried to experiment a lot to improve them. Currently I take the photos with a FinePix S8000fd using inderect sunlight from a window.
  3. Having mostly painted different GW armies before I want to giving painting more natural models a go. I selected a gang of females as I have never painted those before (I said GW miniatures right). I present Collette du Bois:
  4. Very kind words, thank you. I only ever use the Dark Tone, I really don't see any use for the strong tone and soft tone.
  5. Wanted another Blood Bowl team and speedpainting them using dip seemed like a good idea. Say hello to the Hexalotl Polliwogs as they call themselves.
  6. Yes always the darkest shade of Army painter. In my experience it does the job best. I think that you will get dip for at least 500 miniatures in each can of Army Painter if you use the brush on method.
  7. Yes it's a really good technique for mass production and it you get a nice result compared to many other speed painting techniques if you put some thought into colour choices and is thorough in all the stages.
  8. Thank you. I will arrange a group photo when I am done with the last miniature in the army so that I can shoot the entire group.
  9. I used Army painters. I have not experimented with polishes and such as I feel that it works for me.
  10. I decided to start a new team for Blood Bowl and decided to dip them. Thanks to deciding to dip the team it were all done in one weekend without working long or hard including the Troll conversion.
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