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  1. The Spirit Stone is not a good recommendation and nobody should ever play it against anyone ever, especially me....ummmm.....errrr....besides, it's too bulky to carry along with other standard base miniatures, it's completely sold out everywhere and is the only model in Warlord that can't be proxied....yeah, that's why!! Okay, so maybe It's more that my friend's Stone Spirit has been a thorn (or stalactite?) in my side since I got him into Warlord. We nicknamed it "The Wrecking Ball." If you go with that selection I'm sure you will find it plays well and that you enjoy vexing your pards as much as mine seem to enjoy vexing the rest of us!! Enjoy the game!
  2. Agreed. The guidelines we came up with were because, with certain SA's, it is impossible NOT to take advantage of a smaller/larger bases, regardless of intention. For example, a Ranked shooter on a smaller base will be harder to hit because a tighter angle is required to draw LoS. Technically, base shape/size influences the establishment of B2B. In our group, thus far, we have nobody purposely basing miniatures to leverage this factor, they're only using differnt bases sizes because the models are used in other systems. We havent done much "sticky basing" to up the size of a base (though it is a great technique) because we prefer to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the game as much as apossible and the tradeoff hasn't had enough of an impact on game outcome for us to strictly enforce base size. That and the fact that none of us play competetively.
  3. We have a lot of gamers in our group that play several systems so we allow a variation of 1/4" on all base sizes with the following exceptions: Models with the Swing-through SA must never be LARGER as that would potentially allow them to use that SA on more models and Models with the Ranked and Indirect Fire SA's may never be on SMALLER bases as that would allow them to hide easier and take advantage of those SA's. So far we've never run into any problems or any players abusing smaller base sizes as the variation really doesn't even come into play in a "fur ball." Hope that helps! -Eric
  4. Stubbdog, I figured there were some complicated formulas behind the data card cost generation because, well, frankly I tried to reverse enginner the data card formula . Using a few pairings I determined that the formula was much more complicated than it appeared on the surface and your RE has confirmed that fact. I'm also a database programmer and when you say algorithm you get my attention. Perhaps Joshuaslater is onto something? And don't worry, Reaper has my attention for the long haul! Take care, Eric
  5. I've read or at least skimmed everyon'e posts in this thread then took some time to reflect on the state/future of Warlord based on my time playing and running Warlord games ranging from 2-6 players at home and conventions since 1st edition. I'm a huge fan of the game and our local gaming group includes it in our regular rotation. I think that the "generic" nature of the factions and their broad aplicability coupled with the selection of Reaper figs equate to a significant strength. There is a miniature for virtually every race, gender, weapon type, etc... and the proxy rules allow players to take advantage of that fact. The mechanics are simple and though the spells, SA's & states create a bit of a "slow start" for new gamers, I think they enrich the experience of a skirmish level game where individual models are really the focus (i.e. not cooperative units as in WH or WM). All that being said, there is always room for improvement. For our group the regular stumbling block is finding data cards for what we want to field. Notice above I said "virtually" every type of fig/proxy is available and I think this is where Reaper could do two things to really help Warlord out and be within their company's focus: First, offer more models to compliment the existing races/factions. For example, I have a lot of Reven and like to have groups of similar races working together. If I had some beastman archers/slingers I could use the data card for Bull Orc Archers or Goblin Skeeters and have a cohesive looking troop (note: I'm not the best conversion guy). Having a consistent look & feel across different Troops also aids in running larger games and introducing new players. For example, three troops could be run that look wholly different (Orcs, Beastmen and Bugbears), but use the same data cards, so the memorization requirement for the GM is much lighter. Second, reintroduce the generic data card building rules that were in 1st edition. Granted this is something a fan community could technically do on their own, but, as Shak pointed out, the non-public, behind the scenes voodoo is not something they can divulge and that information would go a long way toward making it accurate and playable. Obviously such rules would also be excluded from competitive play, but would help players better design armies for fun and/or convention games. For example, I would love to be able to build cards for a greater variety of pirates to battle my Razig's Revenge troops. Leveraging the flexibility of Warlord allows players to tailor games to their needs. They can use the base rules for competition or build a one-off game to supplement a larger fight in an RPG world of their own design. Either way Warlord has a place in the gaming community and deserves more attention than it is getting! Regards, flvolunteer
  6. IronRegime: I'll have to follow up with CastleBuilder to try and get a copy of the Dragon's Night Out scenario, I keep hearing about it from different sources and it's always referred to with positive comments. PsyberWolfe1: I'm tracking on the differences between 1st/2nd editions, just wasn't sure if anyone had adapted the generic builder to 2nd and/or had custom data cards already created and tested (i.e. wanted to avoid duplicating effort). I'll keep looking around for a bit and, if nothing is found, likely take on the endeavor myself. I'll post any progress to the forum (will be a few months for sure) Thanks for the feedback! Eric
  7. Are there any unofficial seige engine data cards available? I've got several models, including catapults, cannons, etc... that I'd like to work into the game. Alternatively, has anyone ever used the generic data card builder from 1st edition with the 2nd edition rules? Thanks! Eric
  8. Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear the Terraclips are durable, that was my main concern. Also nice to know the rough estimate of table coverage for one set. The cost, as has been pointed out, is a detractor, but not so much that it is outside the realm of feasibility because I've got so little time that I need an out of the box solution. While I would much prefer to undergo a self-constructed options of a similar nature or using HA casts (which I love), I've resigned myself to the fact that it just isn't going to happen in the foreseeable future. What attracted me with Terraclips was the apparent sturdiness, 3-D effects and modularity that could be employed relatively quickly and still maintain a decent look and feel. Of course, maybe I can just fire up a Kickstarter titled "Get FLVolunteer Dwarven Forge Gaming Supplies", but I'm guessing that will be far less successful then the Bones Kickstarter :D Thanks! Eric
  9. I've been trying to find a way to run Warlord in a dungeon like environment with zero to no scratch building and found that the Mage Knight tiles I have create too small a battlefield and Dwarven Forge is outside my price range. I'm curious about Terraclips, but have only seen it in it's packaging and not gamed with it before. Does anyone have any experience with their terrain? If so, what is your opinion as to how it might work for Warlord? Regards, Eric
  10. Dang! No, I will be running it on Friday afternoon.
  11. Rwhewitt, We ran into base-size issues for our gaming club as most of our players use their fantasy models for more than one game system. For our friendly games we've made the house rule that base size can fluctuate +/- a 1/4" since the "advantage" of being able to engage more/less enemies is offset by the "disadvantage" of being able to be engaged by more/less enemies. The exception is that actual base size must be used if the Model being represented has the Swing-through, Indirect Shot and/or Ranked SA. Of course, this does not prevent a Model on a slightly larger base better protecting a Model with Indirect Shot, but we figured we had mitigated most of the issues with the exception, it was better that we are playing the game and our players are not the type to exploit such things to their advantage. I've also had to trim models down and have found that a mm or two of overhang has never been an issue in-game. And, on the aesthetic front, a good static grass/gravel mix can blend things in where it's hardly noticeable. Best of luck with your modeling! flvolunteer
  12. Kiyoku, Registration is $20 for non-members ($15 for members) and covers all three days. Pre-registering also allows you to pre-signup for up to 3 games to guarantee you get a seat. You can view all the games and get more info at the main website. http://www.hmgs-south.com/hmgs/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=50&Itemid=61 I also am set to "follow" this thread so can try and answer any questions you might have! Regards, flvolunteer
  13. Does anyone have or know where to find an image file of the Sisters of the Blade logo from the Savage North book? Something along the lines of what was available for the "core" factions on the Reaper Games site? I'm looking to put the logo on a standard bearer and have about zero skill in hand-painting that sort of things, so was going to create a custom decal (personal use only, not for resale). Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Regards, flvolunteer
  14. Castlebuilder, I'm really interested in your Dragon's Night Out and Warlord in Wonderland, though any scenarios you have would be great! Thanks, Eric
  15. Fellow Gamers, Just wanted to let everyone know about an upcoming convention: Hurricon 2012, 27-30 September 2012. We will once again be at the International Palms Resort & Conference Center on International Drive in the heart of Orlando. Room rate of $72 USD is 20 percent below their best online rate special. 800-354-8332 to reserve your room. http://www.internationalpalms.com/orlan ... ms_orlando www.hmgs-south.com I'll be running a Warlord introduction game on Friday the 28th (see the games forum for more details). Regards, Eric
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